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Friday, May 6, 2016

#atozchallenge - Don't wait until it's too late! Start planning for the next Challenge!

It's never too early to start thinking about the next Challenge.

Sure. It's May. The next Challenge doesn't start until April. You've got lots of time. Right?

26 posts about any topic or theme is a lot of information to gather. So many times we need more than just one or two months to complete our posts.

Book reviews
Movie reviews
Travel photos
Short stories
Flash fiction

These all take quite a bit of time, effort, and research to put together. Why not start gathering that info now?

No matter what, its a good idea to at least start thinking about your posts and theme for next year. Jot down a few notes and thoughts on how you want your next Challenge to go.


Make sure you return on Monday to get all the details about adding your 2016 Reflections Post link to the list for everyone to see!


  1. Oh lawd, it is too early to think about that - I start in earnest in January.

  2. Already have something in mind! Had such fun this time.

  3. I agree; always be thinking. I have done picture based themes the best 3 challenges; so I'm already taking my camera with me and taking pictures and seeing eventually how to incorporate them into the letters of the alphabet


  4. I have half the entries for next year written in my head...

  5. Too tired to think about that right now! :) Although, I am determined to get all posts pre-written before it starts next year. (I say that every time! :P ) Writing entries on the fly was brutal and didn't allow for enough time to network properly.

  6. ha I need to finish this one first - although I made it through to the letter V - better than I thought. I am still hoping to get through the alphabet, just of course will be late!

  7. This idea is a bit overwhelming! Will be getting jots and thots starting in January.

  8. True, eh? Last year, when I finished the challenge, I already know what the next would be about. This year, I kind of have an idea, but still don't know whether it's viable. Let's see...

  9. I think I'd like to take at least a month without thinking about it whatsoever. Then if I can actually start planning I can be ahead next year for once!

  10. I can see book reviews taking that long. At least with how I read books!

    1. So true, thankfully I would not do a book review theme!

  11. Organize those photos before the challenge starts. I thought mine were organized but I still spent hours sorting through unlabeled pics.

  12. My theme is chosen and I even mentioned it on my Z-day post! Can't wait, although at my age I'm not sure I should be wishing time away!

    Visit Keith's Ramblings

  13. Well, I have never as yet started before January in any way. But then again, I have always blogged my own life, which needs no research. ;) If I were to decide to branch away from that, I'd do a little preliminary research for sure.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  14. I learned my lesson with this one. My posts need to be planned and written ahead of time for me to do this right. I'll start again sometime soon.

    Piper Presley

  15. Hi Heather - mine is done and posted - I just needed to change the date from this year to 2017 - as I had to withdraw this year. I know my themes for a few years ahead .. but will only write once the last one is done and dusted ...

    Well done to all who finished ... and I always enjoy the A-Z - cheers Hilary

  16. Oh man, I can't start quite yet. I have a theme chosen but I think I might wait a bit before I start writing. I need to breathe a while first lol

    Lisa @ Zen and Pi // Come say hello :)

  17. And this is why I tend to stick with Poetry.

  18. My this year's theme was Colors. My next year's theme, I have two idea lets see which one I will have the mood then to write about.
    BTW is there a linky to post the reflections post?

  19. I don't need telling, I'm already thinking of a theme!

  20. There's still 11 months left...though they'll fly by...

  21. Oye! I'm just a bit brain drained right now. Maybe I'll have the energy to do some thought about AtoZ 2017 this summer.

  22. I had an idea pop in my head before April ended - and I hurried and filled out as many of the letters as I could on a spreadsheet so I didn't lose the idea. Now I have plenty of time to research & go take photos for my posts!
    Lisa at Tales from the Love Shaque


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