Monday, April 15, 2019

Midway #AtoZchallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter M

We're celebrating our Tenth Anniversary here at the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

#AtoZchallenge. The blog hop that made an online community by asking bloggers to spend the month of April using the English alphabet as inspiration for their posts. We're glad you stopped by today.

Midway #AtoZchallenge image

You've reached the midway point! In my neck of the woods, there's a place called the Midway Diner (it's between Harrisburg and Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA).

What to do now:
  1. Celebrate making it this far. πŸŽ‰
  2. Keep doing what you're doing.
  3. Comment on Ten posts because it's our anniversary. ✋✋
  4. Thank the co-hosts.
  5. Reward yourself. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ Five golden rings perhaps?
  6. Reply to any comments people left you.
  7. Comment on this post with your favorite mid-day food. πŸ”πŸŽπŸͺ
  8. Comment on Thirteen more posts because of M.
  9. Think about your reflection post next month.
  10. Don't give up! 😎

That's the link to the Master List. You can find, and hop to, all the blogs officially participating on that sheet.

Grab your A to Z gear, and other cool goodies from our graphics guy, here:

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  1. Celebration dancing.
    Here's my thank you to the fabulous host and co-hosts of the A to Z blogging challenge.
    My favorite mid-day food is chocolate chips, hold the cookie. It also works as a reward, so perfect.
    Now it's time to go visit 23 more blogs, gotta go.
    Never give up...never surrender! - Dragons & Spaceships

  2. My favorite midday food is not something I can leave a cooment with, so I'm just commenting with my daughter's computer. I hope that's going to be okay.

  3. Thanks, TS.
    And Dave, I'm really wondering what, or who, you're eating...

  4. thanks for hosting :)

  5. Today I had a broccoli salad midway and it was good. πŸ₯¦ Jackie's Bookbytes Letter M

  6. Yeay, midway mark! The challenge has proved therapeutic so far. :)
    I can't pinpoint one favourite mid-day snack, but I just had a juicy apple and it has made me feel happy. :)


  8. Midway... yay!
    Favourite mid-day food, anything with cheese, usually, but I'm trying to make midday my main meal fo the day, so it'll be more than a cheese sandwich :)
    I'm just making a puff pastry tart with marinaded vegetables, a few pine nuts and some goats cheese..... and it's in the oven :)

  9. Midway already! Cool!

    Midday, midway, pick-me-up, feel-good, anytime food's got to be chocolate.
    M for Melting Pot -

  10. Celebrating 10 years in print for In The Eye of The Beholder ...

    M is for Merrick, Joseph

  11. Thank you guys hosting and co-hosting the AtoZ Challenge! I'm up to reply to every comment I received today, visiting back their blog of course, and discovering new to me AtoZChallengers!
    My favorite mid-day food is a hot tea (the one called "ThΓ© des Sages", tea of the wise men, with green and black tea, vanilla, jasmine, bergamot and mauve flowers) with one chocolate cookie (or more...)
    Let's go for the second part of the fun!!
    M = Mobilier

  12. Mmmmmm My favorite part of lunch every work day is my dessert: Greek yogurt topped with my own homemade jam.

    The M truck:

    The M shoe:

  13. Oh hey, I know that diner! I currently live in Allentown, and I occasionally have to make the drive to Harrisburg.

    Anyway, I'm definitely feeling good about reaching the midway point. We're halfway through the Challenge, and the end is in sight. Very exciting!

  14. I'm here, M for Markhor


  15. my favorite mid day food is tea and cookies

    M is for Minorities Representation in Bollywood films / Hindi Films. Read here how world is changing in films. M is for Minorities in Hindi Films

  16. Attempted a monologue, something which I could post in both the forums. A to Z and NaPoWriMo.A first time attempt at this form.

  17. So far, so good! Doing extra comments today...because I can!

    Thanks, and best wishes!
    Cherdo on the Flipside
    Blogging from A-to-Z April Challenge

  18. Hmmm - 10 posts; mid-day snack of grapes and cheese; 13 posts; don't give up!
    Got it.
    (AtoZ Theme: very short stories/various genres)
    M is for: Maniwaki Wild Rice Harvest

  19. Mmmmmmm am I half full or half empty . . .

    Rob Z Tobor

  20. Thanks for hosting the A2Z Challenge. My journey so far has be wonderful and awesome! Looking forward to the other interesting days!
    My post for Midway is -

  21. Thank you to the co hosts for hosting this challenge. Mid way and midday - my midday meal was school lunch (I'm a teacher) and was Rice and dal, yogurt and a huge bowl of salad. Dessert was chocolate cake - yum.

  22. My Post for "M" is linked below:

  23. Where would we be without the awesome A to Z team? In the ocean without a sail - or a bilge-pump. Midday snack is breakfast most days - coffee comes first.

  24. my M word is up

    thank you for the wonderful advice and thank you to the host(s) for hosting
    this challenge
    Playing catch up, is fun!!!


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