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Friday, October 23, 2015

Stormy the Weather Gnome talks holidays & theme opportunities!!

It's almost time for Halloween!

Wouldn't that be a great theme for A to Z? All your favorite trick 'or' treat candy? Or your favorite costumes?

How about Thanksgiving?

Got any recipes for every letter of the alphabet? Think of the side dishes alone!

Perhaps Hanukkah or Christmas traditions?

Do you do watch football on New Year's Day?

All of these holidays are coming up soon and it might be the perfect time for you to start jotting down some ideas, memories, or even recipes for the 2016 Challenge! 

And, don't forget your camera! Pictures are a great way to share your theme with readers!

Get your family involved! No one said the A to Z Challenge couldn't be a team sport! Maybe your kids can help with your posts each day!

Or even your pets! They can be great sources of inspiration and sometimes just too darn funny.

My point? There are lots of opportunities coming up and lots of ideas all around you to help make your next A to Z Challenge a breeze.

Don't miss your chance to make this your best year ever!


Heather M. Gardner
The Waiting is the Hardest Part


  1. Stormy looks like he's about to be hung.
    Pictures. Hmm... Maybe Mini-Alex doing the A to Z? Something to think about...

    1. You should totally do that! Mini-Alex is fun. =) (And you are too FYI)

  2. It's very cold here where I live, I think I have found a theme for A to Z 2016,
    Enjoyed the post and pictures. Enjoy your week-end.

  3. Stormy is adorable, as is Miami Vice Suit kitty. lol

  4. Great advice, Stormy! And awesome pictures!

  5. I'm hoping to participate next year, so good ideas, Stormy! I laughed at the cat, of course right? haha

  6. Loved the tips ;) I've done picture themes the last two years and planning again for this year to do the same; so already started collecting pictures to correspond with A/Z :)

    (and how did this year go by so fast that we are already thinking of the holidays?????)



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