Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Fun Factor of the A to Z Challenge

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           There are a number of reasons to join in with the many bloggers who will be Blogging from A to Z in April 2012.  One of the most often cited reasons is that it's fun.

            We definitely don't want to overlook the fun factor of Blogging from A to Z .   In fact according to most past participants this is the number one reason to join the Challenge in April.   However there are others that we'll be looking at in the weeks to come.  But for now we'll focus on the fun.

            Most of you bloggers probably think of blogging as a fun activity.  It's even more fun when a group of bloggers join together in a mutually participatory event.   I think of Blogging from A to Z as so much more than the typical blogfest.  I see the Challenge as a Mega Blog Event--a triathlon for bloggers.  A blogger Olympics.

           April is when the real versatility of the blogging community will be showcased.  But don't worry.  No pressure here.   We're going to have fun blogging.  If you haven't been a part of the past A to Z Challenges then 2012 will be the time to join.  Who knew blogging could be so much fun?

           Be sure to click the Friend Connect button at the top of the sidebar if you haven't done so yet.  We want to get an idea of what to expect in April.   It's only five months away and will be here before you know it.

           To those of you who participated in a previous A to Z Challenge, did you have fun doing it?  What in your opinion is the number one most important aspect of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge?



Miranda Hardy said...

I didn't join in this past year, but I enjoyed everyone's posts. It was a lot of fun.

Sue said...

Fun? Yes! I'm looking forward to next year, and as you say April will be here before we know it. Time to get that alphabet happening! Sue


I think I'm correct in saying Lee I was the first to sign up on the first A to Z, I had no idea what what to expect but wow I did have fun. The next one was even more fun as their were more participants. So all you doubting Thomas's out there please think about it , It is GREAT FUN.


Lisa said...

By May this year, I felt lonely and quiet, I missed April and I look forward to the next challenge. To me that was what it was, a great challenge.

Retired Knitter said...

Oh my yes, it was a total blast. I joined about 2 weeks in advance and I had the most fun thinking of topics to blog about. I brain stormed with myself. I'd write down the topics in a list, sometimes I would change them when I came up with another word that was better or quirkier. Then I would challenge myself again by trying to write a new about the word from a new perspective. Some letters were tough. But I love a challenge and eventually I had a complete set of the alphabet.

The biggest problem came the end of the month when my mom got sick and was hospitalized. I had about 5 scheduled posts ready so I didn't need to worry about falling behind at first, but the hospitalization was long and then there was rehab. So in the end I didn't finish on time with everyone else, but I did finish by the middle of May. I guess I could have dropped out, but that just wasn't me! The completing the event was part of the fun for me.

Of course, now, my goal is to pre-schedule as many of the posts as possible so that I can just visit, visit, visit the whole month.

If you are looking at these posts and responses now in October and you are thinking about joining ... do it! You have the time to prepare and it is just great fun.

Anonymous said...

Gosh there was so much of it that was fun....I didn't join for the challenge of blogging every day, I already did that. The fun was in coming up with something for every letter of the alphabet. It was also fun to read other peoples blogs and to get new followers myself.

Karen Lange said...

I did not participate last year but I did enjoy reading others' posts. :)

Sarah Tokeley said...

Next year will be my first time, everybody looked like they were having so much fun last time around that I just had to get involved :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It was a blast both years!!
Plugged it in my post yesterday, so hopefully a few more found this site.

kelly said...

I think I'm joined, or am going to join, although I'm scared I might miss it for not knowing how to join. If I'm getting these updates on my google home page, does that mean I've joined?

Also, would love to read a short description of what's involved. Or is part of the fun in not knowing ahead of time? I think I can guess, but would like to know for sure before committing.


The Kaizen Project said...

I thought it was great :) Made a few friends that I still enjoy reading today. Found lots of great blogs too.
I didn't plan before hand this year, just did it day by day, so next year I will have a plan well and truly before we start.

Blog Wobble aka Mercy's World

Arlee Bird said...

Great to see the support!

Kelly-- If you go to my Tossing It Out blog and click on the A to Z badge in the sidebar, it should take you to a page that explains about the A to Z. Actual sign ups won't start up until February 2012, but updates will be displayed on this A to Z site. Keep watching.


Patricia Stoltey said...

Yay! I've added this site to my Wednesday Scramble blog post tomorrow.

kate said...

I just discovered this challenge, and I think it may be just what I need to get a lot of content up on my new blog on the power of play. I look forward to planning this over the next few months.

Arlee Bird said...

Patricia-- Thanks for your help.

Kate -- Glad to have you join us.


Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

I had so much fun doing it last time. While it was a challenge to post that often, because everyone else was doing I really felt like a part of a community.

MISH said...

I participated in my first A-Z this year (I had only been blogging for about 4 months at that point), where I found tons of new blogs and had a blast. The most amazing thing about it, was the blogging community spirit... it has a distinct vibe where you feel you're a part of something extraordinary. I am definitely on board for next year.

Gyran Gymble said...

Last time I just made it in and had to come up with some posts off the top of my head. This time I might actually stick to one particular theme throughout.

Melissa Sugar said...

I started blogging after the challenge began last year. I read many of the entries and often felt left out. I remember wishing I had started blogging just a little sooner. I enjoyed reading the many entries. I am so psyched that you are doing it again and this time I will get to be part of it.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Arlee .. I had much more fun than I thought I would .. and was challenged to do slightly different posts.

I think it's great that you're actively promoting it and working out a way forward .. it's great to be a part of the team.

Cheers and have a good weekend if you're back in Ca .... Hilary

Arlee Bird said...

Thanks for the kudos and encouragement. I hope A to Z will continue to be fun for all.


alberta ross said...

oh yes more more - I had intended to write short a-z blogs last april - but when can i ever write short so was a haul but such fun - this year I will pre write more I think in case I get wordy once more!!! - mind buzzing with ideas cannot decide which way to gos - a plan or randomness well a few months yet maybe inspiration will hit

Alana said...

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

As far as a number one aspect of advice - I would highly recommend planning it out, leaving some room for inspiration, naturally. By the time you get around to Q and Z, your brain is half-fried and you'll appreciate a little note you've written to yourself prior to the challenge!

As far as the number one aspect overall - it really is cool to see how all different types of bloggers can approach one challenge and it's inspirational to go through it with hundreds (maybe thousands??) of other people!