Thursday, April 30, 2020

Zoomin' Outta Here ( #AtoZChallenge )

Zzwoosh!  Now it's time to zoom out of another round of The April A to Z Blogging Challenge and get back to the normalcy of life...

#AtoZChallenge 2020 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter Z 

Zoomin' Outta Here

      Did I just say "normalcy of life"?   Does anyone remember what that was?  Or maybe there was never any real normalcy.   This past few weeks of Covid lock down is starting to feel almost normal to me, but my life hasn't really been all that different either since I'm retired and stay at home most of the time anyway.

       The diversion of blogging has been nice even though I've felt like I haven't had time for doing much of it.  And now the daily blogging grind schedule is over for me for now.  I'll be blogging at my intermittent rate of posting and doing all the other life stuff that seems to consume my time these days.

        Jumping out of the fire and back to soaking in the safety of the pond is kind of way of looking at it I suppose.  Though safety is usually one step from a danger we didn't see or expect.   It's been a fun (?) April in some ways, but I'm looking forward to that comfortable place of less stressed blogging.

        Zoom I go!  Maybe now I can think about that next frantic April to come...

      How "normal" is your life these days?   Have your summer plans changed much or do you even know?    Did you have a good April Challenge?

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  1. It has been fun for me, this challenge! thank you and hope you're all safe and well :)

  2. I Z-urvived! Now the question is if you can Z-urvive to Zendikar. What can we find there we can use in our DnD campaign? Versatile magic linked to an awaken world.

  3. Strange April, but fun challenge!
    Take care and stay healthy...
    Z is for Zakka

  4. Congratulations Lee on carrying on and completing the Challenge. Once again I apologise for my absence due to the going ons in the world which upset me greatly and felt I was unable to put my full attention to the challenge.
    Take care of yourself also family.


  5. Many thanks to Arlee and the team for another fun challenge. It has zoomed by and here we are at Z.

  6. Thank you for a great A to Z. Your post sums up all the uncertainties that are always just around the corners of our normalcies.
    All the best with your soaking. Stay safe and healthy.

  7. It is always good to reach Z . . . . .

    Well done all

    See you all next year all being well.


  8. Arlee,

    Like you, my day-to-day activity hasn't been impacted much with the 'stay at home' orders, other than my doctor appointments got canceled, rescheduled, canceled again, and rescheduled. I believe a couple of them I did this about three times. This week I managed to get my annual physical done and today I have a MRI, then a follow up with my ENT. Next week I have a couple more. Next month no doubt will be hopping for us getting these type of appointments taken care of long last.

    This April has been harder to stay on track with the blog fest. While little has changed for me, having DH home does bring a certain amount of interruptions and I don't mind it all, it's just difficult to manage everything appropriately without letting something slip. Inside of getting stressed, I remind myself anything I do in Blogosphere is about the fun and to not worry about it, it will take care of itself.

    I really appreciate your dedication to this yearly event and all your co-hosts. You guys do a great job! 👏 Until our paths cross next, y'all stay well now!

    Cathy's Pinup Girl Art Sketch Series 'Z'

  9. I had loads of fun with my posts this April :-)

    An A-Z of Faerie: Grogoch

  10. Very interesting & to be honest- little exhausting on busy days. But loved it thoroughly. This year was my 1st attempt at AtoZ. I will be better prepared next year.
    Like you rightly mentioned- this challenge took mind off the lockdown & its effects. It was a fruitful engagement for April.

  11. I am aso glad and proud of my self that i am able to finish atoz. this is my second year. thanks to every one in the community for continued support.

    see you guys next year again.
    -Ujjwal Mishra

  12. THanks a bunch for the trip. Loved the writing and sharing but glad to move on.


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  14. Summer plans? I'm still hoping for a relaxation in social gathering restrictions so that I can participate in an art fair in Seattle in August. Fingers crossed. Hoping my embroidery piece, the subject of one of my A-Zs, will make the trek as well.
    It seems like commuting and documenting the back ends of trucks is a distant memory at this point. Do I miss commuting? No. Do I miss going to work? No, I'm still working-at-home. Do I miss my fake boss co-worker? Not one iota!!!! Back ends of trucks (4th year)

    Found some new blogs to read this year, always the best thing about A-Z.

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  16. Thank you, Arlee, for keeping this tradition alive. Thanks to all the co-hosts for their contributions as well. It has been fun reading the main page every day.

    Janet’s Smiles

  17. I know what you mean about "normality" when retired. Most of my life goes on as usual, but my son does the shopping for me. I have had to forgo my too frequent thrift store stops (saved money!), and buying gardening supplies. I know I'm better off than many, my income, as it is, hasn't been affected.

    Summer plans? What are those?

    I loved the April Challenge because I love herbs, and that's what I blogged about!

    Thank you!

  18. Thanks for another one for the books! I enjoy it and appreciate the hard work the team does to allow it to happen so seamlessly. Sending well wishes to all!!

  19. I was just thinking about how things seemed as if they were calming down as we all adjusted to this new normal.
    Thanks for another great challenge.

    Monstrous Love from A to Z

  20. Thank you very much for all your vision, hard work, attention to detail, and visits to us all. I still have two more posts to write! It's been intense, but I'm grateful for it--and you.

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  22. Yes Arlee I think this year the A to Z challenge was something to make April less stressful. I hope your normal rest of the year is great and as always thank you for your time so all of us can enjoy A to Zing.



  23. Finally, Z for Zooming out of here!
    Thanks to everyone.


  24. Road Trip started today itself. Visited 50 Blogspot blogs. Read and commented. Target for this month 130.

    Congratulations all A to Z Bloggers. Thank you for the group activity.

  25. I’m slightly behind schedule so won’t finish until Sunday but my last post will be Zooming too.

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  27. Well I survived and in some ways this was probably my easiest A-Z challenge so far even if there is no normalcy to life at the moment. Thanks to all the team for guiding us through.

  28. Awesome! This is the 3rd time I try this challenge, but the 1st time I finally finished. Today it's time to visit more blog posts. It was great to make new friends on the road.
    About normal... This challenge gave me an excuse for some time just for myself, now that the husband and the kids are all day long, I feel that I'm cooking for a battalion.
    Summer plans? Bathing the dog might be the closest I'll be to a swimming pool. No complaints here, I've got a new blogging project with more friends starting this month, and one or two jigsaw puzzles calling me. Kudos to everyone who finished this challenge.


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