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Monday, August 19, 2013

How Many Books Have Resulted from the A to Z Challenge?

         I've been wondering how many books have come about as a direct result of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge?    We should probably start keeping track--maybe create a special page on this site to promote them.   I know there have been quite a few since the Challenge began in 2010.

          When I first put out the call to join me in blogging through the alphabet in April of 2010, coming up with an A to Z inspired book was not something I even thought of.   A few participants such as Damyanti and Doris Plaster caught on quick and put out books based on their A to Z posts.   Later I ran across some others who also used the A to Z as a publishing catalyst.  Unfortunately I negligently failed to keep track of those authors.

         Subsequent Challenges have seen outpourings of even more books.  Some I've heard about, while others will catch my attention after the fact when I happen to run across them.  What I do know is that the Blogging from A to Z Challenge has been instrumental in getting many interesting and unique books in the marketplace.

        We'd like to hear from you if you have authored one of these books.  You can use this blog as a forum for getting word out about your A to Z inspired book.  Let us know if you'd like to submit a guest post about your book.  Tell us about how you went about putting your book together and what kind of response you received.

       Or perhaps you are considering doing an A to Z book in a future Challenge.  We'd like to hear your thoughts about that as well.   The concept of A to Z inspired books is of interest to many who have participated in a past Challenge or plan to participate in a future one.

         If you've already published an A to Z project, please let us know in the comments and provide links for more information and maybe we can compile the list for reader reference.

          Next Monday August 26th we will be joined by Pam Williams whose A to Z Devotions for Writers was recently released.   Be sure to return to hear her story about how the book came about.

          Have you published a work based on your experience with the A to Z Challenge?   Have you thought about putting one together?   Can you think of any books that have been the direct result of Blogging from A to Z?

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