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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Alphabet of American States

United States seen from orbit - 2015 NASA

There's only one letter not used in any US State names.
  • A is for — Alaska
  • B is for — Alabama
  • C is for — California
  • D is for — Delaware
  • E is for — Connecticut
  • F is for — Florida
  • G is for — Georgia
  • H is for — Hawaii
  • I is for — Idaho
  • J is for — New Jersey
  • K is for — Kansas
  • L is for — Louisiana
  • M is for — Maine
  • N is for — Nebraska
  • O is for — Ohio
  • P is for — Pennsylvania
  • Q is for — *
  • R is for — Rhode Island
  • S is for — South Carolina
  • T is for — Tennessee
  • U is for — Utah
  • V is for — Vermont
  • W is for — Washington
  • X is for — Texas
  • Y is for — Wyoming
  • Z is for — Arizona

There is a city named Quincy in Massachusetts and Illinois. And Quartz Hill in California. Not to mention, with 66,151 residents, Queen Creek, Arizona.
But the letter Q is not used in any state name in the United States.

Today in History: 
July 27, 1953 - The Korean War ended with the signing of an armistice by U.S. and North Korean delegates at Panmunjom, Korea. The war had lasted just over three years.


Martha Reynolds said...


J Lenni Dorner said...

There are a lot of US places with Q names. I just selected a few. Thanks for adding to it!
๐Ÿค” Maybe the A to Z of places that start with Q?

Wendy said...

Glad I don't live in any of those Rhode Island places, especially the last one. Imagine having to give your address over the phone to anyone.