Saturday, April 6, 2024

You CAN Win the #AtoZChallenge 2024 ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ‰ Five Tips 5️⃣

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Welcome to the letter F. Don't fail now! We lose so many good bloggers by the second week of the challenge. It's hard to imagine keeping up the fast pace of the start for the whole month. Here are five tips for you:

  1.  Look out for negative thoughts and feelings. The little voice saying "I think you can't, I think you can't, I think you can't" doesn't own you. Acknowledge it and then reach for your goals anyway.
  2. The fact is that many of our bloggers do complete the challenge. Many do come up with an alphabet of blog posts in April. And the successful majority carve out time to visit and comment on at least 50 other blogs in the hop! There is a community here waiting to show you support and ready to help you achieve your social blogging goals.
  3. If you can picture yourself failing the challenge, you can also picture yourself winning the challenge. There are many possible scenarios. You can decide how this April will end.
  4. If thinking about the whole month or whole challenge gets to be too much, then focus on just one day. Create one blog post for the next letter, and then go hop to a handful of blogs. Find just an hour or just twenty minutes. Negative thoughts have to be on mute for a little. ⏲ Set a timer. ⏳
  5. What is the very BEST-CASE scenario for the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge for you and your blog? Find your goal! Maybe it's getting to display the winner's badge. Perhaps it's getting a certain number of comments, or leaving a given number of them. Maybe it's about improving your writing. Or proving to yourself that you can actually create a month of blog posts. Whatever would make you feel the BEST about completing the challenge, write that down and read it to yourself all month. Every time you want to quit, look at your reason to try, your stated desire, and imagine yourself achieving that goal. Consider how it will make you feel to be a winner.

You CAN do this! Please, ask any of our A to Z team members for help. We all have lots of experience and plenty of ideas to share. We want to celebrate with you during the reflection post in May. We love hearing stories of bloggers who achieved their goals during the challenge. 


Hop to as many blogs in the challenge as possible. Grow and strengthen the community.


Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

Not planning on failing now!

Ronel visiting for F: My Languishing TBR: F

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Today's post is a recap of something I am spending all of 2024 talking about.

Ganga said...

Ha, Successfully completed six days of blogging! Have visited a lot of new bloggers too. So here is my link.

Moonie said...

Absolutely - it is a great way to challenge your writing beyond the month. So many people convey: "I want to write a book." There is so much more writing (a book)than what goes into a month of blog posts. enjoy the people and the discipline. I'm in grad school at two Unis and am stepping out for minutes a day to do the A to Z!!!


Gonz said...

Failing? What does that mean? XD

"F is for the Silver Flame and the possibility of theocracies in fantasy"

(article in Spanish)

jabblog said...

Encouragement and self-belief will get most people through.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I plan on getting to the final Z post but it will definitely be a challenge. I am also finding new blogs to follow and enjoy once April ends, and that was my point in joining. Too many of my old blogging friends have moved on and I need to find new ones, because I've realized it's my favorite form of social media, whether it's popular or not.

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. said...

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