Monday, January 7, 2019

First Annual #AtoZChallenge Book Reviews, Tour, and Blog Hop SIGN UP

From now until January 18, you can sign up for the First Annual #AtoZChallenge Book Reviews, Tour, and Blog Hop!

This is ONLY for books written as a result of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Bloggers who took their April A to Z posts and created books from them.
  • Just because a writer took place in the challenge does not mean they have authored a book BECAUSE of the challenge.
  • You will be asked to provide a link to the challenge blog posts so we can verify your participation.
  • This is FREE. None of the websites hosting will ask you for payment.
  • If you want your book reviewed, you may be asked to provide review copies.
  • If you have more than one book out because of the challenge, you will need to fill out the form more than once.

The form for authors is below and also at:

BOOK BLOGGERS who have previously taken part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge:

If you are a book blogger, or wish to offer a book review and/ or book tour stop, please read this:
  • Only books written because of the challenge will be offered. Expect many to be self-published or small press.
  • You will be asked to provide a link to your prior challenge blog posts so we can verify your participation.
  • This is FREE. None of the websites hosting will get paid for these tours or reviews. (You will likely get an increase in traffic though.)
  • If you are willing to review books, that's great! We will ask for details on the form. You may opt to review during this event, or during the April A to Z challenge 2019, or any time during 2019.
  • You may also sign up to only offer tour stops.
  • You will only be offered books that match your criteria. See the form.

The form for bloggers is below and also at:

Yes, you may be an author and opt to also sign up for the blogger option. Yes, you may be a blogger/ reviewer who also wrote a book for the challenge and sign up for the author option. In other words, yes, you may do both.

The April Blogging from A to Z Challenge is not only for writers and book bloggers. We are interested in ideas on how we could offer something similar to this for our other categories. As these are our two most popular ones though, it made sense to start here.



(This event being the "First Annual #AtoZChallenge Book Reviews, Tour, and Blog Hop")

First Annual #AtoZChallenge Book Reviews, Tour, and Blog Hop
WEEKDAYS in February 4 to 28 2019
19 days total

Be sure to also stop back on
March 1 2019
when the Tenth Anniversary of the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge sign ups OPEN
March 18 2019
for the

Answers to FAQs: *update*
As long as the posts from the A to Z challenge were your motivation, inspiration, the "push" to get you to go from idea to book, sure, the book counts. If you can say something like, "If I hadn't done the challenge, I might not have written this down, and thus wouldn't have moved on to create a book," you're good.
If you have MOVED blogs, please indicate this. We will need to verify your previous participation.


  1. This was interesting to read being an A to Z follower.


  2. Very exciting! Question - If I wanted to sign up as a blogger, do I have to use a blog that has been in the AtoZ challenge before? For example, I have two blogs. Only one has been used for the challenge, but I would like to use the second blog for this purpose this year. Is this allowable?

    1. Under the question about the blog link to your "A" post, you'll need to show your old blog. But the question for the link to your blog, use the new one. When it asks the blog title/name, after you put the name please leave me this note: ((switched to new blog))

  3. I love this idea! I have published an alphabet book, but it was before I knew about the A-Z Challenge, so it doesn't count for this, but good luck to all those who participate!


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