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Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Ninja Minion Army:

Melanie Schulz

#TeamDamyanti  The Seven Wise Ladies with Damyanti @Amlokiblogs

M. J.’s AZTechs

C. Lee McKenzie - The Write Game
Suzanne Sapsed - Suzanne’s Tribe
Sherry Ellis - Mama Diaries & Gone Gardening  
Bish Denham - Random Thoughts

Badge created by Jeremy Hawkins
                                   Arlee Bird's A to Z Ambassadors

                                   Jamie Barone    Divine Inspiration

                                          Tim Brannan   The Other Side blog
                                     Doreen McGettigan   Doreen McGettigan

                                        Judy Raiser       Raising the Curtain

                                    Corinne Rodrigues     Everyday Gyaan

                           Rob Z Tobor     the Slightly Eccentric Diary of Rob Z Tobor

Nicole's Mighty Minion Bureau:

ASSET #1: Sydney Aaliyah – Sydney Aaliyah Michelle 
(Happiness, Passion, Love & Faith)

ASSET #2: Dale Smurfwaite – Smurfin’ the Web

ASSET #3: Andrea MusicFan – Twelve Steps to Cloud 9

ASSET #4: SA Larsen – KitLit Author (Writer’s Ally)

ASSET #5: Deniz Bevan – The Girdle of Melian

ASSET #6: Melody-Ann Jones Kauffman – Majk Ink

Introducing.. AJ's wHooligans!

Presenting PammyPam's Unconventional Alliance

Amber from Never Squat with Your Spurs On 
Mary from Mary-andering Creatively
Karen at Still Magnolias Blog
Ida at Reflex Reactions 
Neala at Moon, Light, and Shadow