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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Woohoo! Almost survived the #atozchallenge!

Can I get a Woohoo?!

Y'all, Way to go! Only three more days of the Challenge. You've almost made it!

At the end of the Challenge here, I'd like to take a moment to thank my wHooligan team. Hopefully many of you have met my wHooligans, but if you haven't, here's a great chance! Stop by and thank these lovely ladies for all the work they've done to make the Challenge a welcoming place :)

Shilpa Garg @shilpaagarg
LuAnn Braley @kentuckygal
Geetika Gupta @Geetika0718

Have a fantastic last few days of the Challenge, everyone! We're so impressed by the comaraderie, support, creativity, and general awesome'ness you all have exhibited this month!

Keep an eye out for my end-of-Challenge survey, coming soon to the email address you used to sign up for the Challenge :)

~co-host AJ Lauer's theme this year is a choose-your-own-adventure that relies upon visitor comments to be successful! She's made it this far writing EVERY DAY of the Challenge. Stop by, share some love, and cast your vote for the ending!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


We're almost there!

This is just a quick hello, we hope you're (still) having fun, and here's a little earworm for your Saturday. Give yourself a big WOOHOO for making it almost the whole way through the Challenge! We've said it a lot of times, but it bears repeating: we are SO glad you all decided to participate, and that you've stuck with us through this amazing month of A to Z madness.

Enjoy your well-earned day off tomorrow. Rest up and let's finish strong!

~ the Co-Hosts