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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blogging Basics: Guest Hosting

Last week we discussed guest posting, where you formulate a post to go up on someone else's blog.  This week, let's look at being the host and putting someone else's post up on your blog.

The five pointers last week were: 1. Choose a Relevant Host Blog, 2. Choose a Relevant Blog Topic, 3. Be Present/Visit the Commenters, 4. Link to Your Site, 5. Thank your Host.

Just as guest posting on another blog can expose you to new readers, hosting someone else can bring guests by your blog that have been led there by the promise of an interesting post from the other blogger.  Thus, you get introduced to their readers, and they see what you have to offer.

Some basic pointers for guest hosting.

1. Establish rules.  Be sure the guest poster knows what you expect from them, and any rules you may have that are applicable to your blog.  When do you want their post by?  Do you have specific formatting rules?  Do they need to watch their language?  Do you want a specific length?  How would you like it submitted (text, html)?  Think carefully about what you expect from them and make sure to make it clear from the beginning, for the benefit of both of you.  If you want a specific topic or theme covered, be clear on that, as well.

2. Introduce them.  Write a nice introduction about your guest poster.  Be sure to include links to their blog or website, and anything else you might want to link to (Facebook, Twitter, links to purchase their books, etc.).  Consider including their image or their most recent book cover.  Don't know what to say?  Think about how a talk show host might introduce them, or visit other blogs they have guested on.

3. Be on time.  If their guest post is supposed to go up on Monday, the 23rd, be sure you've got it formatted and posted on Monday, the 23rd.  Let your guest know when you will be posting it.  If you post at a specific time, let them know that, as well.  You want them to be able to cross-promote, so give them the tools to do so.

4. Be present.  This one sounds familiar, doesn't it?  Well, it applies here, too.  Even though you are playing host instead of poster, it's still good for you to be there to respond to comments and to visit the commenters. After all, they took the time to visit your blog, even if it was to read someone else's post.  Bear in mind that many of the comments will be from your readers, and you want to maintain that relationship and show your appreciation for their support of your guest poster.

5. Thank your guest.  Yep, another one that sounds familiar.  Your guest put a lot of work into writing a quality piece for your blog, as well as (hopefully) cross-promoting and bringing people over to visit you.  Thank them for their time and for their post.

Hosting a guest can be as beneficial as guesting on someone else's blog.  Also important is that you're forging a relationship with another blogger, so try to make it a positive interaction for both of you.

May you find your Muse.

The Warrior Muse


Jo said...

Had a couple of guest posters on my blog, seemed to work out OK. Been meaning to ask some more bloggers but just haven't got around to it.

klahanie said...

Hey Shannon,

Yes, it's me, the shy, humble and oh so lovable, Gary.

Your points are excellent and very much like the points I allude to when someone guest posts on my unassuming blog. I tell ya, I get bombarded with requests to guest post on my site. Okay, two dogs, one cat and a confused hedgehog, wanted to guest post.

It's also good that the guest poster, along with the host, comment back to comments. The personal touch is always appreciated.

Nice one, Shannon and cause I'm such a nice guy, I shall share this on 'Farcebook'!

Your adoring fan,


Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi Shannon,
Nice to be here after a bit gap,
I mean after the a to z challenge.
This post is really an informative
one especially people like me,
Great tips here, good to follow,
I would like to invite few of my
friends here to do some guest post for my blog @Philipscom Ha Ha Ha!!!
Keep Going.
Keep Inform
With Best Regards

Shannon Lawrence said...

Jo, good luck with future guest posters!

Gary, definitely good for both to reply to the comments. I've had guest posters who were fabulous about that, and just one or two who never showed up.

Phil, nice to see you back! I hope you get some willing guest posters! If you look at my post last Tuesday, someone left a comment with their email that they would like to guest post, so you might contact her. It was Amazing Alex.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That covers it! Definitely coordinate the posting time.

Anonymous said...

A great post spoiled by the adverts popping up everywhere, top, bottom and sides.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

REally good tips, Shannon! I always enjoy guest hosting, and one of my requests up front is "please write a post." I think my blog readers enjoy hearing from someone else for a change!

Unknown said...

If anyone has anything they would like to say about Brazil they can guest blog for me any day. :) I also run a World cup blog, a Business in Brazil site and very new Camp in Brazil site. If anyone can connect anything there and feels the urge, please get in touch.:)

Shannon Lawrence said...

Alex, I didn't at first, but I now say the time it's going up so it can be coordinated.

Yvonne, there are ads?

Karen, I figure the same. I hope my readers enjoy hearing from me, but maybe something a bit different every little once in awhile.

Maggie, good luck with getting guest posters!