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Making A to Z Challenge More... Friendly!
Okay this is something that I did on the last year's "A to Z Challenge" and I thought this would be a good thing for you all to... so I share. I made a desktop calendar that had the breakdown of April right at the click of a button, this way no having to fumble back and forth.

Click on Image [First, should fill screen] and then right click [PC] save to your Hard Drive or as your Desktop. If you save it to your hard drive just click once on image and it should allow you to save as the desktop, you may need to readjust it in your settings. This also should work for most monitors as most have this shape and I have tried on most successfully.

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A to Z Post Letters [2014]

Here is something that might be helpful for you and us co-host, wonder how to make your post more exciting and show us and the others know that you are all ready and set to participate in the challenge.

Any questions please ask or stop by my site and I will do the best I can to help!
Jeremy [Retro]