Friday, September 21, 2018

Revealing WINNERS and Wrapping Up the #AtoZChallenge 2018 Event Feedback DAY FIVE

After the A to Z challenge 2018, there was an Event Feedback survey.

The last of the potatoes!
Potato Photo by Benjamin Manley

33. Anything else you need to say here?

Please double-check the time-zones.

I appreciated your daily posts.

Please make the t-shirts available internationally.

I assumed some people weren't participating because they didn't clearly display the logo on their blog.

"I like the traditional logo because it makes me think of a passport stamp and traveling (which you kind of are doing as you travel from post to post)." -- Kelsey Ketch of

We Need Weekly Twitter Chats

It is always worth the time spent!

I just didn't feel the same excitement this time around.

I appreciate the time Jeremy took to make the logos for us.

Sort blog names alphabetically. Encourage commenting/ visiting blogs on those alphabet day.

I wonder if a minimum word count be encouraged?

T-shirts are nice, but so are mugs and other stuff.
"Put photographs of ALL those who participated with the blogger link in FB and offer more discounts for the T shirt."-- Ravi Shivram of slogansmith

Some people write posts that are too long. When a post is too long, I just comment that I was there.

"Nothing wrong with the list if you've got a computer that allows you to see it and use it." -- LynneInPborough of lynnelives.wordpress

"I stopped visting bloggers who did not respond to the comments I left on their site, or not commenting on mine."

"I get the idea about sharing comments ... that is kind of the point. But to me, commenting just to get noticed or simply because someone else did is kind of insincere. I comment when I feel I have something to say, not out of obligation. Granted I am not a prolific READER of blogs, but I will visit when someone visits me." Steve Kramer of taochild

There should be more bloggers in my category!

I did not like pre-scheduled links on the daily sheets. They went to non-existent blogs.

"I would have liked some of the organizers to check out my blog. I was also really surprised by how few bloggers joined this year. My second year, I think there were over 1,600. Why such a drastic drop off?" -- Stuart Nager of StuartNager.wordpress

"All of these lists creates confusion and dilutes the impact the challenge may have. I'm hoping that at some point in this reflection you ask people if they are Full Time bloggers because I am not. I don't have time every day to go searching for blog posts on Twitter, FB, the Wordpress blog, the whatever the other blog is, and whatever other link lists you have. The master list gave me context for what kinds of content I could find. I sorted by category first and started browsing around from there to see what I thought looked interesting. Having as many options as you do for sharing content means people either need to participate in every channel, which may be doable for a FT blogger, or your blog doesn't get noticed because people get lost in the digital weeds. I think that piece of data would be helpful in determining how active people can be during one month. Also, maybe ask people to rate themselves on their ability to use technology and social media, separate ratings. I know some people are vested in the way things used to be and hate change, but hello, you're a blogger. Things are going to change. If you don't keep up with the tech and social media, you're going to be left behind. Having an idea of how proficient people feel they are with the challenge might help in terms of preparation. And neither logo is easy to read or attractive." -- Declined to be named.

"There were a few times I would like to have been able to search the Master List for a specific blog / blogger."
"I kept looking for a search option on the spreadsheet and never found it - was it there and I just missed it?"
~~ Edit-- Find and Replace. Be sure you've made a copy first, as per the instructions.

And there were a lot of people who said thank you to the team!
Thank you Photo by rawpixel Unsplash - Revealing WINNERS and Wrapping Up the #AtoZChallenge 2018 Event Feedback DAY FIVE

34. Did you see that there's an official shirt? It's made by our volunteer graphics guy, Jeremy Hawkins. Blogging From A to Z April 2018 Challenge Shirt--

Only 22% didn't know about the shirts.

35. Which of Jeremy's awesome A to Z 2018 logos is your favorite?

Announcing #AtoZChallenge 2018 Remarkable Event Feedback and Revealing WINNERS

The new logo won.

36. We are giving away guest post spots on the A to Z blog.

Those who won, please comment here.
Or contact @JLenniDorner on Twitter.
Or atozteam2018 @ gmail .com

Two guest spots a month from October thru February.


Way to go! Please contact us soon. First come, first serve for the dates.

"I really don't understand twitter." -- Several people mentioned this. If anyone is interested in writing a Twitter tutorial for bloggers, let us know!

Double potato heart sorry


  1. Thanks for sharing all the info. It was interesting to read.

  2. How exciting to win a guest spot! Thanks again for all the hard work you all do and for sharing the info from the poll. It was interesting to see the varied responses.

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. Doesn't matter to me really. How about November or December?

    2. Do we have guidelines about what you want us to write about or is this a free for all guest post?

    3. Whatever you think your fellow A to Z bloggers will enjoy. And something that's not "adult only," since we might have underage readers. Other than that, whatever.

    4. Ok, will you be giving us our dates here? I have to remember to keep checking back :)

    5. No. Just first come, first serve. No one has claimed any certain day yet.

      If I say "Oct 15," someone is going to say, "Can I have Oct 14 instead." So I'm hoping to avoid that.

    6. Okay, I'll take a spot in December if there is one left. Thanks!

  3. Amazing work compiling all those responses into interesting and informative posts - thanks.

  4. Very cool to win a guest spot! Super excited.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. If there is a spot still open in November, I'll take it.

    3. You got the spot. Please get in touch with me.
      Contact @JLenniDorner on Twitter.
      Or atozteam2018 @ gmail .com

  5. Wow I got a guest spot! Can I get one of the January ones pretty please? Thanks!

  6. WINNERS--
    I just reached out to all of you with a link.
    Those who have asked for a month have been given "dibs."

  7. I wish I had won a guest post. But then I have written a post on the books I read last month. One of them is Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Read my book reviews here. Fast September

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Somehow I thought this didn't exist anymore. I thought I read that someowhere along the line and so deleted all the badges from my various blogs. Must have gotten bad info. Only found my way back here as I have been going through my reading list blog walking this past week...astounded at home many are still on my list where blogs don't exists any longer, and so have deleted them. Plus, finding lots of blogs with nothing more recent than 2 or 3 years ago. Guess it was way past time for maintenance on my reading list. I've actually never gone through it before, sorta assumed when a blog was deleted it naturally fell off the reading list....and that's not the case. So, anyway...that's how I found you again. Hope you're doing well. Will make a note a note to self for next April? Is it still in April?


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