Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Testing a New Function

Hey, John here. It appears that Networked Blogs is no longer posting to the Facebook and Twitter feeds, so I'm testing a new way of doing it. Nothing to worry about...


  1. That happened quite awhile ago. You have to push the post manually now.

  2. IFTTT FTW! New entries to an RSS will be automatically tweeted Here's one for FB as well. Connect RSS Feed to Facebook Pages Lol that reminds me I should do this for my blog...

    1. I had to use Zapier for this one. IFTTT wouldn't allow me to post to the A to Z Challenge page. Of course, Zapier wouldn't allow me to use the Blogger blog, either, so it works off the Wordpress one, which of course I'm using IFTTT to simulcast onto.


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