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Monday, February 4, 2013

This Is the Place for #atozchallenge News!

Blog Topics    

     Do you ever get the feeling of deja vu at the Blogging from A to Z Blog?  Why do we repeat topics?  Why do all of us bloggers repeat topics?  Maybe sometimes it's because they bear repeating.

     I realize you may have seen more than one blog post about Word Verification, Following, Social Media, and many others.  I've also seen these topics on some of your blogs.  In fact today on my blog Tossing It Out I've got still another post about Blog Comments.

      Why do we all do it?  It's because there are new bloggers out there who don't know about some of these things and there are still old bloggers who haven't gotten the message apparently.

       So please bear with us because we may be repeating things we've said before.  We may do it here and the co-hosts may do it on their own blogs.  And we certainly don't mind if you take on some of these topics as well.  If something needs to be said, let's say it!

Thank You A to Z'ers!

        We try to keep an eye out for those of you who help to promote the A to Z April Challenge and we periodically recognize those who have caught our attention with special promotional efforts.  We encourage you to do whatever you can to get the word out about the April Challenge so we can get more participants joining in the fun.

         Some of the things you can consider is shouting out on all the social media platforms, posting notices, contacting your newspapers, doing radio or TV interviews, and holding up signs on street corners.  Be creative!  Send us links, stories, or pictures that tell us about your efforts and we'll put them up on the A to Z Blog site.  

        Here are some of the wonderful bloggers who featured the A to Z Challenge on special blog posts:

       A to Z Opening day saw plenty of blog announcements including one from Scribbles From Jenn.

Halls of the Nephilim was one of the sites that actually put up the Linky list for sign-ups.

Sophey Says she saw the A to Z links on Twitter which just goes to show the effectiveness of the tweets.   Keep on tweeting about the Challenge people!

 Returning for another year of A to Z is Catherine Ensley's Words World and Wings.

As is Heather at Stretching My Wings -- Welcome back!

Nicki at Off the Beaten Plan described her intent for April.  Sounds like she'll have her hands full with a real Challenge to herself.

Shannon at Moments of Introspection provided a big send off to help start the Challenge sign-ups.

Tim Brannan is a Challenge veteran and knows how things roll with us.  Thanks, Tim, for helping to promote opening day on your blog The Other Side.

Also returning for another year is John at The Sound of One Hand Typing.  He put in a nice plug for this April's Challenge.

Alana from Writercize is also back for another go at the A to Z.   In a recent post where she gave the Challenge a promo she also included a link to the very nice story she did about me last year.

If you're still trying to decide whether or not to join in the A to Z event, pop on over to Raising the Curtain to see if that post convinces you.

Connie at Peanut Butter and Whine linked to the Challenge in her announcement to join up.

Another blogger returning for the A to Z fun is Patricia Stoltey, who offered some helpful tips about the Challenge at her blog Patricia Stoltey.

Jennifer at A Creative Exercise also called out for the cause of the A to Z.

A special A to Z post was offered at the blog Pouffia--another first timer for the Challenge.

Tami at Thrift Shop Commando let her A to Z intents be known to the world.

If I weren't doing the A to Z Challenge already, Mina at Some Dark Romantic would have convinced me with her great post about why one should do the April Challenge.

       I'm sure there are many more of you who provided special posts and we thank you for them.  We'll try to keep up with all of you, but we're sure you'll understand the magnitude of catching every one of your posts and listing them on this site.   Don't let that stop you!  Keep promoting the A to Z.

Special Co-Host Announcement:
      Damyanti, at her blog Daily (W)rite, has an offer of featuring books for authors during the #atozchallenge.    She still has a few openings.

     Here's what Damyanti has to say:   "Basically, I’m going to feature excerpts from 26 books with Titles beginning from the 26 letters of the alphabet. These could be books I have fallen in love with, or books by friends whose work I would recommend."

        If you have a book you'd like to have included go to Daily (W)rite for more information.

Be sure not to miss a single post at the A to Z Blog or you might be missing something you need to know.  Even if we do sometimes repeat ourselves.

       Will you be doing a feature post on your blog about the Challenge?    Can you think of some other ways to get the word out to bloggers about the A to Z?   What are some topics you'd like to see covered on this blog?    

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