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\Team Damyanti 

Team Damyanti 
is :

Rosalind Adam
 from Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

Misha Gericke from My First Book
Mina Lobo from Some Dark Romantic
Pam Margolis from Unconventional Librarian 


Nicole's Happiness, Passion, Love & Faith

Sheila Siler, pondering life and all its many hats at Sheila Scribbles

Tami Von Zalez, who swoops into quality collectibles at Thrift Shop Commando

M.J. Joachim, helping you get those creative juices flowing at Writing Tips

Tina's Terrific Team!

AJ Lauer of  Naturally Sweet


Jolie Du Pre of Precious Monsters

JoJo of Tahoma Beadworks and Photography

PV Ariel, aka Philip of philipscom


Dani of Entertaining Interests
Jeanette of Jeanette S. Andersen
Julie of Julie Flanders
Terri of Scribbler's Sojourn

L. Diane Wolfe's Spunky Soldiers

 Laura Marcella  from Wavy Lines
Sia McKye from Sia McKye Over Coffee
Golden Eagle from The Eagle's Aerial Perspective
Clarissa Draper from Clarissa Draper 
Tyrean Martinson from Tyrean's Writing Spot

Ida Chiavaro from Reflex Reactions
Nancy LaRonda Johnson from Writer’s Mark 

Arlee Bird's A to Z Challenge Ambassadors for 2013:

Tim Brannan at   The Other Side  and his secondary blog that he co-runs Red Sonja: She Devil with a Sword .

Jaimie Ramsey at Living in the Light .

Yvonne Lewis at Yvonne's Poetry Corner   

Alana Garrigues at Writercize 

Alex's Ninja Minions

Matthew's Questionable Monks:

Jeremy's team "MINIONS: ASSEMBLE":

 Created by: Tara @ Tara Tyler Talks
and wonderfully designed I must add. 
Now I wanted to welcome my group of Minions that have graciously offered to help me in this time of April... where the world needs heroes and heroes I got... I can only say "MINIONS: ASSEMBLE"! -Jeremy [Retro]


Maryannwrites said...

So glad to be part of your team, Jeremy. It has been great to meet the other team members and see so many terrific blog sites. And of course meeting new friends is always an extra perk. :-)

Michelle Wallace said...

Wow! What a great line-up!
*waving hello to all*

Anonymous said...

I'm pretending to have a method to my madness of visiting (and sometimes following) A to Z blogs. This weekend was for Craft Blogs. I think I've visited all of them, so now I'll check out the cool people helping make this challenge work. It may take more than this weekend. :)

M.C.V. EGAN said...

Thans to all of you or making aril such a fun month. You are all fantastic!

Ida Thought said...

Thank you Lee and everyone, this challenge has taken me to places I never expected to get to - I added a link to this page in my Reflections A to Z Challenge 2013, so hopefully people will remember to check out all of you. Thanks for adding my name to the list, even though I didn't have to do much, my portion of the list was gone the last week, but it was still a rewarding experience, that I will gladly offer to assist for next year.

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. said...

Very happy to see the congratulations message on my blog for completing the challenge successfully from Yvonne A to Z AMBASSADOR. Shall participate in the challenge next year also. Keep it up.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi Arlee And Team.
I really missed this post.
I am so sorry to note this,
I think many of the members too missed this wonderful info,
Anyways I found this today while on my road trip today LOL
I am posting a small info about this in my space at Philipscom
Keep us inform
Best Regards
Philip @ Philipscom
An ambassador to A to Z Challenge @ Tina's Life is Good
And My Bio-blog

Ananya said...

I wanna Thank all YOU guys, for putting in ur time and energy for this challenge :)