Monday, March 25, 2024


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Sign-up for the challenge!

The ONLY way to officially sign-up for the 2024 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge is by filling out that form before April 7, 2024.
That's it. There is no other website or other blog hop page used. Sign up by filling out that Google form.
(The theme reveal was a seperate blog hop, a sort of teaser trailer to get readers excited about some of the partcipants. But to sign up for the actual challenge, a blogger must fill out the above form.)

Your blog name is what you call your blog.
The author's name is who writes the blog. This is probably your name- the name you want readers to call you when commenting.
Your blog link should take readers directly to your blog. Please check it. Have a friend check it.
***This is a blog hop! We ask that anyone who signs up has a blog where any and all participants can comment (without logging in, signing up, emailing, etc).
If your blog cannot offer that, this hop might not be for you.

Another way the #AtoZChallenge helps to drive traffic to your blog is by asking your theme category. A theme is not required. There are options if you have no theme. Knowing the main topics likely to be covered by your blog in April intrigue readers and increase the odds readers will visit your blog. Here's what the options look like.
#AtoZChallenge 2024 Theme list

The point of the #AtoZChallenge is both to test yourself to create an (English 26-letter) alphabet worth of posts using and inspired by the letter of the day on Mondays thru Saturdays in April, as well as to "hop" to as many other blogs in the challenge and leave comments on the A to Z posts found there. This grows our blogging community and creates connections.
That is why the Master List has a space for comments. So, when you take a copy of the master list for yourself, you can track which blogs you've left comments on.
The A to Z Challenge was created in the United States, and the website is based there, where the legal age of adulthood and consent is 18. Thus, if your blog has adult content, we must ask that you note it. This helps protect the community, as this is an all-ages event. Please help us keep the blog hop safe and legal.
Some bloggers are writers and will present a story that is meant to be read in order. If this applies to your plans, please indicate as such on the form so readers know where to start.
Think about your hop plans. Visiting others is half the challenge!
It's 2024. We ask your pronouns so as to not misidentify anyone. We wish to show respect to participants. No one should suffer from bias, discrimination or hate.
We ask the first year of participation in the challenge. Some bloggers may have missed a few years. But many of us celebrate the time when we first found this challenge.
There are spaces for social media, if you'd like to share yours.
Some people (mostly Wordpress users) have a problem where they feel their comments post with a name other than the one they'd like, or one on the Master List. Making it more difficult for bloggers in the challenge to comment back.
The #AtoZChallenge is an International event. It's great to know how many countries we've reached!
And finally, we inite you to give a brief summary of your theme for April, if you have one.

Thirty-seconds to three hours (usually seconds, but we don't run Google!) after submitting the form, you should check the master list to be sure your blog is on it. Contact the team if there is a problem. Jayden will be watching and deleting duplicates and any fake entries.


Hop to as many blogs in the challenge as possible. Grow and strengthen the community.


Mary B said...

Tried to sign up.. but link gives invalid dynamic link error.

Gonz said...

Same here...

Mary B said...

Figured it out... the link is broken. One needs to copy/paste into new browser tab to get it to work.

jmd CREATIVE said...

I was not able to get it to work the way Mary B suggested but when I clicked on one of the participant images, it opened the form in a new tab / window. :)

i b arora said...

something not working, can't sign up

Kristin said...

Cut and paste worked for me.

D Kai Wilson-Viola said...

Hi guys. If you're struggling to sign up on click, it's because there's a space at the end of them (shown by %20). You can either copy and paste, or click and delete that bit.

Looking forward to seeing how everyone approaches the AtoZ!


Lisa said...

I've tried everything that's already been suggested, including trying multiple browsers. I can't even see the master list.
I'll keep trying!

Holly Jahangiri said...

Mary B's suggestion worked for me. Highlight (do not click) and CTRL+C to copy the whole link text:

Now open a NEW browser tab or window. In the address bar of the new tab or window, CTRL+V to paste that same text, exactly. Press the Enter key.

If that still does not work for you, try this link:

D Kai Wilson-Viola said...

Just to make it easier - here's the links: - sign up form - master list.

I hope this helps.


Alana said...

Thank you for the helpful comments on how to overcome the signup link error. I was able to sign up.

Pradeep Nair said...

I, too, faced a problem while clicking on the link for entering the Challenge as well as while clicking on the Master List link.
For both, I had to copy the link and paste it into a browser. That works.

Jayden R. Vincente said...

Sorry folks! The link had an extra character at the end, but we fixed it! Happy blogging! Don't forget to tell your friends to sign up!

Molly's Canopy said...

Oops...something went wrong and I ended up registering twice. Thanks in advance, Jayden, for removing the duplicate :-)

Alana said...

I don't believe it; another A to Zer discovered I had pasted in the link to the master link instead of the link to my blog when I signed up - aaargh. (Thank you to Lisa for alerting me!) I emailed Jayden and I can only hope she has the time to correct it because I'm sure she has 17,000 other (and better) things to do than to correct my mistake. Sigh....Alana

Pearson Report said...

Hi A-Z blogging team - could you take a minute and head to your Settings and click the HTTPS button to secure this blog site.

Thanks, Jenny

Donna Smith said...

It may just be my connection out on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, but The tinyurl goes nowhere or goes back to the .com page, not to any list. I did see Jayden's blog and that is where the link to the list of participants is working. It was difficult to get to the sign up page also, but I finally found a working link. Best check all your links. I was surprised to see there were fewer than 200 participants.

Nancy Hill said...

I put my blog in the wrong category. Women's Legacy Project should be in Memoir. How do I change it?