Friday, January 4, 2019

Making Resolutions with Wendy of Wendy's Waffle Guest Post

Happy New Year everyone! I was thrilled to be chosen to write a guest post for the A - Z team. I stumbled across the challenge in 2015 through one of my blogging friends. I sometimes feel an imposter taking part - so many participants are clearly writers who blog. I am definitely a blogger who blogs and would quite like to write but gets caught up in waffle, hence my blog's name: Wendy's Waffle. You can find out more about me there, including my previous attempts at the A-Z Challenge but beware, you'll probably find yourself down a rabbit hole and struggle to find your way out. I've managed to complete the challenge 4 times times now and fully intend to do so in 2019. Yes it's that time of year for making resolutions. I always make resolutions but I'm not very good at keeping them. The first year I took part in the challenge I didn't even know it existed at New Year so I fell into it and waffled my way through. Actually I had a theme of Family and Relationships that worked well for me because I'm part of a very large extended, but extremely close family. For 2016 I resolved to be more ambitious and plan ahead and the theme of London Underground stations got me out and about taking photos so I was pleased about that but still wasn't as prepared as I needed to be. Lessons to be learned! 2017 was a particularly challenging year. Even though I started out probably more prepared than before, life sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Our first Grandchild arrived on 31st March. You could be forgiven for thinking if I was prepared I had factored his arrival in to my planning and all would be well. Except his arrival was not supposed to have been until mid June! But he and I both survived some challenging times and since then 2 more Grandsons have arrived and they take up a lot of my time. Lovely, enjoyable time like this: A bracing walk on Christmas Eve 2018. So if 2017 was a lot of random waffle 2018 became a lot of waffle about sport. Quite an achievement considering I'm not in the least sporty! Hmm where was I. Oh yes resolutions. See what I mean about waffle? In 2018 I made a list of 18 things to try and achieve during the year. I failed miserably but it hasn't stopped me making a new list of 19 things for 2019. (19 in 19) Many of them are the same things, a few are new. Actually I've called them objectives. I'm definitely not into saying things like I'll give up chocolate (or even eat less chocolate) because I would fail, big time. The list will hopefully improve some areas of my life and of course it does include completing the 2019 A-Z Challenge. I'm aiming to do more of a writing theme this year and I have already started work on it. (I even left a clue somewhere in this post.) Well I think that's enough about me and my resolutions. What about you? Resolutions - love them or hate them? New Year or any time? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. If you've made it here thanks for reading and thanks to the A-Z team for the invitation.


  1. Good luck with your 19 objectives for 2019! I really like that idea.

  2. 19 in 19 sounds good, Wendy. Congrats on the grandkids and on winning a guest spot! Here to the next A to Z!

  3. Congrats all round on your achievements Betty. Jave a good 2019.


  4. Congratulations on finishing the challenge four times. I started last year but ran out of steam at S. I'd like to try again this year but I resolve nothing. For me, it's better that way.

    Good luck with all your objectives.

  5. I used to make resolutions when i was a teen and in my 20s. Then when i was married and started having my daughters i made goals instead. They are more reachable! Last year i accomplished all of my goals except one ( a hiking challenge). This year my goal is to do the challenge ( it involved hiking up 6 different mountains in the northwest part of the Adirondacks and they are located 3 hours northwest of my home so the weather needs to be cooperative!). Another goal is to go plant based more than 3x a week which I'm currently doing and another goal is to read through all the minor prophets in the Bible and also to climb Mt Marcy ( NYS' s highest mountain ) before i turn 60 in December, i love goals!!! Good luck with,your writing challenge

  6. Wonderful whimsical waffling that made me grin. I always resolved not to do A to Z 'this year' and then do it - although I came close to missing the start in 2018. In 2019, I'll ...well, I'm not sure but I have some old ideas and a spreadsheet of sorts.

  7. I think I'm going to do the challenge this year. I didn't for the past 2 years but then on a recent vacation I started snapping lots of pictures and thought maybe doing the A/Z based on just random pictures and perhaps a short note about them. Something simple. Its always fun to do. I like your list of 19; all doable I do believe. I made goals last year that I pretty much accomplished 95% of them, including both hubby and me combined lost about 115 pounds and we are both in our 60s so it can be done at any age. I have a few thoughts for this year but I haven't put them down in paper yet. Keeping it simple I think is the best way to accomplish things in the new year.


  8. Nice to see your determination, and going ahead with 19 for 2019. Always good to have a goal and direct your energies in that direction. Wish you the best. :-)
    -- Pradeep |


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