Monday, July 27, 2015

One Blog at a Time - Simple Goals for High Mileage on the A-Z Road Trip

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It’s time for another pit-stop on the A-Z Road Trip. Check your tire pressure, fill up that gas tank and pack in some snacks as you continue on our highway adventure of visiting blogs on the 2015 April signup list! 

While you tune-up that browsing engine, remember the way to gaining the most mileage on this road trip is by driving in the lane that suits your ability be effective without any fuss. 

Dave Roller, who completed the April challenge at Home School Dad before transitioning over to YBD: Your Basic Dave, demonstrates that the key in making the most progress is by keeping things simple.

Rather than focus on a set number of blogs per day or week, Dave’s one-blog plan for his road trip activities call for visiting multiple posts on the same blog and then moving on to the next one. If you are looking for some ideas on how to have a more in-depth A-Z road trip experience, here is his recipe for creating maximum impact with plain and simple steps.

Visiting a new blog on the 2015 A-Z signup list and read posts in the following order...
  1. Reflections post
  2. An April blog post, going backwards from Letter Z to A
  3. The most current blog post
  4. Rinse and Repeat the cycle, starting with the reflections post on the next new blog to visit.
Having a simple plan allows you to get (and give) the most out of the A-Z road trip by visiting as many blogs as possible, at your own pace, one blog at a time. Dave’s one-blog approach is about as casual as they come while providing a chance to really dig deep into each new blog you visit and get a more well-rounded feel for what it’s all about. This is especially helpful when visiting blogs that may have done the challenge with topics that differ from what they’re normally blogging about during other times of the year.

So if you ever find yourself running low on gas in the fast lane, switching to cruise control can make your road trip activities a little easier to handle!

 5th Annual Post A-Z Challenge Road Trip

The A-to-Z Challenge Road Trip is hosted by screenwriter Nicole Ayers (The Madlab Post) and author C. Lee McKenzie (The Write Game), accompanied by dashboard buddy, Mario, who finds thecoolest attractions during roadside rest stops. 


  1. Reading the reflections post is a good idea.

  2. Hello there.
    So far, I have visited all those on both the Reflections Linky and the Road Trip. I'm back to perusing the original signup Linky. I've kind of been doing what Dave did/does - comment on Reflections post, then if no reflections, comment on Z. However, if I can't find ANY A-Z posts, then chances are they didn't take part (I've come across two or three thus far) and I'm just not bothering to leave comments. If I like a particular blog, I'll bookmark it for a later visit. One thing I've found too is there are quite a few blogs in the originalLlinky that have since made their blogs private so no way to tell if they took part or not. Oh must go on...see you at the next pit stop!

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

  3. My summer has been a little crazy and I've stalled on the roadside. I visited a few blogs back in May, but haven't had the time to since. =(

  4. I always say I'll come back, but I don't. What I did get from the challenge are a few good blogs to follow. Time marches on.

  5. An excellent post! Those are the best ways to road trip.

  6. During the A to Z Challenge, if I discovered a theme I really liked, then I'd give that blog a miss for a few days... then I'd backtrack and would “gattling-gun” the commenting process by visiting 3-4 blog posts in a row.

  7. What a great idea. I do love to binge read blogs! :)

    Great post!

  8. Hi Nicole - great system for continuing on the A-Z and finding new bloggers ... and getting a feel of their site and content etc ...

    Enjoy your tour ... and I do so enjoy the A-Z ... cheers Hilary

  9. I love simple plans. The problem for me is they're hard to come up with. Thanks for posting this one.

  10. So much has happened this summer...September should be quieter, should be.

  11. I like Dave's idea! It's like driving around the town square, then pulling over and going in the place that interested you most as opposed to drive pointing from the car saying "there's the such and such." I had been reading the reflections post and then whatever A to Z entry that caught my attention. I have to say, with summer here, I've been hopelessly sidetracked from my road trip. But I am sure I'll resume when the weather cools down.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead



  14. Thanks as always for inspiring our creativity and fostering the blog community! I was nominated for a Creative Blogger Award by two folks who have also participated in the Challenge, and it seemed only fitting to pass along a nomination to you folks! Here is the link: I hope it helps bring more visitors and maybe more Challengers!

  15. Hi,
    This is a great idea. I hadn't thought about doing it this way, but I'm going to try it.
    Pat Garcia


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