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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays!!!

Stephen Tremp writes over at Breakthrough Blogs. Stop by and say hello!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Characters Who Blog

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I am in the Christmas mood! Anyone else out there experiencing the same thing? I've got my tree all decorated and my Pandora station blasting out some holiday tunes. But most importantly, I've made a list of all my favorite Yuletide films and I'm checking it twice. Hands down the best Christmas movie of all time . . . Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (that's the original animated one of course, not the much less awesome Jim Carrey version)!

And I've got to say, if any Christmas character deserves a blog of their own, it's the mean, green, present-stealing Grinch himself. Check him out as he counts down the days to his very least favorite holiday . . . 

I hope you all enjoyed a little Grinchy blogging, and no matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, I hope they're filled with joy and laughter. Happy blogging!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Letter Play – The Answer Key to a 'Mixed Bag O' Fun'

Thanks to all who participated in the Fall's “Mixed Bag O’ FunLetter Play game. The object of this Friday Fun Time installment is to guess the grocery store products that each letter (presented in photos) represents.

Although there weren't any participants who had correct answers to this particular edition of Letter Play, special extra kudos, high fives and alphabet points go out to Birgit at BB Creations and Rebecca Douglass at The Ninja Librarian for their fun attempt in guessing which product the letter “D” represented. “Doritos” was a nice try! Additional points go to C. Lee McKenzie at TheWriteGame for her tasty interpretation of what the letters could possibly stand for.

Here is the Answer Key for the "Mixed Bag O' Fun" Letter Play game:

#1 – GLAD garbage bags
#2 –Life Cereal
#3 – Dr. Praeger veggie burgers
#4 – Poland Spring water
#5 – Naked juice

What are some of YOUR favorite grocery store items when it comes to packaging (design, layout, etc.)?

A-to-Z Challenge Co-Host Nicole Ayers is celebrating her BIRTHDAY at The Madlab Post. Connect with her @MadlabPost on Twitter.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making friends through Blogging

It's December, in case you hadn't noticed.  All around me people are sorting out gifts for friends and family, and making arrangements for seasonal celebrations, both in our homes and on our blogs.

One of the things that I didn't expect from the A to Z Challenge was that I'd make friends.  It seemed strange, the idea of blogging friends, but of course, once you get people you meet regularly, it's just like any other community.  You may start by passing someone in  the street.  Then you smile, or even just nod.  Then maybe something happens and you speak.  If that goes well, it may develop - you may stop and chat, and perhaps even share a coffee break if you're in the right place at the right time.

It's not until you have to do something together that it changes from an acquaintance to a friendship.  Thinking about the place I used to live, what suddenly bonded a street together was fighting an unwelcome development in the old school playing fields.  In my new home it has been building a new village hall, and setting up new activities.  On my website I made some friends through discovering shared interests during the A to Z Challenge.  Some of those are like people I've known for years and still exchange Christmas cards with - I visit during the A to Z and wonder why I don't visit more often (I could do that with the Road Trip!)  Others I follow more diligently, and love the range of their posts and the experiences they share with me - and with other readers.

BookElves AnthologyI've had two experiences that I really wanted to share - things that I feel have made a real difference to me, and I hope you will find the equivalent in your blogging lives.  The first was when a writer, Sally Harris, invited twelve of us to join her in a Valentines Day project - putting out a chapter of our books in one volume, with a puzzle hidden within it.  Readers who solved it were eligible for a draw for a major prize.  Working with these other authors has led on to other projects - this year we brought out an anthology of short stories for readers aged 8 and over, the BookElves Anthology Volume 1.  One of my 'physical' friends asked about the 'Volume 1' bit.  I just love the optimism of thinking it might be the start of something regular, worth repeating.  I hope so, anyway.  If you write, I hope you find a community you feel you can work with on projects too.

The other experience I wanted to share was the fun and friendship I gained by being one of co-host Damyanti's team for the 2014 A to Z Challenge.  I worked closely with six other blogging enthusiasts (and most of us write), and we still share our activities and support each other's blogs.  You saw last month that the Challenge 2015 co-host team has been announced.  They will all need minions, so if you feel you want to get involved, do.  I assure you it'll be worth it.  You'll make some real friends.  Even if you never meet them face to face!

Thank you all for your interest through this year, and very best wishes for 2015.

Have you made friends through blogging?  Tell all!

Jemima Pett writes fantasy for younger readers in the Princelings of the East series, and is working on an adult scifi series. Read her blog, or find her on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Organization - What? At This Time of Year?

My office is NOT this organized!

Organization. It is a word at once ominous and yet freeing. For me I find I am very organized right up to a certain point, and that point always changes depending on the things I have to do. Right now I must prepare for Christmas (yes, not the only one I know), blog, study marketing and begin a rough outline of a marketing strategy, try to get some writing and reading done, pay bills (notice where they are in the lineup!), and still remain sane.
From Point A to Point B
I have a group of “online” friends who I correspond with regularly. I find that I turn to them at least once a day to help keep my head organized. Not because they tell me what to do, because they don’t. But having a "point A" to go to whenever I need to get back on track seems to help, like an outline does while I’m working on a story, or a road map does when I'm traveling. Checking in with them helps me return to my path when I’m way out in a field somewhere.
And you? Do you have a method that helps you stay on track? If you share it, we might be able to incorporate something new into our “staying sane” check list. That said, I wish you all happy holidays, and, I’m looking forward to “seeing” you in 2015!

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