Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spreading The Word

Art by Ada Zdanowicz
          Just got back from a trip to Tennessee.   I was helping my sister move from Phoenix back to the place we both think of as home.  I don't live there anymore but it was good to have an excuse to get back to visit family and friends.

           Those who know me are probably getting sick of hearing about Blogging from A to Z, but it's my passion these days as I gear up for April 2012.  It's only about five months away but there's still a lot to get done in order to make sure the next Challenge is the best yet.

           This coming week-end I'll be at the Los Angeles Convention Center at the BlogWorld Conference and Expo and you can bet I'll be talking up the A to Z Challenge to anyone who will listen to me.  I feel compelled to spread the word.

            How about you?   Are you willing to help me get the buzz going?  Mention the Challenge in blog posts, tweets, forums, or wherever you might be communicating with others who blog or are interested in blogs.  Let's start drumming up some interest so that when March comes more people will know about what's coming in April of 2012.

             How are some ways you might suggest to start spreading the word?   Will you be attending any conferences, conventions, or meetings where other bloggers might be present?   Can you drop the A to Z name in a few of your upcoming conversations or writing to help us build name recognition?



Anonymous said...

I have the "big apple" in my sidebar and have posted a couple of times over the past month about A to Z. I also mention it any time I hear a blogger whining about not knowing what to blog about. One of the great benefits of A to Z is the opening of your eyes to potential blog topics. I just can't believe it when people apologize for having nothing to write about.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll mention it again Friday and add the badge to my blog right now!

MISH said...

I also have the "Apple Badge" on my side bar.
The "hype" will build and intensify as the time draws closer, and I have no doubt that the challenge will be even bigger and better next year!

Arlee Bird said...

An official A to Z Badge is still in the works. I'm having prototypes sent to me for now to test out.

Delores-- Thanks for the support and the promo. I agree with what you say about not being able to come up with topics.

Alex -- Thank you for all your help. The temporary badge will be good for now.

Mish -- I agree with you and thanks for helping out.



I could write a poem and mention it on Twitter.
I shall be coming to LA in February for three days I could wear a board advertising the A to Z if you like.


Sue said...

Exciting stuff Lee. Good on you. I've mentioned it in my 'Page' headed EGNAHC and will add the logo and do a whacking big promotion within a week or so.

My conference proposal regarding blogging in a professional capacity was accepted (!!) so I'll mention it there (but that'll only take effect 2013).

A-Z has also been mentioned in another conference submission - my daughter is going to use my A-Z posts as part of a research project, so she'll be spreading the word informally.

All I can say to both those things is that you never know where blogging is going to lead! - and add another HUGE thankyou for what you are doing. Sue

Arlee Bird said...

Yvonne -- A poem and twitter mention would be nice, but I don't think you have to wear the ad board. But I hope you will let me know when you come to L.A. and if time allows maybe we can meet up.

Sue -- That all sounds great. I appreciate that help.


Sue said...

Hi Lee, My first post about the Challenge is up. Sue

Sue said...

Just remembered I can do the sig this way! Hope it works... Limbering up for the A-Z challenge

Anonymous said...

I told myself I'd give it a miss this time around but i am so tempted. It was exhausting but fun. I have put it on my side bar anyhoo.

Betty Alark said...

Hi, Lee!

I'm a new blogger, however I'm willing to do my part in promoting the cause!

I will spread the word- and jump on board!! Sounds like fun and I'm definitely up for the challenge!!

Much success!!