Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Two Rewarding Results of Writing in Response to Blogs You Visit

Did you know that writing responses on your blog is of the quickest ways to feature a blogger in one of your posts? 

There are many ways to use the topic of another blogger’s writings as a springboard for your own blog’s content. Consider posting content that elaborates on a comment that you left, if any, on his or her original post. You can also forego commenting altogether, and write a response on your blog, making sure to link the post that sparked this subject you’re covering.  

No matter how you approach this method of responding to blogs you visit, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved because it comes in handy where marketing and content creation is concerned.

Writing in response to the blogs you visit helps to cure writer’s block. Reading someone else’s perspective on a topic, or learning about certain experiences he or she had, is likely all it takes to revive your creative juices when you find yourself coming up short of blogging ideas.

Writing in response to the blogs you visit fosters interaction between bloggers. There is a good chance that bloggers whose post you’re responding to will visit your blog if you leave a comment on what they originally wrote with the permalink to your reaction. This might even lead to a mention and link in their latest blog post, which is one of the easiest ways for you to gain new readers. In the same breadth, linking to their post in the body of the content you write also helps to send your visitors their way – helping both blogs to build a network within the blogging community.

Have YOU ever written a comment that ended up being as long as the average blog post?

Nicole Ayers hosts the 'Monday Movie Meme' while also writing about independent film directors and their work at The Madlab Post. When she’s not keeping up with Jack Bauer, she also tweets.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If I read, I comment. Although none of mine have ever been long.

Anonymous said...

During the 2014 #Challenge I came to appreciate the Comment aspect of blogging. Surprised how many sites have no comment or like capabilities. A great loss... like ignoring the footprint in the snow of a loved one who has left after a romantic interlude. SORRY! Didn't mean to get carried away.

Susan Scott said...

Commenting is so essential. Commenting on another's blog, may lead to someone else commenting on the same blog, checking you out. I found this to be so in the A-Z - that many links were formed in this way. And so true - reading others' blogs may get the juices going - or lead to literary envy! Thank you Nicole.
Garden of Eden Blog

D.G. Hudson said...

Nothing warms a writer's heart more than someone telling them their writing (whether blog post or book) has inspired another writer. We show our respect for another blogger's writing when we mention their post or blog. Win-win for sure. Enjoyed your post.

What works more for me is keeping a list of ideas when I do read something, to use later. I keep it in sight for quick reference.

Unknown said...

So true! Writing can be very lonely; it's heartening when someone tells you that your posts comforted them or helped them.

Anonymous said...

Great advice! Thank you for posting this. I have been linking to bloggers (like Damyanti) whenever they have a post that triggers a prompt for me (No, I won't write a comment as long as their posts!). The A to Z Challenge provided so many prompts for future writing exercises for me, and I will continue to feature the bloggers' posts that provided those prompts.

Anonymous said...

I've written a comment today, almost as long as my own post! Sue’s Trifles

Anonymous said...

I've only done this when my comment would be really long.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Great article, Nicole! I have done that before and LOVE the benefits that come with. I have been struggling lately with just that--commenting and exciting posts to write for my blog. I used to have a strong online presence--you probably don't remember me, but I was part of the A-Z team. It was crazy.. Now, I am just a bug under a rock trying to spread her wrinkled wings again. LOL. <3

Unknown said...

lol Yes I have often left blog-long comments. I never though to simply write a real post and link back. Great idea.

cheerfuloptimistic said...

I don't comment unless I have something to say, and I've never written a comment as long as a blog post. But I have written a post inspired by a comment someone left for me.

Unknown said...

I took your advice and mentioned this post in my post today!

Unknown said...

I've never written an epic-length response, but the founder of the team blog that I'm a member of is famous (or maybe infamous) for doing so! I don't really feel comfortable giving out the URL of her personal blog, but our writing blog is
She goes by either The Real Cie or Cheesemeister, depending on what she's posting.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I actually did that here just the other day. I used "BlogThis". But in the past I've written my own article and linked to the blogget that the idea sprang from. Sometimes I asked ahead of time. Just depended on the situation and where I was going with my own post. It's fun! Great idea for an article! - Barbara
Life & Faith in Caneyhead

#1Nana said...

I found that the quality of comment during the A to Z Challenge was one of the few disappointing things about the experience. Some people didn't put any effort into writing comments. I like the idea of linking to the post that inspired a post. I think that's what builds community.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Nicole .. the A-Z opens many doors doesn't it .. and finding like minded people via the comments we leave on others' blogs is a great way of finding new bloggers ...

Years ago .. I didn't have my email up and I'd commented on a blog about why I started blogging .. and she wrote a whole post dedicated to Hilary at Positive Letters ... I was amazed to put it mildly .. I'd only been blogging a few weeks ...

Interaction is the key .. good ideas here .. and so true - it is very rewarding ... cheers Hilary

Nicole said...

Writing short comments certainly has its advantages such as being able to visit more blogs. There are times when I read without commenting and usually it's when I'm in a hurry or multitasking.

Your snow analogy is interesting. There's rarely anything more annoying that reading a blog that either doesn't take comments or implements a commenting system that is difficult to navigate...and I'm specifically referring to G+ here because that's a barrier that makes me unlikely to visit a blog again. Thanks for your comment! :)

Susan Scott,
That reciprocity of commenting behavior among bloggers is one of the main things that keeps a lot of us motivated, I think. "Literary envy" -- I like that!

D.G. Hudson,
Idea lists are great! It's nice to know you enjoyed reading this post and yes, I too keep a list of ideas scattered around to help in figuring out what the topic of the next or future blog post will be.

Mikaela D'Eigh,

The loneliness of writing kinda comes with the territory. Thank goodness for those who comment, letting bloggers know that someone is reading :),
Of all the benefits that the Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge brings to its participants, writing prompts are among the most useful. It is nice of you to link to Damyanti and others, showing your camaraderie and respect for those in the community whose work inspire your own.

We're in the same boat, as I've also written comments that could be blog posts in and of themselves, more times than I can count. Ha! Thanks for commenting :)

You're way ahead of the rest of us who just keep our comments long rather than post them on our blogs. It seems you have experience in some of the tips that I mentioned above.

Nicole said...

Elizabeth Mueller,
Yes I do remember you from A-Z! :) May the benefits mentioned above help you get back into the swing of things! Writing itself is such a stuggle that we're all probably bound to hit a dry spell one time or another. Plus, time flys by so much that I've even had to sacrifice commenting over putting up a new blog post or vice versa. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this article and thank you for your comment.

Depending on how long your comments are, the thought of creating a blog post instead might arise only when you get the sense that a comment is too long. I've ignored that feeling even when I knew that it would plainly obvious a blog post would be better. I guess I have some work to do on that front...but you didn't hear that from me ;)
Also thanks for mentioning this post on your blog!

It makes sense that comments can be used as the basis for one's blog post. I've done the same on a few occasions.

Hmm...Are you trying to "out" her for writing epic-length comments, or what? Ha! Here's hoping that, if anything, my aforementioned tips will motivate bloggers to comment and interact with each other more no matter the length of their content!

Yes it is fun indeed and I like your practice of asking bloggers ahead of time if your post is done in a way that will cause some excitement (whether positive or critical) in others. I don't use the "Blog This" but have done it the other way you mentioned...linking to the blog from within my own post.

I share your disappointment in the commenting behaviors during this year's A-to-Z Challenge (which I've covered in my Why We Make Movies: My 2014 A-Z Reflections Post) but for reasons other than quality comments. While I've received my share of standard comments that didn't really add anything special to the conversation, I did receive a lot of high quality comments that were either thought-provoking or inspiring. Yes I agree about the disappointment that arises when people don't put any effort into writing comments. This is something I address in my guest posts on Arlee Bird's 'Tossing It Out' blog including 8 Commenting Secrets that Bloggers Won't Tell You and What's Your Harry Potter Commenting Personality? On the community-building side of things, linking to another blog is the least that we can do to show appreciation for another blogger's work that helped us or to give a nod to a blog that we think our readers will enjoy just as much as we do.

Oh my that must have been a real delight to see another blogger dedicate an entire post to you! :) It's a great way to give back and is something that I to have practiced on several occasions.


A-to-Z Challenge & A-Z Road Trip Co-Host
The Madlab Post

Tina said...

You are remembered, Elizabeth, and the badge you made is still up at Life is Good! You may feel like a bug, but at least you're poking your head out and saying hi!
Tina @ Life is Good
On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!

Tina said...

Awesome ideas here, Nicole, and the interaction in the comments is very encouraging. I tend to write really long comments, so I don't get to a million blogs in a day like, um, some people we know. It's just my style. I like to really get into what they were saying, and usually something strikes a chord. It's started many a friendship, and inspired me to a lot of ideas for posts on my own blog. Now linking back to the person who gave me the idea...well I'd never thought of that! Thanks for cluing me in!
Tina @ Life is Good
On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!

sjp said...

Makes me sad when a site doesn't have the ability to allow comments, especially when the content is so awesome but all you can do is appreciate silently without letting the author know. Writing in response sounds like a great idea around this :)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

I always comment when I read a post, Nicole. The only time I don't is if the writing is purposely provocative!

Unknown said...

I enjoy commenting on blog posts. It provides a great platform to provide authors with the encouragement they need to keep on writing.

David said...

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