Friday, May 10, 2019

Guest Post from Winner C.E. Flores

I was honored to be awarded a guest post with the A to Z Challenge folks today. I’d like to talk a little today about how participating in the A to Z Challenge has strengthened me as a blogger and writer.

I’ve participated twice from beginning to end. This year I was hesitant about signing up. I had several other writing obligations and just wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up the commitment. I’m glad I did.

I choose the topic Blog to Book Project: How to turn your blog posts into a book. During the course of writing these informative posts, I learned even more about the publishing process. Of course, now I’m applying those useful tidbits to my own blog to book projects while I turn this series of posts into an ebook and maybe even an ecourse down the line.

I have also participated in the A to Z Challenge as part of a blogging group. The SOTB Bloggers  Bloggers blogged Mexican adventures last year which we compiled into a FREE downloadable ebook that you can get here. (

This year, we tried to be proactive and scheduled our first Writing Challenge in March in order to get a jump on our A to Z posts for April. We were a little overly optimistic with our goals, but most of us managed to meet at least 50% of them. In a few weeks, I hope to have our joint efforts in the 2019 A to Z challenge converted into an ebook, so stay tuned!

So here’s my fun A to Z list of what I learned from participating in the A to Z Challenge both as an individual and as part of a group.

A--Alphabetical creativity. Some of those letters are tricky!
B--Blogging stamina.
E--Editing skills.
F--Writing is Fun!
G--Group effort makes a long list shorter!
H--Huffing and puffing along certainly encourages Humility!
I--I can do it!
J--Just about half-way!
K--The Key is organization!
L--Letters make for random and awkward order for some topics.
M--Made it to the middle positive Mindset!
N--Need to work on days off to get these posts finished!
O--Organization is key!
Q--Quality and Quantity are both important.
R--Research skills!
S--Spell check is life-saving!
T--Blogging challenges are Therapeutic!
U--Never Underestimate what you are capable of!
V--Value the process.
W--Write like you are a real Writer, every day!
X--eXcited to read other blogs!
Y--Yippee, the end is near!
Z--Zounds! Finished!

-- C.E. Flores


  1. Congratulations on the Guest Post. I hope you get loads of comments. Folk tend to hibernate a bit after the A to Z somewhere dark and warm gibbering and muttering about the demon Alphabet Beast that has sucked all the thoughts out of their head . . . . . OK that is probably just me . . . .

    But as I tell the cats without an Alphabet there would be no cat food . . . . . MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm or was it Without Money there would be no cat food.

    Anyway well done a successful A to Z always gives a sense of satisfaction to those of us that enjoy blogging. I love the A to Z.

    Rob Z Tobor

  2. HAHAHAHA! Yes, some hibernating does occur after the A to Z challenge!

  3. Congratulations on the completion to the Challenge. I was the fitst ever to sign up on the very first Challenge ten years ago. It's a wonderful feeling and and an a acievement I well know.
    I was saddened not to take part this year owing to family issues....I lost a son late last year, but I missed the challenge so much perhhaps I should have made the effort.
    Good luck with your writing I enjoyed your post very much. Thank you.


  4. A fun post. Congratulations on completing the Challenge again. I need to read all your A t Z posts as I've been told my A to Z short story/novella should be published as a book.

  5. Great work. Congrats on completing A2Z

  6. Great post! Congratulations on completing the Challenge!


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