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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reflections of the A-Z Blogfest from Susan Kane

         Today we hear from Susan Kane of thecontemplativecat.  Her post is short, sweet, and to the point.   

Reflections of the A-Z Blogfest

Mirror, mirror (courtesy of
A reflection typically is what one sees when looking into a mirror, or a shiny surface.  Looking at this past month, I have observed:

*  Discipline—creating and planning, then writing on an almost daily basis required me to adhere to a deadline. Forethought and having a notepad & pen was necessary at all times.

*  Introspection—looking into myself, and pondering how to approach an assignment differently each day.  Questioning myself about what I wanted the reader to experience was always in front of me.

*  Variety—I like humor, I can be dark, I like to turn ideas over and relate them to something else totally opposite.  I like narrative, I like dialogue.  I like to see God in all the events I observe. This allowed me to explore all those ‘likes’.
Summarizing, this was a great experience, demanding and gritty at times.  I grew as a writer.

This was a daunting task for the A-Z team.  Thank you for your diligence, craziness, and encouragement. 

          Thanks for those kind words Susan!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Official A to Z Badge Is Ready and the News on the A to Z Reflections Tour

         The official Blogging from A to Z April Challenge of 2012 badge is now available.  Our A to Z artist--the aptly named Ada Z, which is short for Ada Zdanowicz--worked long and hard to come up with this finalized version.

        The smaller badge version actually doesn't do the artwork justice as you miss the crossword puzzle motif in the letters and some of the nuances of color.  When you click on the image to enlarge it you can see what I mean.

          If there is enough interest, Ada may make poster size images of the badge available at a later date.  An alternative option might be to make numbered and signed limited edition prints.  But first she will see if she would have enough takers to make it feasible for her to do so.  Perhaps you can express your thoughts in the comment section.

           She is also considering some other possible A to Z artwork goodies such as mugs or T-shirts.  Tell Ada what sorts of A to Z items you might like to see.   Ada is a young artist who would appreciate any support she can get.   You can visit her at

           Last week we put out a call for your Reflections posts or new guest posts about the Challenge.  As we would have expected from our great bloggers out there, the response was overwhelming.  Many of you stepped forward to answer our call and every date until January 6th has been filled, except for December 24th and 25th.   If anyone wants to do a special Christmas post for either of those days we'll gladly accept it, but we're very happy with the content we'll have over the next month.

        Starting next week on Monday December 12th--The Friends of the Alphabet will be here in force to speak out about Blogging from A to Z.   This is the opportunity for those who want to know more about the Challenge to hear first hand what others have to say about it.  Join us to reminisce about the 2011 Challenge and get ready for the Challenge of 2012.  April will be here before you know it!

         And since there were so many of you who were willing to help out with a post during our preseason kick-off prior to the A to Z sign-ups, We have decided to continue to accept more special guest posts beyond January 6th if anyone else wants to contribute something.

         We'll reprint your Reflections from last year or we'll post something brand new.  We have a number of posts that were written especially for the upcoming campaign.  One you won't want to miss is the special Christmas A to Z post that appears on Tuesday December 13th that comes courtesy of Hilary Melton-Butcher , done in that unmistakable style of her usual blog posts--it's great fun.

        That's just a preview of what's to come.  Just about everything anyone would want to know about the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge will be found over the next four or more weeks.  There are plenty of tips on what to do to make the Challenge better.   In fact, much of the information you'll find can be helpful in everyday blogging and not just Challenge blogging.

         Perhaps more importantly these guest posts will help those who did not participate in the previous Challenge to know what it's all about.  We encourage all of you to mention this blog series on your blogs, as well as any social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and so on.  Get the word out.  Blogging from A to Z classes start next week and there's a lot to be learned.

         Also, if you're looking for something to write a blog post about, you can always blog about the A to Z Challenge.  Many of you have done so already.  Thank you, Susan Kane at thecontemplativecat for a great post on November 22nd.

          Excitement is building as we look forward to the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  Check this blog daily starting next Monday December 12 to show your fellow bloggers support for their posts.  Tell others about this campaign.  And let us know if you'd like to be included with a guest spot in January--there are several days available for that .

          Thanks to all of you for your support!

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