Friday, April 5, 2024

E is for Excitement! #AtoZChallenge

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E is for Excitement

Are you excited to be taking part in the A to Z Challenge this year? Every year, I get excited to get started, but it gets more and more difficult as the month goes on. That's why it's a challenge, though, right? 

I just want you to know that if your excitement is waning, that's okay! There's still plenty of time to find your excitement again! You want to know what did it for me? I got my husband to join in. Now he's far surpassed me by opening every blog on the Master List! You want to know how many I've opened so far? 0. 0 blogs. I certainly will look at many over the next few weeks, but it's been a rough start for me. If you're feeling that, you are not alone. Don't give up! Keep the excitement flowing. Find a new blog you're excited about. Share the A to Z Challenge with a friend, and keep blogging!


Hop to as many blogs in the challenge as possible. Grow and strengthen the community.

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Frewin55 said...

Always excited when April comes around and its time to embark on the challenge again - never knowing quite whwere it will take you...

Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

I've been through the list once as well :-)

Ronel visiting for E: My Languishing TBR: E

Crackerberries said...

Unfortunately clicking on the Master List above gives me this message:
This Tiny URL link does not exist. ... I did save THE ORIGINAL MASTER LIST and that one continues to work for me. I have been struggling trying to find time to visit everyone and didn't get everything done ahead of time as I had hoped. But that's part of the challenge right?
Good luck everyone and today I have some Encouragement for you all!


debi o'neille said...

I am excited for this challenge, mostly to get back into blogging and revisit blogs I used to visit often. But I'm also excited to force my brain into thinking thematically. This year, as you noticed when you were there, I'm writing book reviews on books I read during the year 2023. I think it's a separate challenge for me to make that work. It means I need to have books with titles starting with X, Y, Z, and Q, or any other difficult letters to follow in titles.
I'm enjoying it so far, love reconnecting with other bloggers and meeting new-to-me bloggers.
So far, I regret only that I didn't do every single book review in advance. I did get most of them done, although I did not put links in any of them until posting time. I didn't think it would matter because it only takes a minute or two. I forgot how those "minutes or two" add up during blog hops. :-)
Worse, one of the two books I have left to read and review done is a tad boring. And I don't find many books boring. I'm trying to pay attention as I read it, and not just skim, because I need to have something to say about it when I'm done.
I think I need to start thinking about next year's blog-hop theme yesterday.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a good day.

Ganga said...

Wow my enthusiastic post for today.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Thankfully, I have been excited about this month's topic for a couple of years now. So I have plenty of steam and choices. That's my problem now, too many choices. "E" day in fact had three different things I wanted to do.
I have so many I am also doing special "Sunday Posts" to cover all the topics I want.

Tim Brannan, The Other Side blog
2024 A to Z of Dungeons & Dragons, Celebrating 50 Years of D&D

Susan Taylor said...

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I'm so glad I signed up for it this year. I've found a few new blogs to follow and reconnected with some old blogging friends.

Jayden R. Vincente said...

@Crackerberries, the link is fixed! It just had an extra space at the end. :)

Gonz said...

"E is for Elves and the superior species problem"

(article in Spanish)

Sore is more said...

Hello all,
my second year doing A to Z. Challenging but exciting, and definitely my most prolific month! Thank you for running this challenge!

Sore is More is NSFW, 18+ DNI, dark erotica fiction blog. Sometimes of a dead-dove variety. If this doesn't scare you away, you are most welcome to visit and comment. This year story is turning into a multi-chapter odyssey:

"E is for Eager"

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. said...

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