Saturday, May 2, 2020

#AtoZchallenge After Survey 2020 and a SPECIAL from Jeremy

The badge for winners is inside the after survey! 
Click here or use the form below. has A to Z shirts.

But this year, for a limited time, you can contact Jeremy via email with the subject line "A2Z POSTER" to get a custom made digital print with your blog's name! Only $5 US (on PayPal). Limited edition, so order now. The size is 11"x17" 300dpi ("tabloid size" or "B-Size").

Jeremy is offering these for only $5 USD!
You get a digital print (that you may have printed on your own by whoever you use for prints).
Display it on your blog! Get it printed out! Celebrate that you joined the challenge this year.
Here's what mine looks like:
Blog of Author J Lenni Dorner got a limited edition 2020 AtoZchallenge poster!

Email Jeremy with the subject A2Z POSTER. Give him the name of your blog and the link. 😎

Here's the After Survey You can use the link or the form below:

Come back on Monday for the Reflection post!


Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Thank you for the badge ;) Jeremy did some very beautiful graphics.

Susan Sanderson said...

Another great challenge! Thanks again to all the team and especially to Jeremy for the badges.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The poster is a great deal!
Congratulations to everyone who completed the Challenge.

Roland Clarke said...

I'm still wading through A to Z post from the first week, so although I'm grateful to all involved especially Jeremy, I have yet to discover what this A to Z really was/is/will be. Sorry all.

Wendy said...

Thanks for all the hard work everyone.

Debbie Stott said...

Thanks for hosting the challenge again. I started out well, but sadly an unexpected family bereavement threw me off course. I found some space to finish the last week. So sad in many ways.

KatyTrailCreations said...

Got so busy with mask making which btw kept me from the unemployment lines (very grateful). So visiting will be from this point forward and I certainly look forward to this catch up period. Thanks to our AtoZ hosts for a wonderful year again!! Didn't see the 2020 tshirt option but I'll check back later.

Anne M Bray said...

Sorry, that was a lame survey.

Pr@Gun said...

Thank you for the badge. Finally we all survived and successfully completed the AtoZ.

Crackerberries said...

I think I'm gonna hit up some of the blogs and try to read more. I was a naughty player and only visited my favorites. I have to find some new favorites.... Congratulations everyone who participated! Thanks for everyone's participation.

Kathe W. said...

Having the direct link to your posting instead fo just the blog really helps! Great suggestion to give everyone. It made it a lot easier to quickly access and read more posts this way! Thanks and many thanks for the A-z Challenge! Cheers!

Currency World said...

Congratulations to everyone who completed the Challenge.
You can check the badge currency converter here: