Thursday, March 1, 2018

Categories #AtoZChallenge

On MONDAY you'll be able to sign up for the A to Z Challenge 2018.

You have your choice of the newer, friendlier logo badge, or the traditional logo badge for showing your challenge pride on your blog. (Or you can use both!)

#AtoZchallenge 2018 friendly new badge logo #AtoZchallenge 2018 traditional badge logo

The sign up form is easy to use. (It's much the same as the pre-challenge survey.) There will also be daily letter forms, which will be OPTIONAL, that will look like the master list form (except with less information). The daily forms will produce a list for each letter that won't have broken links or blogs of people who stopped participating. The REQUIRED Master List Sign Up Form will produce a Master List of all participants. However, that list will NOT be edited, so some participants may drop out, but will remain on the list. Details on how you can access this information will be coming soon!


That's how we'll know who is participating.

On the MASTER LIST, you indicate the category of your BLOG.

The optional Daily Letter forms will allow you to choose the category of your individual posts.
The optional Theme Reveal will let you pick the category of your theme.

So what are the categories?


  • Animals
  • Art (reviews, creations, painting, sculpture, print, drawings)
  • Author/Writing (craft of writing, stories, memoirs, publishing, literature, poetry) -- MASTER LIST
    • Author/Writing (craft of writing, publishing) --Daily/ Theme
    • Author/Writing (fanfiction) --Daily/ Theme
    • Author/Writing (fiction including short stories and flash fiction)--Daily/ Theme
    • Author/Writing (literature discussion/critique)--Daily/ Theme
    • Author/Writing (non-fiction including memoirs)--Daily/ Theme
    • Author/Writing (poetry)--Daily/ Theme
    • Author/Writing (other)--Daily/ Theme
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Books (reviews, recommendations)
  • Crafts (DIY, ceramics, textile, flowers, leatherwork, needlework, paperwork, jewelry, etc.)
  • Culinary (food, drink)
  • Education
  • Entertainment (reviews and critiques on performing arts: film, TV, theater, dance, music)
  • Gaming (video, RPG, tabletop, board, etc.)
  • Genealogy
  • Health
  • History
  • Home Decor/Decorating
  • Humor (jokes, comics, etc.)
  • Lifestyle and Social
  • Motivational
  • Mythology and Folklore
  • Nature/Outdoors
  • Parenting/Family
  • Personal (journal, diary, musings)
  • Photography and Videography
  • Political and News
  • Sciences
  • Spirituality and Religion
  • Sports/Fitness
  • Travel
  • Other and Miscellaneous
  • Prefer not to say/Don’t know

Did you look at the last one? That's right! If you don't want to reveal which category you're using, YOU DON'T HAVE TO! "Prefer not to say/Don’t know" exists so that categories are still optional, not mandatory. We want the challenge to be FUN for everyone.

Please spread the word about the #AtoZchallenge!


  1. Still trying to decide what to write about this year providing my health gets better.

    Good luck to all.


    1. In a few days, we've got a post coming for exchanging challenge ideas. Hopefully it'll help you out.

  2. Really looking forward to it and so glad there will be a master list. Thanks in advance to all the organisers for your hard work.

  3. Brought back the linkylist? I may opt back in. It was depressing seeing it go from 2,000+ participants to 300. I missed not being able to discover new blogs and bloggers.

  4. Little confused about the category for my blog, coz my blog has flash fiction, fiction - short stories, random musings, essays and little bit of poetry. What should I pick up as the category?

  5. When will this page be updated for 2018? I like to share it and encourage others to participate.

  6. Mine fits into several categories, sign up under them all or use miscellaneous/other?

  7. How exciting. I wasn't sure if I was going to participate this year with my writing blog. It depends on my health, but I'm hoping to.

  8. My blog theme (poetry/writing) has nothing to do with my A-Z theme. Just wondering if there's a separate sign up for the theme reveal post or is it all part of the master list? Thanks.

  9. My blog is legal/military. It looks like I'll have to list it under "Other and Miscellaneous". Will there be a space to put a brief description of what the "other/misc" theme is?

  10. Hiya - glad to know there's a master list again ... it looks like I'll be under Other and Misc ... but I've got 36 hours to think about it! Thanks to all the organisers and administrators - cheers Hilary

  11. Wow great work guys!!! You mentioned all the categories of anyone’s interest. As i sm an Artist so i will go with ART !!! 😊

  12. It was hard to decide between history and geneology my posts will probably be a mixture of both. Looking forward with trepidation to the challenge.... The new make over looks great. Thanks to those putting in all the work


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