Monday, July 3, 2017

July Traditions

Happy Independence Day America!

The A to Z challenge is American based, but has participants from around the world.

A list of July traditions in my neck of the woods:

  • A is for Autosports— Racing vehicles at the track or smashing vehicles at a demolition derby are both popular around here in July.
  • B is for BBQ— Having barbeque made on a barbecue is popular because food cooked over fire just tastes better.
  • C is for Cloud watching— Look! Up in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a dragon, it's... clouds are weird and awesome. Staring at them is fun.
cloud image @JLenniDorner from #atozchallenge July Traditions post
  • D is for Dancing in the sunshine— People love to soak up the rays. (Hopefully while using SPF protection.)
  • E is for Eating summer treats— There are some foods that taste better in July (watermelon), and some that are only available during this time of year (Rita's Italian Ice).
  • F is for Fireworks— The best, brightest, boldest, and biggest fireworks displays in my area take place on America's Independence Day.
  • G is for Game nights— Families and friends are more inclined to gather for nights of board, card, or yard games.
  • H is for Hiking— It's the time of year when people take to the trails.
  • I is for Iced drinks— Tea, coffee, juice... every drink seems to have ice added.
  • J is for Jubilant gatherings— July and August have the highest number of birthdays around here. Not that it's the only reason people get together.
  • K is for Kite flying— On any day with sun and some wind, there are people flying kites at local parks.
  • L is for Lightning bug chasing— Also called fireflies, these cute beetles have bioluminescence in their backsides.
  • M is for Movie marathons— It's the time of year when people suggest watching a whole series. (This should be a "Netflix and Binge" category. The streaming boxset!)
  • N is for Neighborhood volunteering— Mowing the lawn for an elderly neighbor, teaching someone about planting flowers, picking up a carton of milk for a friend... part of July is about giving back to the community.
  • O is for Outdoor sleeping— Camping in tents, RV campers, or just with a blanket under the stars. July is a popular month for people to leave their domicile for a night or two.
  • P is for Pasta or potato salad— The hotter it gets, the less people want hot food. Pasta salad or potato salad are great alternatives (as long as they are kept cool).
  • Q is for Quiet reflection— July is when people around here are most inclined to take a break to meditate.
take a break to meditate #atozchallenge @JLenniDorner July Traditions post
  • R is for Reading— It's a popular time to curl up with a good book!
  • S is for S'mores— Roast a marshmallow over the fire. Then trap it between two graham crackers and piece of chocolate candy (such as a Hershey bar).
  • T is for Traveling— It's the time of year that folks pack up to go visit other folks or fun places.
  • U is for Understanding nature— So much of modern life keeps people indoors. July is a popular month to get back in touch with nature and all she has to teach us.
  • V is for Volleyball— This is a popular summer sport, best played in the sand.
  • W is for Water fun— Pools, water parks, lawn sprinklers, lakes, rivers, the ocean... July is when people rediscover just how fun water can be.
  • X is for X-rays resulting from over doing it— Common July injuries come from people ignoring limitations.
  • Y is for Yelling at kids on the lawn— Without fail, there is someone in the neighborhood who is yelling at kids on the lawn. (Usually the kids are children, but I have now seen two people yelling at young goats...)
  • Z is for Zoo trips— This is also a popular time of year to head to the zoo or game preserve to learn more about animals.

What are the July traditions in your area?

I'm seeking A to Z participants who have recently done something "spotlight worthy" (getting a big publishing deal, winning the rodeo championship, landing a part in a movie, setting a Guinness World Record, etc etc etc). If you'd be willing to be interviewed for this blog, please get in touch with me! Thanks.

by J Lenni Dorner
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