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Monday, April 2, 2018

C is for Challenge & Can Do ( #AtoZChallenge )

  Even if you really can't do something, believing that you can't is a sure way to hold you back from progress.  Accept your limitations and adapt to doing the best that you can do...

Yes You Can!

         Here we are at day three!   Hopefully most of you are still filled with enthusiasm and ready to persevere to the end of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  However, I know from the experience of past years a few of you might be wondering why in the world you decided to take on this crazy Challenge.  Each year I've seen bloggers stop way before they've even gotten to the middle of the alphabet.  The excuses are diverse, sometimes totally valid, but usually it's a matter of the unwillingness to believe in oneself and just giving up.  Don't do it!

         You can do this! 

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Are you ready to keep going until the end?   More importantly, are you willing?   What is your best motivator?  

Friday, April 1, 2016

Away We Go! #atozchallenge

         Are we ready!  

         Can you keep up the enthusiasm throughout the entire month?

          The opening day of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge is always the biggest one.  There's lots of blog action and optimism heading out of the starting gate.   It's important to pace yourself over the next few weeks.   As the cliche goes, this is not a sprint it's a marathon.

          Those who have prepared posts ahead of time will be in pretty good shape for the month, but if you don't have your posts finished the race is not lost.  Now what you have on your hands is the essence of what a Challenge is all about.

          No matter how you've approached the A to Z Challenge, it can be done and done with great success.  Personally my first time around I started without posts prepared ahead of the game as well as in later Challenges with the entire month's posts completed before starting day.  It's a matter of willingness to finish and the fortitude to get it done.

         Do you have what it takes to succeed this April?   I think you do, but the bottom line is that you have to believe that you've got it and then show the rest of us that you can do it.

         Forget about discouragement and fear of failure.  This is a Challenge.  Overcoming the negatives of your thinking is the point of staying in the game to the very end.   Not getting the visits and comments that you'd like to have means that you need to get out to visit and comment on other sites.   Like any job, if you don't do the necessary work, you don't get your payday.

          This April the A to Z Challenge is your second job and for some maybe even your full time job.  If you're working to make your blog great then you should work as hard as you can to be successful.  If you're here to have fun then that's fine as well--we emphasize the fun factor of A to Z.

          However you approach this Challenge, in the end you get as much as you put into it.  You can finish and you can finish big if you set your mind to that aim.

          The A to Z Team is rooting for you and we're here to help you.   Stay focused on that finish line.  You'll be glad you met the Challenge and you'll be a better blogger in doing it.

          Let's go A to Z Bloggers!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The A-Z Blogger's Mantra for Victory Lane

V is for Victorious!
Victory Lane is where the magic happens. It's that last stretch of road where you start to realize you have what it takes to master the art of blogging everyday....and through the alphabet, no less. It's where you begin to feel proud for signing up for such a huge undertaking, in the first place. It's where you realize that most other things on your to-do list and other people in your life that were neglected, just to keep up with everyone else in this April blogathon, are what helped you get this far.

You’re not alone.

More than 1,500 people are in victory lane, including some who are managing to rock this year's A-to-Z challenge with two, three or four blogs. We're all in this 24-hour cycle together, trying to make it through blogging, visiting and commenting without going nuts. Be proud that you’ve been able to get to this point and remember, there's nowhere to go but upward and onward from here, until it's time to grab that 2015 A-Z Survivors Badge!

If for some reason you feel like you're at your wits end, just read the following mantra:

The "Survivors" Mantra for Victory Lane

You're a survivor.
You're not gonna give up.
You're not gonna stop.
You're gonna work harder...because you're a survivor.
You're gonna make it.
You will survive and keep on surviving.

If these famous words helped Destiny's Child reign on the Billboard Charts, then they can get you through the remaining days left to blog April. So, pat yourself on the back because making it to victory lane is an indication that you're strong enough to be in this for the long haul. It's a sign that the blogging muscles you've been building up so far are what will help you continue on to the very end of the alphabet.

How well are YOU flexing your blogging muscles this month?

Are YOU starting to feel Victorious yet?

 The Madlab Post

#AtoZChallenge Co-Host Nicole Ayers is blogging 
at The Madlab Post on a mixed bag of subjects including 
superheroes, card games, documentaries, human trafficking, 
road rage, drinking games, film festivals and making the world 
a better place. Connect with her @MadlabPost on Twitter.

Monday, April 15, 2013


We are halfway through the A to Z Challenge - are you still motivated?

True motivation comes from within. We can read something exciting, listen to a speech, or hear a motivational speaker, but unless the desire gets deep into our soul, we won’t stay motivated.

You’ve come this far. If you’re growing weary, it’s time to dig deep and remember why you began this journey. To improve your blogging skills? To make new friends? To draw attention to your blog? Whatever the reason, only you can motivate yourself to keep going.

Motivation is a goal in action. Recall why you joined the A to Z and place that in front of you as a goal. And don’t stop until you hit the target.

Believe in yourself - and get excited!