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Below are the videos submitted for the 2012 A to Z Video Challenge

Here are the links to the videos that were submitted in 2012.  The videos can all still be viewed on YouTube.  Check these out to see the great talent we had in the Video Challenge.  One year we hope to bring back this video part of the A to Z Challenge.  Your suggestions are welcomed.   Visit our contact page if you'd like to offer your ideas.

A to Z Videos

Video Link                          Blog or website

1.Ron Easton                          Dad's Unlimited
2. Ada Zdanowicz                   CollagePodge (closed)
3. Marta Szemik                      Marta Szemik's Blog
4. Nicole Ayers   (3)                     Madlab Post
5. Kathleen Medina                  Living 2012
6. Dale Smurthwaite                 Smurfin' the Web
7. Tracy Jo Blowers                Brand New Day  
8. Reka Sang                           A Chronicle of Dreams
9.  Nicole Ayers  (1)                     The Madlab Post
10. Nicole Ayers (2)                  The Madlab Post
11.  Rachel Morgan                   Rachel Morgan Writes
12.  Jocelyn Rish                        Jocelyn Rish

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