When does the Challenge start?

The first post for letter A will start on April 1st and continue every day thereafter except on Sundays. 

What is the Challenge?

Where can I sign-up for the Challenge?

Sign ups will open on March 25th!

Is this the Blogchatter Challenge?

No. We are not affiliated with Blogchatter®,, or #BlogchatterA2Z.
There are also other bloggers cloning us. We cannot control that.

Is my blog considered Adult Content (AC)?

Since the A to Z Blog Challenge is open to bloggers of all ages, please mark on your sign up form if your blog is intended for adults only. Adult content generally includes graphic violence, nudity and sexual content, or frequent mature language. If you aren't sure if something is adult content, please see our post or contact us.

Do you have a list where we can quickly reference which letter goes with which day?

Yes! Calendar coming soon!


Our members love reciprocal comments! If you see someone commenting on your blog, hop over to theirs and leave one back. However, because we're spread across multiple services, it isn't always as easy as clicking someone's username to get to their blog. The easiest way to ensure someone can find you is by: 
  • Leaving a link in your comment on their blog.
  • Your Blogger or commenting profile on some platforms.
  • The name of your blog on our Master List.
We recommend signing your comments with your URL or as "John Doe of Blog Name." ๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ˜Ž

What is a direct blog link?

Here are examples to best explain:

What is the difference between an X URL, handle, and hashtag?

What is the difference between a Facebook Page, Profile, and Group?

Where is your GDPR and Privacy policy?

Here: GDPR and Privacy

Disabling Word Verification - How to Video

Comments are an integral part of blogging and being able to leave a comment without having to jump through the Word Verification hoop is a real plus. If you are new to Blogger and are taking part in the upcoming A to Z Challenge we strongly recommend disabling the Word Verification function... Click HERE to see this helpful how-to video.

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