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When does the Challenge start?

The first post for the letter A will start on Tuesday April 1 and continue every day thereafter except on Sundays.  You may wish to include a Challenge prelude post on your last regularly scheduled post day before the opening day.   In the prelude post you can announce your intent to be a part of the Challenge, tell others about the Challenge, and let others know about your theme or approach to the A to Z Challenge.   To help you with scheduling your posts, see the calendar below. 

When can I sign-up for the Challenge?

Official sign-ups for the Challenge begin at the end of January.

I forgot to put in my code/I want to change my code?

Sorry, but you can't.  Managing the list for all the non-blogs, ad sites, non-participants who just want traffic, and other ruler-breakers already takes all the available time.  Instructions were explicit.  We just had to make a strict "no exceptions whatsoever."  If it makes you feel better we're not even changing codes for our helpers :-)

How do I Save a Post for a Later Date and Time? 

Using the "old blogger" interface, see Jenny's post "How do I Save a Post for a Later Date and Time.

If you're using the newest version of blogger, see Tina's post Survival Hints for the A-Z Challenge: How to Pre-Schedule a Post

Do you have a list where we can quickly reference which letter goes with which day?

Yes. Jeremy, the Retro-Zombie co-host made a very cool calendar that you can save as your desktop.  You'll find it in CLICK HERE FOR [2014] DESKTOP, along with directions for installation.

The schedule below is also in the side-bar on our home page.

A to Z: 2014 Challenge [Letter Schedule]

Week One:

March 31, Monday - BREAK

April 01, Tuesday - Letter "A"

April 02, Wednesday - Letter "B"

April 03, Thursday - Letter "C"

April 04, Friday - Letter "D"

April 05, Saturday - Letter "E"

Week Two:

April 06, Sunday - BREAK

April 07, Monday - Letter "F"

April 08, Tuesday - Letter "G"

April 09, Wednesday - Letter "H"

April 10, Thursday - Letter "I"

April 11, Friday - Letter "J"

April 12, Saturday - Letter "K"

Week Three:

April 13, Sunday - BREAK

April 14, Monday - Letter "L"

April 15, Tuesday - Letter "M"

April 16, Wednesday - Letter "N"

April 17, Thursday - Letter "O"

April 18, Friday - Letter "P"

April 19, Saturday - Letter "Q"

Week Four:

April 20, Sunday - BREAK

April 21, Monday - Letter "R"

April 22, Tuesday - Letter "S"

April 23, Wednesday - Letter "T"

April 24, Thursday - Letter "U"

April 25, Friday - Letter "V"

April 26, Saturday - Letter "W"

Week Five:

April 27, Sunday - BREAK

April 28, Monday - Letter "X"

April 29, Tuesday - Letter "Y"
April 30, Tuesday - Letter "Z"

How do I add the badge to my own blog?

These directions are for installing the “2014 Blogging from A to Z” badge on a blogger-hosted blog, using the newest version of the editor.

How to add an image of the badge:

1) Save the image to your computer as a picture.
2) Go to design>layout>add a gadget
3) choose the "image" option
4) in the pop-up box, find the picture from your computer and add it
5) the title and captions are up to you
6) use this link where it's called for:
7) save
8) move your gadget to the desired place in your sidebar.  It will automatically be at the top, which we think is a fine spot for it ;-)
9) click save arrangement
10) check how it looks
11) if it's too big, edit the gadget
12) use "shrink to fit"
13) save again
14) save arrangement again

How to add badge if there's code supplied (like the horizontal badge)
1) Choose either the small version or the large version of the badge.
2) Copy the code from the box under the badge.  Make sure you scroll through that whole window because there's more code than is displayed in that small box.
2) Click "design" at the top, right of your own blog.
3) Click "layout" from the menu down the left side of the page.
4) Click "add a gadget" in the place where you'd like the badge
5) Scroll down the list of available gadgets until you get to "html/javascript" "add 3rd party functionality or other code to your blog", then click the blue plus sign.
5) Paste the code you copied in step one into the big, blank box.
6) If you want to add a caption, put it in the strip where it says, "title".
7) Click "save."
8) Now view your blog to see if it worked!
Adding Badges and Banners to Your Blog

How do I add the badge to my WORDPRESS blog?

Being Retro

DASHBOARD on left side look for APPEARANCE then sub menu comes up to the slight right...
look for WIDGETS new page of options opens, scroll down to IMAGE. [click]

Sidebar [to right side] opens a round of questions/prompts to add your image, at bottom the link

Width: Height: 300 x 300

How do I add a picture to my own blog?

See Jeremy's easy to follow directions from the post Adding Badges and Banners to Your Blog for some "challenge season" bling for your blog.

A lot of bloggers respond to commens via email. I understand why someone wouldn't want everyone to know their email address, but consider to display it for the duration of the challenge. Here's an example. Your comment showed the address of "no-reply comment" so I had to click on your name, then on your blog and then find the post, then the comment box, all to say THANKS! If you allow your email to be shown, then I'd have been one click away to telling you my gratitude.
Here's how to change the setting:
Go to design
Go to settings
Go to mobile and email
Go to the box "comment notification email"
Enter the email you'd like me to respond to.
I know I'm not the only blogger who replies by email. I'm suggesting this because I don't want you to miss the feedback to your comments, I find it such a fun part of blogging and building community. Thanks for considering it.


If I enter more than one blog to the Linky List do I have to post for every letter on each of them?

Yes!  Each link leads to a separate entry and bloggers may not be following or wish to follow all of your blogs.  Not posting for certain days on a blog might make your blog appear to be inactive in the Challenge.  The continuity  of the Challenge should be present on each blog entered.  That is why we consider it a Challenge!  Each blog that you enter is a unique participant in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

Disabling Word Verification - How to Video
Comments are an integral part of blogging and being able to leave a comment without having to jump through the Word Verification hoop is a real plus. If you are new to Blogger and are taking part in the upcoming A to Z Challenge we strongly recommend disabling the Word Verification function... Click HERE to see this helpful how to video.

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