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Monday, July 3, 2017

July Traditions

Happy Independence Day America!

The A to Z challenge is American based, but has participants from around the world.

A list of July traditions in my neck of the woods:

  • A is for Autosports— Racing vehicles at the track or smashing vehicles at a demolition derby are both popular around here in July.
  • B is for BBQ— Having barbeque made on a barbecue is popular because food cooked over fire just tastes better.
  • C is for Cloud watching— Look! Up in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a dragon, it's... clouds are weird and awesome. Staring at them is fun.
cloud image @JLenniDorner from #atozchallenge July Traditions post
  • D is for Dancing in the sunshine— People love to soak up the rays. (Hopefully while using SPF protection.)
  • E is for Eating summer treats— There are some foods that taste better in July (watermelon), and some that are only available during this time of year (Rita's Italian Ice).
  • F is for Fireworks— The best, brightest, boldest, and biggest fireworks displays in my area take place on America's Independence Day.
  • G is for Game nights— Families and friends are more inclined to gather for nights of board, card, or yard games.
  • H is for Hiking— It's the time of year when people take to the trails.
  • I is for Iced drinks— Tea, coffee, juice... every drink seems to have ice added.
  • J is for Jubilant gatherings— July and August have the highest number of birthdays around here. Not that it's the only reason people get together.
  • K is for Kite flying— On any day with sun and some wind, there are people flying kites at local parks.
  • L is for Lightning bug chasing— Also called fireflies, these cute beetles have bioluminescence in their backsides.
  • M is for Movie marathons— It's the time of year when people suggest watching a whole series. (This should be a "Netflix and Binge" category. The streaming boxset!)
  • N is for Neighborhood volunteering— Mowing the lawn for an elderly neighbor, teaching someone about planting flowers, picking up a carton of milk for a friend... part of July is about giving back to the community.
  • O is for Outdoor sleeping— Camping in tents, RV campers, or just with a blanket under the stars. July is a popular month for people to leave their domicile for a night or two.
  • P is for Pasta or potato salad— The hotter it gets, the less people want hot food. Pasta salad or potato salad are great alternatives (as long as they are kept cool).
  • Q is for Quiet reflection— July is when people around here are most inclined to take a break to meditate.
take a break to meditate #atozchallenge @JLenniDorner July Traditions post
  • R is for Reading— It's a popular time to curl up with a good book!
  • S is for S'mores— Roast a marshmallow over the fire. Then trap it between two graham crackers and piece of chocolate candy (such as a Hershey bar).
  • T is for Traveling— It's the time of year that folks pack up to go visit other folks or fun places.
  • U is for Understanding nature— So much of modern life keeps people indoors. July is a popular month to get back in touch with nature and all she has to teach us.
  • V is for Volleyball— This is a popular summer sport, best played in the sand.
  • W is for Water fun— Pools, water parks, lawn sprinklers, lakes, rivers, the ocean... July is when people rediscover just how fun water can be.
  • X is for X-rays resulting from over doing it— Common July injuries come from people ignoring limitations.
  • Y is for Yelling at kids on the lawn— Without fail, there is someone in the neighborhood who is yelling at kids on the lawn. (Usually the kids are children, but I have now seen two people yelling at young goats...)
  • Z is for Zoo trips— This is also a popular time of year to head to the zoo or game preserve to learn more about animals.

What are the July traditions in your area?

I'm seeking A to Z participants who have recently done something "spotlight worthy" (getting a big publishing deal, winning the rodeo championship, landing a part in a movie, setting a Guinness World Record, etc etc etc). If you'd be willing to be interviewed for this blog, please get in touch with me! Thanks.

by J Lenni Dorner
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  1. This is Great, thanks for sharing and Happy 4th of July:


  2. What a lovely list you have here. Makes me add some to my to-do fun list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Arlee is rock! Thanks! Happy Independence Day!

  4. Terrific list! Captures everything wonderful (except maybe x-rays - those aren't necessarily wonderful).

  5. Hi JL - just July being July ... it's great with all the things going on - cheers Hilary

  6. That's a great list!

  7. I like "U" - understanding nature. Summer is a good time to get outside and explore the great outdoors.

  8. Regarding Y: Did the goats listen? They may have been saving the person yelling some time by eating their grass for them. Less mowing!

    1. They were goats of the neighbor. And no, I wouldn't call what they were doing "listening." It was more of what happens after goats eat grass.


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