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A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2022! #AtoZChallenge

 #AtoZChallenge 2022 Theme Reveal

It's that time of the year again, bloggers! 

Welcome to the 2022 A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal!

If you are planning to do a theme on your blog in April, this is your chance to share it with all of us! Fill out this form (link) to sign up! Make sure you put in the direct link to your theme reveal post, not to your blog. And take a look at our list of Categories, because this year we have some new options for you!

Then, head over to the list of participants (link), and visit others to see what themes they are doing! If you take a copy now (File> Make a Copy), be sure to come back after sign-ups close to grab the information of the rest of the participants.

Please join the Theme Reveal by March 21st. After that, this form will be closed. The Master List for the challenge will open on March 30th!


The theme of the A to Z Challenge main blog this year is:


J Lenni Dorner writes about this theme:

Eyes close and dreams come to those fortunate enough to get the escape of entertainment. Perhaps they allow the imagination to stretch. Or give the mind an alternative way to work out problems from the wakeful hours. Some say these images from sleep carry messages and meanings that require interpretation to better steer our lives. There is much debate on how much control we have over those dreams. 

Yet there is no light without dark, each day needs the duality of night, and entertaining dreams of the sleeping mind shouldn't be confused with the loftiest goals of a planner. 

 It is smart to set goals and to have dreams among them. To strive for what we know we can achieve, but also to note what might be possible if we push ourselves, if we prioritize one dream over the inevitable obstacles that will come. Achievement of a dream always requires a change, a sacrifice, and a dedicated choice to put its achievement first. 

Duality is about more than two opposites. It's also about how one cannot or does not exist without the other. We recognize the protagonist by the battle against, and change because of, the antagonist. 

Perhaps, to some of you, blogging is an outlet, a place for creative expression to be shared with the world. Yet, in our trying times, blogging for a month and the pressure to visit others might feel like an antagonist. It may require you to change your schedule to post that much, there is an inevitable sacrifice of spending time visiting other blogs- time which you otherwise spent watching television, reading one more chapter, or running one more block. Taking on the A to Z Challenge in April is a choice to be part of the blogging community, to make a difference in the world by connecting with others, exchanging ideas, and connecting with people in the medium where they feel comfortable sharing and expressing themselves.

We may not agree with every blogger. Duality shows that there are always two sides. Perhaps there will be a chance to learn something new, to expand your mind and experience ideas beyond your own. There's also always an option to close a window and click to the next. (Perhaps there's a duality between a hyperlink and the site "X" close icon?)

The number 22 represents duality and the power of dreams. Thus, the team has selected these concepts as our THEME for April 2022. We will also be honoring Jeremy, the great graphic artist of the challenge who passed away this year. We encourage you to make this April your best blogging and best blog-hopping year yet! Make it your dream come true. There will be times that it feels impossible, forces that make it difficult... this isn't the A to Z spa treatment, it's the A to Z Challenge. It's not supposed to be a stroll in the park.

We are all looking forward to being on this journey with you!

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  1. For some reason, my URL to my main blog isn't hyperlinked in the list! Is it because there's Cyrillic in it? Should I try to enter it again with a shortened URL?

  2. Nice theme from you, and great explanation. Thanks.
    I think the guinea pigs will like the idea of duality. They are planning on their favourite things, but for some letters they can only think of things they don't like...

    Jemima (commenting for Biggles and Ludo)

  3. I'm here again to take part in the 2022 challenge. How ready am I? Not very ready at all. We'll see how things go between now and launch day. My Theme Reveal is live. Thanks to the entire A2Z crew for devoting so much time and energy in this month long blogfest. Have a fun week!

  4. Great introduction and love the A to Z theme this year. I'll be posting my reveal shortly. Glad to be on this experience again this year with everyone.

    Janet’s Smiles

  5. How wonderful! I already "know" 3/4 of the commenters before me from previous Aprils! It's like old home week (I don't know what that is). It will be nice to "meet" new bloggers too!

  6. Carrie-Anne: I fixed your link for you!

    Happy Blogging!

  7. Oooh great theme. Excited to be back doing AtoZ this year!

  8. Happy to add my theme.

    A to Z - Activities, Competencies, Education and Training of Engineering Supervisors

    Now I have to start writing the posts. Happy to interact with old friends in this community.

  9. Am I doing something wrong? I can't see any themes revealed on that list.

  10. I finally added my Theme Reveal link to the list. You can read about my April Theme here:

    Tossing It Out Theme Reveal

    Arlee Bird

  11. This is my first time in A to Z. I had seen other bloggers participating earlier. I loved that my theme of author/writing is there.

  12. I skipped the reading part last year, due to some personal issues. But finished the writing part successfully. This year, I am gearing up with full preparations to read and interact with new blogger friends! All the best everyone ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    - The Saffron Storyteller

  13. I'm so looking forward to April - both to playing again, and because I always learn so much, and endlessly entertained, and am invited to consider things I've never thought about before. Wins all around. Great theme for the main blog. I look forward to the posts.

  14. Looking forward to the challenge. Thank you to the WHOLE crew for making this blog and making it fun. Love the theme. I have yet decided on my theme, (maybe life) as there has been ALOT of life since last april.

  15. Charlotte (MotherOwl) --
    When you go to the Theme Reveal Results
    and then click on each blog link, what are you seeing?

    Jemima -- Ha ha ha. Lucky that your blog doesn't have to follow our theme.

  16. I've only just found out about this challenge, someone mentioned it in an email list. I have absolutely no idea what my theme should be, I need to find some inspiration and do some thinking and planning. I'm excited about this though, it sounds like a lot of fun.

  17. Oh how I love this challenge.. It's been many years since I participated with another blog but I am back now with a lot of ideas and a different blog. So very excited to read everyone's posts and get back to regular blogging~

  18. I'm finally participating again after a five-year hiatus! My theme is going to be all about fellow bloggers and authors I've hosted over the years :-)

  19. Ack! I didn't realise I ought to also fill it out on the form. Rats. That's what I get for having too many tabs open at once!

  20. All the very best to all A-Zers! Happy Challenge and happy blogging! I'm not able to join in fully this year but will be cheering from the sidelines.

  21. All the best everyone... I am so excited!

  22. I've been looking forward to this for a few months now! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Happy blogging everyone ๐Ÿ’ป๐ŸŒบ✨


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