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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for HOPE

Hey there, hi there, ho there!  How are you doing? Yesterday you may have been GO GO GO with AJ, but a lot can change in a day.  I learned this the hard way.

We can be cruising along, all is fine, email is under control, we're getting our posts done, though at the last minute and under the wire and not without stress, but it's working.  We're even finding time to return comments!  Visit friends!

Then BAM.  Up against a wall.  Something in life derails us, and we feel hopeless, and like giving up.  It may be a sudden problem at work , it may be a crisis with a child, or it may be a health situation.

Now all looks bleak.  You can't do this anymore.  You're too far behind to catch up. You missed a post or two.  You didn't visit. Email is backed up.

Don't give up!  There's always HOPE.  There's always tomorrow.  Write the next letter.  Get it up there!  Look forward, not back.  Missing one or two isn't the end of the world nor will it cause you to "lose" The Challenge.

This whole crazy undertaking is about the journey, and as in life, we find pot-holes, construction, detours, we might even get lost.  We need to go around them, wait for it, follow the signs, and ask for directions.  Your co-hosts are here to help.

We HOPE you know that!  Now get out there and post!

~Tina, who is not going to be counting how many posts you wrote in April, but did you make it to the end?  I have HOPE in you.