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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Simulcasting Your Wordpress Blog On Blogger

I have two blogs... okay, I have one blog, The Sound Of One Hand Typing, and I simulcast it on a second blog, The Sound Of One Hand Typing FM. The difference between the two blogs is that the first runs on the Wordpress platform, the second on Blogger.

Why do I do this? A few reasons:

  • Being a technical person at heart, I wanted to see if I could do it, and if so, what differences there would be between the more-familiar Wordpress platform and the Blogger platform.

  • I wanted to increase my outreach. I went with Wordpress because it was easier to move to a self-hosted blog when I felt the time was right, and I liked its editor better. Still, I knew that Blogger was the more popular platform, and I also knew I probably wasn't getting my name out to Blogger users as well as to the Wordpress ones.

  • I wanted to make it easier for people to comment. It's easier to comment on a Wordpress blog if you're a Wordpress user, just as it's easier for Blogger users to comment on Blogger. The alternatives (e.g. moving commenting to Facebook, installing a third-party commenting tool like Disqus) were either impractical or impossible, and they would alienate people, what I wanted to avoid in the firsst place.

You're probably thinking I do a lot of work to maintain two blogs, but I don't, because I have help: If This Then That, IFTTT (rhymes with "gift") for short. IFTTT uses recipes that consist of triggers ("this") and actions ("that"), like this one:

If there's a new post on the Wordpress blog, post it on the Blogger blog.

Here's a video that shows how the process works.

So, I can use the Wordpress editor I like, write and publish my articles, and IFTTT takes care of reposting on the Blogger side. Usually...

There's a lot more technical information that I'll post on my websites (along with a few "gotcha"s), but that's an overview of how I'm doing it. Feel free to contact me on this blog, either of my blogs, or on Facebook or Twitter with comments, questions, complaints, deep thoughts, bowling scores, or just if you'd like to say howdy.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meet Your Co-Host Interview

Okay, we’re supposed to introduce ourselves as co-hosts of the A to Z Blogging Challenge Team and though I answered a few questions last month on A Tarkabarka Hölgy’s post, I liked some of the others and thought it’d be fun to answer them now…

Which exotic fruit would you be willing to eat on a bet?
Cashew "apple" and "seed"
The “cashew” apple fruit! Check this out!

What is your opinion on cross-breeding dragons?
I think it is a fabulous idea. Who doesn’t need more variety in dragons?
My favorite, Pern Dragons

Oscar Wilde, dreamy...
For which historical figure do you harbor a secret crush?
Oscar Wilde. Yes, I know he was gay and wouldn't have gone for me, but I don’t care! He was amazing.

Do you like sleeping?
I LOVE to sleep. I love when I dream. I don’t like it when I sleep poorly. Sleep is seductive to me, perhaps too seductive!

What is your best form of exercise?
I like to take classes at my gym so that I do something different every day. Spinning, SpinFlex, aerobics, resistance training. I like them all.

Which do you prefer, horses, dogs, cats, lizards?
Dogs, little dogs. I like cats and horses too, but wouldn’t own them anymore. I like to watch lizards but not own them. I like my little Bonaparte…You know, little body, big ego!

Are you excited about the 2015 A-Z?
Our team badge!
Is that a rhetorical question? Ha ha! Of course! And trepidatious (yes, it is a word) as well. It’s a LOT of work, but it is also a lot fun to visit so many different kinds of blogs. It’s the only time of the year, really, where I can spend that much time reading that many blogs. During the rest of the year, work and life take over, but in April, I can set aside the time, and I do, to visit and learn…And this year I have a team to help me co-host!! Heather McCubbin, Randi Lee, Stephanie Faris, Bob R. Milne, Eva Solar, Doreen McGettingan, and Rhonda Albom. Together we are known as "Lisa's LiveWires." Yay! Here is our badge, thanks to Jeremy!

1st Lt. A.P. Buie, Jr. AF Pilot
Are you a vet or do you have any veterans in your family?
I'm not a veteran. My grandfather was a WWII vet. My father was a vet of the Korean WAR (officially “Conflict”). My Step-Dad is a Vietnam vet. All three of my uncles were Navy Vets. My cousin just got out after serving three tours in Afghanistan. He’s now in school. My nephew is a vet, and is in school as well. My husband's cousin is a vet, and a lawyer who takes a stance on vet's issues and helping them out. We've got vets!

Have you ever been to Texas, and if so, which part?

I lived in Waco, Texas for 18 years. Loved it, mostly! And just to set the record straight, the Branch Davidians were NOT in WACO. They were in a small town 20 miles north of Waco called MOUNT CARMEL, go figure. Wacoans, took—and take—great offense to the media naming our town the scene of that disaster. Even now it’s called the “Waco Siege.”
Waco is home to Baylor University. The town is located in the perfect spot to travel all over the Eastern half of Texas and a great place to raise kids. I have two native Texans!
Me, an A to Z Challenge Co-Host and "fearless" leader of "Lisa's LiveWires!"

 Images from:

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dragon Soldiers

Hello A to Z challenge accepting people. My name is Susan Gourley and I'm thrilled to be part of the team here at A to Z. This is my first year as an administrator and my fourth year participating in the challenge. I served as a minion to Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh last year so I'm confident I'll handle the responsibilities involved in my position this year.

I write romance as Susan Kelley and have 12 books published by a small press, two of them bestsellers. I'm also published in high fantasy though that's a story for another day. I'm a member of the Pennwriters Board and am busy helping plan the annual conference. I also am a long time member of RWA and one of the administrators of the IWSG blog. My personal blog is Susan Says where I post every MWF except in April. Enough about me.

One of the reasons I'm confident I will be successful as an A to Z show runner is the great squad of Dragon Soldiers who will be helping me.

Please check out these fellow bloggers and drool with envy at their really cool Dragon Badges. We could use one or more recruits if you'd like one of those badges to enhance your blog sidebar.

Laura Clipson found at My Baffling Brain, a blog I've followed for a while now.

L.Diane Wolfe a veteran of the challenge and also an IWSG blog administrator.

Sabina Leybold whose blog, Victim to Charm is full of variety.

Shanatala at Shanayatales who shares the most interesting book reviews.

Ann Bennett who is a new friend to me and so graciously enlisted into the Dragons.

With an all female team, maybe we should have been called Amazon Warriors instead of Dragon Soldiers. But we would welcome any gentlemen into our midst should one step up. One thing I love about our team is our  diversity. Writers, teachers, public speakers, photographers and all of us with a wide variety of interests.

And that brings me to today's piece of advice for the Challenge. It might be tempting to use the category tags to select blogs that are the same as your own. But one of the great ideas behind the challenge is to meet bloggers from all worlds of fun, entertainment and weirdness. Visit outside your category and you'll find some fun and interesting posts.

Have you met my soldiers yet? Care to help us out? Will you visit outside your category? See a glimpse of spring yet?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Characters Who Blog

It's getting closer to the start of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge -- are you getting excited? I've already started working on my blog posts, and I can't wait to share them! But for today, we're going to hear the A to Z's from someone else, a character many of us hold in the highest of regards. Well, I do at least. 

So let's hear it from the most famous wizard in the world . . . 

I hope you enjoyed hearing from my favorite wizard, Harry Potter! You still have time to join him and sign up to participate from the A to Z Challenge. It's going to be a blast! Join us and have a little alphabetic awesomeness. 

Harry Friday everyone, and as always, happy blogging. 

A to Z Co-host S. L. Hennessy can be found blogging at Pensuasion.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meet Your Co-Host: John Holton

I'm John Holton, host of the blog The Sound of One Hand Typing, simulcast on The Sound of One Hand Typing FM. (I'll the answer the question, "whaddaya mean, simulcasting?" next week.) I chose the name "The Sound of One Hand Typing" based on the Zen riddle ("what is the sound of one hand clapping?") and the fact that I type with one hand thanks to a stroke a few years back.

I've been blogging daily since July 1 of last year. My blog covers just about anything (as you've heard, it's kind of the Seinfeld of blogs); you might read about music, old TV, math, cats, technical topics, and anything else that crosses my mind on a given day. I enjoy challenges, and also participate in A Round of Words in 80 Days, the bimonthly "Battle of the Bands", and Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

This is my fourth year doing the Challenge. During my first Challenge, I used the word list from the NATO spelling alphabet; the year after that, members of the Chicago White Sox from the late 1960's and 1970's; and last year, I winged it, just picking random words and writing about them. I have a better theme than that this year, which I'll share on March 23, the same day we all do. (I've already posted it, because I was so excited, but plan on posting it again that day.)

I'm a retired (as in "out of work and on Disability") computer person with experience in training, development, support, installation, and system administration. The blog has helped me become a better writer. Do I have a book inside me? I'm not sure just yet, so I blog to fill in the time while I figure out the answer to that one.

There were two reasons I wanted to be on the staff of the Challenge this year:

  • I get a lot of joy out of doing this every year, and wanted to "give back" in some way, so I could help other people enjoy this as well.
  • I wanted to find something to do with my time now that I'm not actively working. Being part of the blogging community is a lot of fun, and making connections with other bloggers fills that void.

Now, onto some of your questions:

  • Susan Scott asks: Do you like sleeping? Do you remember your dreams? I enjoy sleeping, maybe more than I should. I remember some of my dreams, but more the settings than the people.

  • Barbara in Caneyhead asks: What would you do if your pc died in the middle of the AtoZChallenge? I have a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, a Kindle Fire, and my wife has an iPad. I think I'm covered. On the other hand, if all were plugged in and we had a massive power surge, knocking everything out simultaneously, I'd run down to the library.

  • betty asks: How do you manage your time during the A/Z challenge? I get as many entries written before April 1 as I can, and use Sundays to finish the ones I haven't done.

  • Luann Braley asks: Have you ever dropped Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke to see what would happen? I've never done it, but I remember an episode of Two and a Half Men where Jake did it.

Looking forward to this year's Challenge and getting to know more of you! See you soon!