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#AtoZChallenge - 4-6-2017 - Letter E

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Letter E:


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Unknown said...

A to Z of poetry

Etheree - Dreary

Alex Daw said...

E is for eResources, Encyclopaedias and Evidence Enjoy!

Deepa said...

#apom E for Evening Sky  

Karnika Kapoor said...

Read My post
Best Wishes!

Deeksha Shetty said...

It's time for Alphabet 'E'. My theme : Short Stories. Do have a read...

BLOGPOST URL : Email from Amit!

BLOG URL : Vilaythi Desi Girl

Happy Blogging!!

Anonymous said...

Hey There Fellow A to Zers! Here is the latest installment of my ongoing fiction.
Name: Marquessa Matthews
Blog: Simply Marquessa
A to Z Theme: Hawaii
Letter E: Earth "As I stood close enough to reach out and touch the blue skies on the Diamond Head summit, my mind flashed back to all the years I had felt so helpless and hopeless. I suddenly realized that nothing and no one was holding me back now..."

kaykuala said...

Hank is here:
E is for Ecstasy in the Quest to be Healthy


Click said...

Letters to my Embryos: E is for Energy @ Click's Clan

Morgan Cartwright said...

Campfire Eats

Going strong with the camping there here! Join me, shall you?

Anmol Rawat said...

E is for Enter with Caution
Some doors are not meant to be entered, especially when they ask you to enter with caution.

Anne Young said...

Continuing the story of my family history associated with different places

E is for Eden Park, home of Wentworth Cavenagh


Anne Young

Anne's family history

Nilanjana Bose said...

E is for Enticing…

Theme : Arabiana

Sue Bursztynski said...

Theme: Spies and Spying! Today the story of a Civil War spy who disguised herself as a man to fight, then as a black man to spy! Follow and find out... E Is For Sarah Emma Edwards Civil War Spy

Tupeak Hope said...

Tupeak Hope - writing about chronic health issues, patient self-advocacy and empowerment.

Blog: E is for Being Excited About Life!
Tupeak Hope

Anonymous said...

E for Everyday Object. In the past it might have been a pot or a toothbrush. Now our mobile devices are never out of our sight.

Theme: Sharing Family History via #GenealogyPhotoADay
By Fran from TravelGenee Blog

Anonymous said...

Bringing another flash fiction with a strange word that may or may not be real. You guess.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Rob Z Tobor


J Lenni Dorner said...

My THEME for the A to Z challenge 2017 is an ongoing speculative fiction story featuring telepathy.
Each letter post is titled and inspired by a commonly misused word or phrase.
E= Espresso

J -- Co-host the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference and Speculative Fiction Writer

ozzypip said...

Eight Pointed Star Variation Today's bloack is one of many star blocks. Oh and I also reveal the first row of the quilt.
Philipa (Ozzypip)
Quilter and blogger
Blogging her way through an A to Z quilt
Ozzypip Quilts

Chris K. said...

E is for Everett Hubble

Illegal Aliens podcast--dissecting the 1999 TV series Roswell in search of theme, metaphor, and good science fiction.

Shawna Atteberry said...

Tonight I wrote an autobiographical poem: E is for Evening

Keith's Ramblings said...


We all need a giggle now and again and Amble Bay's the place to enjoy one!

Last Easter day in Amble Bay

PJ said...

Looking at the Scots language that's not English but it's not Gaelic either.

Highlands Days of Fun

crgalvin said...

Theme: My memories of life on tthe farm in the 50s and 60s
Letter E Early childhood and Easter

Carmel | Earlier Years

Josie Two Shoes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandra Williamson said...

Snippets from the life of Martha Sarah Ellis.
E is for Education

Sandra, Aspiring family historian, fellow participant in the #AtoZchallenge

Sandra's Ancestral Research Journal

Romi said...

Describing my life in six words:
On my Way Home

Random Musings said...

April in Motivational Quotes - Letter E
April in Motivational Quotes - #AtoZChallenge Day 5 - E

lindamaycurry said...


Emma was 17 when she left England in 1862 on the Shackamaxon. The Letter E on Fact or Fiction-Family Stories.

Stephen Tremp said...

Hi filks, my topic is E is for Extinctions On The Horizon ...

Julie said...

Name: Julie
Blog: Reading Life
Theme: Books, Books and More Books!
Letter E: Emprise, Enigma, and Empery - a wonderful science fiction trilogy

Her Grace, Heidi, the Duchess of Kneale said...

Today in Astronomy we talk about:

E is for Extremophile because astrobiology is totally cool.

Beverley Baird said...

E is for Extacurricular Activities - comparing past ones to present. Using Amy Krouse Rosenthal's "Encyclopedia of Me"

moon said...

Hi all! My theme for the challenge is shades of love .E is for emotional affinity

Kalpana said...

My theme is the Lexicon of Leaving and for today, E day it's Exhaustion Exhaustion #Lexicon of Leaving

Parul said...

It's not easy to accept you are envious of your best friend. It's a trick feeling that makes you do things you wouldn't have done otherwise.
E for Envy

Shailaja V said...

Day 5 and it's here right now :) My flash fiction in 100 words for this year's challenge.

Theme: Oxymoron in micro-fiction
*E for Eloquent: Shailaja/The Moving Quill*

Ash said...

Been waiting for E..its my favorite ..

E for Etched in Memory

Ann Bennett said...

Letter E, here I come.
Hey, It's Ann visiting from A to Z So Much to Choose From and
Science Ladybug

Menaka Bharathi said...

Here is letter E - guiding you to grow your own organic vegetables
Launching SIme Organics

*Menaka Bharathi *


Jayashree Srivatsan said...

jaishvats - E for Egg

Unknown said...

Continuing through the Bible with the Letter E: Eutychus

#AtoZChallenge: Letter E

Anita Sabat said...

Life has so many exams! How do you prepare for them?
My short poem-
'Exams' #AtoZChallenge

Lancelot Quadras said...

NAME - Lancelot Quadras
BLOG - One Mind, A Million Thoughts
LINK - E is for Eisegesis

shalz75 said...

Emu & the Entrepreneur
I am writing about the funny stuff, the unforgettable moments and those once in a life time experiences that happen during travel.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Each day I’m doing a post of random topics based on homeschooling files I’m going through and decluttering.
Today’s topic: Earth Day, Easter, and Etiquette.

Radhika said...

Hi all,
Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts


Jamie said...

The holidays of April is my #AtoZchallenge Theme.

Plan Your Epitaph Day

Pat Holloway said...

Theme - photography

Debbie D. said...

Over the hump! ☺
My theme is Musical Memories. Going live at 12:01 A.M. EDT
Latest Post: EPITAPH: Getting high on the music

XmasDolly said...

XmasDolly my second year and I chose "Music from the Heart"! Big hugs to all and thank you. :)

Mrs. Estrada said...

Theme of Writerly Identity, Discovery and getting back into blogging.

E for Edge, E for Essay, and E or Easier

Veronica @ Anything Veronica

Unknown said...

Hello Friends,
I am Sneha from Life as a Potpourri and this is my second year into #AtoZChallenge and am talking about my hometown the
Amazing Andamans And my 5th postvery close to my heart, it's my Experience of Scuba Diving (my first)
Happy blogging :)
~~ gal from the island ~~

Unknown said...

Today's E for post is a short quiz to help you find out whether you are a blogging expert, and how you can be one!

Click here to read the post!

A Tarkabarka Hölgy said...

E in the Folktale Motif Index stands for "The Dead."
As far as the afterlife goes, there would be worse ways to spend it...
Weird Things in Folktales - Ghost rides giant demijohn

Wolf of Words said...

E is for Electrical Malfunction. Today is a flash fiction day at Wolf of Words which has two links to my life through the lens of science fiction.

Madhumita Phukan said...

E is for 'That Endless Summer Night'

Linky : LINK
Theme : Imagination and Reality..

Anonymous said...


Geethica said...

Motivation is taken to the next level when encouragement is accompanied along with it.Read on my next post on

Christine O Cheallaigh said...

I've got my E entry up already:


Anna Tan said...

Here's The Princess and the Egalitarian Eel

And here's a very cute Eel

Debby said...

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to post your link or url in the comments.

Unknown said...

Writing got you down? Come have a laugh!

26 Things To Hate About Writing: E is for Edits

Abbie said...

The Abbie
Abbie’s Adventure Diaries
Theme: Lessons Learned At 30
E for ‘Expect Nothing From Anyone’

Linda Stewart said...

Linda Stewart
Blog Name: QP & Eye
A-Z Theme: Values
Letter E: Elevate - Check in with My Word for this Year

Anonymous said...

my favourite food today :)

Josie Two Shoes said...

Name/Blog: Josie Two Shoes
A to Z Theme: "Circle of Hope" - Stories about the women in a small Midwest town
Letter E: Erica's Story

Neha said...

A micro tale about a little girl and how she discovers a beautiful relation in unexpected people
E- E-Ecstatic

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

Exuberantly exploring....well, everything! =D

Slices of an Unschooling Life
Indie Writer, Mom-in-Chief, and Joyful Learning Facilitator
Shan Jeniah's Lovely Chaos

cutiebootie said...

E is for erasing horrible punctuation (a.k.a. my ultimate superhero)

My blog has adult content.

Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

Name: Cynthia Rodrigues
Blog: A Few Drops Of Ink
Theme: Exotic Words with no English Equivalent
Link: Erklarungsnot and Extrawunsch: Exotic Words with no English Equivalent

Chris Votey said...

Character Astrology Profiles

E - Eagle (Capricorn + Dragon)

Chicky Kadambari said...

My post for today @ A to Z of Happiness: Explore

L.G. Keltner said...

L.G. Keltner
Writing Off the Edge
E is for Endless

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi everyone, today I am alliterating a sentence with the letter E. Thanks for the feedback so far - I have had a lot of fun making these videos!

Absolutely Amazing Alliteration

Operation Awesome said...

The Theme at Operation Awesome is the Publishing Journey.
E is for Eye-catching Covers: 9 Tips on Finding a Great Book Designer

Ritika Tiwari said...

Evening Landscape with Rising Moon by Vincent Van Gogh

Back with a new Van Gogh painting!

Vinodini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vinodini said...




Unknown said...

Name: David Jesson
Blog: A back of the envelope calculation
AtoZ theme: Materials Science underpinning fiction.
Today's post - E is for Elof's Sword

Noah Dietz said...

Decided to stay up late enough to get my "E" post in before the crowd. 1:30 am here.
Song a Day
E is for Evanescence

JazzFeathers said...

Name: JazzFeathers (Sarah Zama)
Blog: The Old Shelter
A to Z Theme: 1940s Film Noir
Letter E: Expressionism sought to depict reality by disrupting it

Calensariel said...

Yesterday's was a hard one, but maybe today you can "Name That TV Show!"

Impromptu Promptlings
A to Z Challenge Letter E

Miss Andi said...

Today on my Journey To Courageous Living E is for Exhorted to the limelight by a hat come, check it out.

ElenaSquareEyes said...

Today on my list of favourite things at ElenaSquareEyes, E is for Emma Garland aka my other new favourite character from my new favourite show that was unfortunately cancelled after just one series >:(

Mr Percy Pig said...

We're doing our favourite things at George's Guinea Pig World - come and see what it is for E!
Mr Percy Pig

Mary B said...

Name: Mary Burris
Blog: Jingle Jangle Jungle
Theme: #AtoZChallenge 1970's Billboard Hits
#AtoZChallenge 1970's Billboard Hits - E is for...

Sophie Duncan said...

Good morning, E already! :)
Dragon Diaries - E is for Eardwulf

Unknown said...

Secrets theme
Decadent Kane Visiting from the A-Z Challenge
Paranormal Romance Author

Shweta said...

Hi everyone. I'm Shweta and I write tiny tales which are essentially very short stories. Here's my post E for Everything and yet nothing :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hilary of Positive Letters ... I'm onto E for Extinct:

Afshan Shaik said...

E for Estuary

Unknown said...

E for Eternal love
100 words of verse
My everyday banters in my tin(y)sel town

Claire Annette said...

E is for Egypt - join me on a field trip to ancient library on today's Field Trip Life Library Love a-z challenge post

E is for Egypt

Natasha said...


Travel Epiphanies:
Entranced by My Roots

Ipsita Banerjee said...

Desserts E.

Ipsita Banerjee said...


Michelle Wallace said...

In Darkness Be Light!
Sharing stories of acts of courage and belief – “ripples” – is a powerful way to inspire ourselves and others in the midst of challenges, and to help generate more acts of courage and belief.
Writer In Transit

Ashmita from Chaoticsoulzzz said...

Hi All,

Chaoticsoulzzz have managed to write Day 5 as well!

Here's the link:

Love to all!!!

An@mi said...

Hello all, I am Anami.
Twitter handle - Just_Anami
My blog - Bl0g@NaMi
My post for letter E - EGO

Anonymous said...

My Lifeblood Songs
Everybody Hurts
Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

Shwetha Krish said...

Name: Shwetha
Blog: ShoepenLens
E for Experience. My adventurous experience...

Unknown said...

Festivals bring along fun & joy. But why do we need them to be happy??? Let's celebrate life everyday!!!
By Mocktail mommy Anagha.

Nick Wilford said...

Scattergun Scribblings
Black & White Snippets: Short scenes featuring characters, places and concepts from my forthcoming YA dystopian trilogy
E is for Ez
Ez wonders if anyone else feels the same as her.

Wendy of the Rock said...

Today's entry could make you a millionaire
E = Eyeball entrepreneur

Unknown said...

E post ... from the theme "Letters to Daughter".

- Extra can make you Extraordinary.

Mail Adventures said...

Name: Eva
Blog: Mail Adventures
#AtoZ Theme: Postcards
Letter E: Eatery. Where did free postcards go?

Tasha Duncan-Drake said...

Hello :) Hope everyone is enjoying the AtoZ - here is my post for E

E is for Evil-Lyn & Captain Etienne of Navarre
Tasha's Thinkings - Shapeshifters and Werewolves

SENCO Cat Herder said...

My theme for this year's Challenge is very short poems based on my experiences as both a teacher and pupil.
Hope to see you soon :)

AJ said...

Namratha said...

Come celebrate 'Women & their work' all this month on my blog
A small dedication to a life-long educator: E for Education for all

messymimi said...

Entrances are today's theme. Today, a Six Sentence Story episode.

Iain Kelly said...

Name: Iain Kelly
Blog: Iain Kelly Writing

Day 5 of my crime thriller: E is for EGG

Hope everyone is still enjoying the challenge!

Sara C. Snider said...

Fall asleep under the elder tree to dream of fairy lands.

Theme: Magical and Medicinal Herbs
Today’s Post: Elder

Bob Scotney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob Scotney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Musings said...

Letter E

Jemima Pett said...

A Thursday haiku for you :)
Jemima on Environment

Bob Scotney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharon Himsl said...

E for Enheduanna

"Female Scientists Before Our Time"

Gossip_Grl said...

I have an addiction blog. MY post today is about the Tangled Web of the Enabler

Unknown said...

I'm cross stitching my way through the challenge with a Buffy The Vampire Slayer alphabet. E is for Ex-Demon
Ros from Fangirl Stitches

FinnBadger said...

Blogging mail art from A to Z

Phillip | E is for Envelope Exchange

Anonymous said...

Ezra's story

Sue from Sue's Trifles

ViolaFury said...

Hi! Homeless Chronicles in Tampa - Letter "E" - Empanadas!

Sayanti Deb said...

Name: Sayanti Deb
Blog: The Beauty Of Life
A to Z Theme: Exploring The Beauty Of Living.
Letter E: Ecstasy is an addiction. Choice is your, whether you achieve it by meditation or by the street-side drugs.

Suzy said...

A little poetry a little prose
Suzy at Someday Somewhere - Expectations can ... is today's thought

Sumoflam said...

Here we go with Day 5! href="">E is for Enjoy the Ride!

Ishieta@Isheeria said...

Continueing the AToZofHealing in this challenge.

"*Ishieta @ Isheeria's*

AtoZofHealing - E is for Essential Oil

I am also dabbling in some dark poetry creativeness on: Link

Oliver said...

Embracing who I am (or at least trying to)

Sumoflam said...

Here we go with Day 5! E is for Enjoy the Ride!

archana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
archana said...

Exhausted, Envious and Empty Feeling.. Empowering thoughts to enlighten you from Eckart Tolle

Thats a lot of E's.. do check out my post

Manisha said...

Manisha from The Nimble Mime
A to Z Theme: Flash Fiction

Letter E: Ending Soon

Preethi Venugopala said...

Letter E is here: Exploding a Moment

Donna Smith said...

Vanity Plates in Maine - A Plate of E with a poem on the side.
Donna Smith
Mainely Write

Karen Lynn said...

For the letter E, I have Greek resistance fighters in World War II.
Ethniko Apelfterotiko Metopo/

Clare said...

Blog: Clare Dugmore Writes
Theme: The A-Z of Romance
E is for Exes

Cathy Kennedy said...

Hello fellow A2Zers! Are you having fun yet? I hope so and while you out there checking out all the cool "E" posts today, I invite y'all to stop in for my latest Art Sketching Through the Alphabet with the letter "E" (elephant, eagle, elk)! Have an electric day a2zing!

Blikachuka said...

I am blogging about books I read before I started the blog:

change your thinking

Jz said...

E is for Effort

Unknown said...

Hi, Today's post: E is for Eyes
Please follow the link below:

The Unknown Journey Ahead said...

Good morning! Eyeglasses, for my brother in law, can be a challenge.

Unknown said...

E is for Egypt in my LEGO themed post of the day!
True North Bricks - E is for Egypt

Amelia said...

Malaysian festivals!

M. Denise C. said...

"E" is for:

Eton College

Cheers, MDC

Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

Some creatures, monsters, Fae and other things are immortal. But is there a way to be everlasting without turning into a monster? Folklore holds the answer.
Everlasting monsters, creatures and Fae

Alana said...

My 2700th post, and a small city called Endicott

Lisa said...

Rockin' thru the challenge.....
"E" hair band songs #atozchallenge

Tamara said...

"Exercise for Energy" is on today's #AtoZChallenge blog post:

cheryl lennox said...

Elephant batiks...

Unknown said...

In today's unusually strange tale, the opening night for a much anticipated play has a surprising first act: Exit Stage Left

Girl Who Reads said...

MK French takes on E with a children's book in English and Espanol at Girl Who Reads

Bob Scotney said...

E for Englefield

Beth Lapin said...

Peaceful Energy radiates from me. Affirmations for a Good Life.

Narinder Bhatia said...

My blog is tiled Create Your Best.
My fifth post of the AtoZ Challenge - E for Emotions - E is for EMOTIONS

Anonymous said...

Ria here talking about Endings. :)

clicky clicky here

Linda Gardiner said...

Eco Dyeing today as my Building an Artful Life theme continues.
Natural Dyes

Laura Clipson said...

Here's my E post, Evil in storytelling:

E is for Evil

Darcy said...


Rhea said...

In a valiant effort to humiliate myself by sharing little kid pictures.... E is for Easter Dresses.

Unknown said...

All through A-Z I will be posting pieces from my introspection of twenties. Read the slices from my life in twenties. E is for Easy, Take it Easy
E for Easy

Susan said...

Encourage your young adult children to be overcomers



Color Me Writing

Susanne Matthews said...

Today I'm talking about Echoes. LINK

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. said...

Are your leaders providing energy to the organization?

Energizing The Organization

Rajlakshmi said...

Travel with me to this gorgeous waterfall
Empress Falls

The one with weird legs
Weird Leg Pose

Unknown said...

E for Elephants,Evolution, Extinction

KatyTrailCreations said...

Stephanie Finnell
@randallbychance from
Katy Trail CreationsLetterE

Trudy said...

Theme: Food in Film, with today’s starring role: Eggplants

Trudy @ Reel Focus

Shelley N Greene said...

Theme - Scrapbooking - E is for EMBELLISHMENTS

The Comparative Narrative - Shelley N. Greene

Heather M. Gardner said...

Challenge accepted. :)

The Waiting is the Hardest Part
Theme: Everything, Nothing & Stuff In-between
Letter: E is for Exhausted.
Co-Host, 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

Denise said...

I'm going high up in Rotterdam.
Denise at My Life in Retirement Euromast Tower, Rotterdam

Anonymous said...
E is for London Eye

Deeksha Shetty said...

Cheesy and funny Short story for Alphabet 'E'!

BLOGPOST URL : Email from Amit!

BLOG URL : Vilaythi Desi Girl

Happy Blogging!!

Molly of Molly's Canopy said...

Blog - Molly’s Canopy (family history/genealogy)
Theme - Whispering Chimneys: My Altamont childhood...where my genealogy journey began.
Today's post - E is for Elephants, Mastodons and Local Excursions


Molly’s Canopy

Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings... said...

Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings...
'92 Time Capsule

Come by and check out my daily unearthing of artifacts and memories from the year 1992!

E is for End of the Road & Elvis

Charan Deep Singh said...

Name: Charandeep Singh
Blog: Free Spirit
E : Engineering
The post is about my engineering years

ridhiik said...

hi my topic for the alphabet E is EGO

Look forward to having you over


Vidya Sury said...

E is for Exercise for energy, right at your desk

E is also for Eat breakfast and Engage

Shari Elder said...

Theme: Crafting Complex Villains
Letter E: Ernst. Ernst Blofeld
Shari Elder Author: Life’s a Story, Write it Bold

C.E. Flores said...

Name: CTdeF
Blog: Surviving Mexico Adventures and Disasters
A to Z Theme: A to Z reasons why La Yacata is the place to be WTSHTF (When the Sh*t hits the Fan)
Letter E: EMP strike! What to do? Come to La Yacata!

Weekends in Maine said...

Here is a link to my post for E from my blog Weekends in Maine. Thanks for visiting! E is for Eagre Games| Get ready to experience the dreamworld of ZED.

Laura @ Literacious said...

E is for Education, I bet you didn't know librarians need a Master's Degree!

Celia Reaves said...

Quick and fun haiku puzzles! Try to guess the word, starting with E, that is suggested by today's haiku. Find my puzzles at WordWacker.

Unknown said...

Today at, "E" is for effort!

vaishali sabnani said...

I have a food blog and I shall be doing A-Z baking this year .They will be all egg free cakes .

Anonymous said...

E is for Elaphoglossum trilobate & Epidendrum gnomus

Trin Carl said...

E is for Ernest Hemingway

Sharon E. Cathcart said...

E is for Earthquake Cottages

Sharon E. Cathcart
Award-winning Author of Fiction Featuring Atypical Characters

Jo Hawk said...

More positive posts on emotions with today's letter E is for Exuberant

Jo Hawk The Writer

Emily in Ecuador said...

My Life in Ecuador

Earthquake - The night a 7.8 shook Ecuador

My experience the night a massive earthquake shook Ecuador almost one year ago.

Ila Varma said...

Anne E.G. Nydam said...

A-Z of printmaking artists: E is for Fritz Eichenberg

lissa said...

here is my E post:
about 'Everything' - the album by the band The Bangles

have a lovely day everyone.

Novemberschild said...

day 5
alphabet E

Claudia Bookwright said...

For E day, it's a movie review of National Geographic's 'Extreme Weather'

Carolyn Astfalk said...

E is for Ectopic Pregnancy

Carolyn Astfalk
My Scribbler’s Heart

Dena Pawling said...

Supreme Court cases that changed life in the US
E is for Evidence Excluded

Isa-Lee Wolf said...

I'm totally addicted to this show. Come on, you know you want to be too!
A to Z Challenge: Entertainment! TV Talk>

Isa-Lee Wolf

A Bit 2 Read

Beth in IL said...

E is for Elderberry LINK
E is for enjoyment LINK

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