Tuesday, April 30, 2019

#AtoZchallenge Zero Days to Go

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter Z

We're celebrating our Tenth Anniversary here at the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

#AtoZchallenge. The blog hop that made an online community by asking bloggers to spend the month of April using the English alphabet as inspiration for their posts. We're glad you stopped by today.

Zero days to go! That's right my zippy friends, you've zeroed in on the final post. The zoo is closing!

Zowie! Zorch through this list.
  1. Zip up this year with your reflection post and survivor badge next week.
  2. Zesty insight needed! Take the after survey, please. (There's a chance to WIN a guest post!) (Opens on May 3.)
  3. Zoom over to some blogs you haven't commented on yet.
  4. Zoinks! WRiTECLUB needs your votes. Support writers for the next few weeks here:
  5. Zealously visit your new blogging friends all year.
  6. Zone out. April was exhausting.
  7. Zany remarks on the A to Z blog posts, Facebook page posts, and Twitter posts are welcome ALL YEAR! Don't forget us, please.
  8. Zombie sleep! Wear an A to Z shirt while you sleep like the undead. Perhaps as stylish as a zoot suit.
  9. Zodiac sign? Comment with your below!
  10. Zeppelin! There's a virtual one coming for you. Just sign up for the Road Trip next month!

#AtoZchallenge Roadtrip

That's the link to the Master List. You can find, and hop to, all the blogs officially participating on that sheet.

Grab your A to Z gear, and other cool goodies from our graphics guy, here:

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge


  1. Do we have the 2019 Survivor Badge available?

  2. I will be sleeping like a zombie in my 2018 AtoZchallenge T-shirt but my 2019 T-shirt hasn't arrived yet.

  3. Zealous to the end, for me it has been a great ride through so many wonderful sites. Thank you to all the wonderful people who volunteered their time to keep the AtoZChallenge on track for another year!


  5. Aaaand it's done. I think I need the T shirt this year for sure. Well it's a good reminder that we have all year to dip into the treasure trove of fabulous blogs. My Z post is up - for whatever its worth and it's ZEN.


  6. Gosh, can't believe I made it to Z! Posting my Z piece now and then taking time out to celebrate my discipline and commitment :D :D

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  8. Z for ZeroZac

  9. Another A2Z year bites the dust! Congratulations to my bloggy pals for crossing the finish line with me!!!

    Stop in for my final contribution for 2019...A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch 'Zeus'.

    Happy a2zing to all!

  10. My zodiac sign is Leo
    Z post is up and with that I successfully complete this challenge third time in 3 years.
    This year my theme was Bollywood / Hindi Film Industry cliches.
    So what is this last post about. Read Z for Zeros and Stars in Bollywood

  11. Thank you for the mention of the WRiTE CLUB contest! I'd love to see a flood of votes to help support our contestants!

  12. Dear J Lenni Dorner. Thank you for this Wrap-Up post. Always very encouraging. And all your posts and hosting during the April 2019 Challenge, 10th Anniversary. I'll be visiting your blog shortly. Hope you can make it next year.

    Bloggeringly, Susan Baury Rouchard.

  13. The last post in my 10th anniversary celebration of my debut novel, "In The Eye of The Beholder":

    Z is for Zareh

    Thank you to everyone who has visited, and to all of the bloggers whom I have visited.

  14. Zounds!

    The Z truck (or lack thereof):

    The Z shoe:

    Thanks for everything, A-Z Team. 2019 went very smoothly.

  15. thanks everyone! it has been a great journey :)

  16. Thank you very much, A to Z for this amazing challenge. As a first timer, I did falter a few times. As I am also participating in NaPoWriMo...I tried to take the liberty and posted in both the forums. Thanks to all the bloggers who took time to visit and comment on my blog. I hope to catch up next year too.

    I wrote something on this journey..ZOOMED IN.

  17. All done. Thanks to all the A-Z team for another fabulous challenge.

  18. We did it!! Congratulations guys, for hosting such a great challenge, and for everybody reaching the end ;)
    My very last post for April: Z = Zen quilting

  19. Thanks for your zippy, zesty list of Zzzzs. I think I'll go get a few Zzzzs myself.

  20. Made it! Thanks for another great challenge team.

  21. Throw a lump of Zoisite into a still dark pond and the ripples will form a perfect circle as they quietly head towards the ponds edge. And I think we all know what that means.

    Yes I have thrown away a perfectly good sparkly Z word . . . . . DAMN.

    Rob Z Tobor

  22. Thank you so much, all the team to the work you put into this - and every year, and everyone who has ever worked leading a team or as a minion during the whole ten years. Especially Czalga and the rest of Damyanti's minions - I treasure you all!

  23. Massive effort and contribution by everyone involved in this A2Z journey. Thanks to the organisers, it was a great experience and am looking forward to the next year already.
    My post for the last day of Z is -

  24. Great experience, glad that I saw it all the way through in my first ever A-Z April.

    Just completed my final post of Z over at


    I got a little behind but being the zealous type I got my back side in gear and by golly I got it done
    4th year for me! :) thanks for this amazing challenge looking forward
    to next year

  26. I am so pleased that I got to my final post of this Abecedarian challenge. I had gotten very sporadic about blogging so I thought taking this on would kick start me into being back to a regular blogger. Thank you for organising this. I wish there was a list of all the people like me who have taken on this arduous challenge.

  27. Zow-Whee, Done and got the shirt to prove it.
    Thanks a bunch.
    How does the Zeplin link work?


  28. I'm a Leo.
    But to the Chinese, I'm a Rat. (That's a leadership position, fyi.)

    I had more fun with AtoZ than in either of my two previous runs. Audience Participation for the win!

  29. Congratulations to everyone on completing the challenge!

  30. I'm an Aries, a snake and a falcon...
    I've enjoyed this A 2 Z challenge, and as every year the xyz portion is extremely difficult, I am so glad I was able to come up with something for it. Thank you for running the challenge.

  31. ZI[-A-DEE-DOO-DAH we did it!! THis was a great month of blogging!! My post for "Z" is linked below:

  32. I made it (still searching for the survivor badge) times I wasn't sure. Just now finishing reading the last 3-4 posts on the 30+ blogs I followed. Phew!

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Zebra
    Personal Blog

  33. Z for Zo much thanks and gratitude to ze team - zounds. Okay, that lacks style but I've used all the other zzzzzzzzzzzz in my post:

    Well the foods for my Zenith party.

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