Friday, May 18, 2012

Coming Soon...Friday Fun Time! Brought to You by Nicole

Lots of carefully alphabetized activities are in store for you all starting this month! Some of you are already familiar with me, either from my guest posts at Tossing It Out or by reading my blog, The Madlab Post. For those who may not have ever read my posts, however, here is a quick primer: I am a writer and filmmaker who sometimes publishes short movie reviews and helps other blog readers figure out whether they comment like Harry Potter or not. You can Get to Know more about me Here, if you’re really interested.

In the weeks to come, I will be hosting A to Z themed blog posts for your reading pleasure, every Friday. These posts will include word scramble games, detailed writing prompts to get you prepared for the next Blogging from A to Z Challenge and letter craft tutorials. Depending on the subject matter, each post will be a part of one of three series, unless otherwise noted. The Friday series includes:

Alphabet Soup - A word scramble game 

The Alphabet Remix - A to Z Challenge writing prompts 

Letter Play - Alphabet crafts, design and related DIY tips 

Now, answer me this...

What letters did YOU find the most difficult to blog about during this year’s 2012 A to Z Challenge? 

Happy blogging everyone!

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Jo said...

I was doing recipes and the most difficult for me was U.

Barbara said...

I thought X was a tricky one for this year's theme.... but I found a way around. Last year it was easier for me on both my blogs.

English Speaking Zone

Anonymous said...

I didn;t find an of the letters hard. Even Q and Z were fun. Having a theme helps too. I Googled "scientific words beginning with Q" and went from there.

Nicole said...


Nice to see a foodie from the A to Z Challenge! I'm not surprised that it's tough to come up with a U topic for recipes. This morning, I can't even think of one, except for maybe an alternative to UTZ potato chips, maybe?


X always gets's great that you found a way around that letter. It goes to show that there's always an option, even if we have to find unconventional methods to incorporate the letter into our blog posts :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Since I had a theme and it was my third time doing the Challenge, I didn't find any of the letters challenging. I was prepared!

Anonymous said...

K and Y rattled my chains.

Laura S. said...

Hmmm, I can't really remember! I planned my posts ahead, so I had plenty of time to write my posts for each letter. I guess X took the longest to come up with something.

Unknown said...

The most challenging letters for me were the ones with the most choices. Some letters had so many choices about what I wanted to write about in my theme that it was hard to chose :) Looking forward to Fridays and what you have planned for us!

Arlee Bird said...

With search engine capabilities it's pretty easy to come up with some kind of topic when you get stumped.

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out

Wanda said...

This year was my least prepared year and there were a few I had to think about longer than others, although I can not recall them right off. I'm really impressed at how well you all are extended the buzz of the A-Z Challenge. Great work from all the co-hosts.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Though this challenge was my first attempt of this kind, and half way stopped due to an unavoidable circumstance, as someone said in some Alphabet there are many choice to select, and that itself was a bit difficult process to me. Next challenge will be more prepared one.
Still, I think the finishing letters like the x y z will be a bit difficult one for many.
Here, I think Arlee's suggestion for a search engine use will be a great help.
Thanks for sharing this post

Nicole said...

Stephen Tremp,

So, you're an alphabet beast, huh?! LOL. Yeah, I agree with what you said about having a theme. Still, I came across a challenge with the later letters such as T, U and on to the end of the alphabet but thanks to my theme, there was a way to make it work.


I'm not surprised that you didn't come across and difficult letters during the challenge. You're the Ninja! Being an A to Z Challenge veteran also gives you an advantage, in knowing how to prepare so your posts can go as smooth as possible :)


I'm surprised to learn that K was among the difficult letters but Y surely gave me a challenge as well.


It's only May. You must be having a busy month already! ;) Advanced planning is a surefire way to get past the hump that is a letter that you're having a hard time figuring out a topic for. I think X gets most people toward the end of the challenge.


Thanks for commenting and I'm glad that you are looking forward to the Friday Fun! I can understand what you mean regarding those easy's like being in a candy want to write about everything under the sun and it's hard to choose just one. I encountered that with letter S and J.


You're right about that. Google being just a click away makes it easy to find ideas for the hard letters. That's just it though....I wanted to rely on my memory and my own brain power for the 2012 A to Z Challenge, so I made it a point to not search for ideas, no matter how hard it was to find a topic or no matter how long it took to do so.

I did, however, use search engines for help with titling my posts, once I finished writing them, of course ;)


I agree...the co-hosts did a great job at keeping the momentum high and running leading up to, during and after the A to Z Challenge. That is one of the things about this April event that makes it all know that the leaders are in there with you, cheering you on and coaching you through the tough spots.

P V Ariel,

I hear ya, man! Having lots to choose from for one letter can be just as challenging as not knowing what to blog about for a letter...especially when you like all of the possible topics that could be covered. In those cases, I think that sometimes writing a posts that encompasses several ideas could work, depending on how it's put together. Those X, Y and Z finishing letters get many of us every time. So, the victory of finishing the challenge is just as sweet when we get through them!

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Mina Lobo said...

"V" managed to grind my gears, a bit, but I overcame. :-)

Some Dark Romantic

Unknown said...

X was tough for me. Not sure if it was the letter or it's location in the alphabet,because by the time I got to X I was eXhausted!

Dino said...

The letter I left me baffled and eventually I posted "I is for Indecision" and hoped J would come to my rescue.

neer said...

For me the letters were R and W. The challenge was a first for me and it was fun. Next year I plan to write a themed one.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Because of the route I took in the A to Z to use as many words as possible starting with the days letter some were easy and some were hard. I was also writing on the day of posting as I like to write almost subconsciously and just let things happen, the mental block came at Y, but as we got towards the end so other commitments limited my time.

Next time I will know that I just dont need to commit to the letter of the alphabet just as strongly as I tried to this year. So that will involve much less stress.

Anonymous said...

These Challenges sound like they are going to be a lot of fun, Nicole!

I found I and K difficult and the fact that they came within two letters of each other only increased the degree of difficulty. Once I got through these I felt I could tackle anything the Challenge could throw at me.


Jarm Del Boccio said...

I would say X and Z would have been most difficult. Looking forward to your Friday posts!

Lynn Proctor said...

haha i can't even remember now--but i do know some gave me more trouble than others--i think "o" was one---you have great ideas

Nicole said...

Mina Lobo,

Doesn't it feel great to be able to tackle to pesky little letters that throw us for a loop?! I think those sorta things can help you realize that you possess more creativity than you may think :)

Scribbles from Jenn,

Maybe it was a combination of the two....a tough letter (X in your case) can become even more difficult to handle when one has almost lost his or her steam in this blogging marathon!


It looks like a case of indecisiveness showed up right on time, or at least, you knew how to turn a difficult letter into inspiration for a blog post....flipping the problem around to become the solution. Cheers to you!


That's funnny...R was my most favorite this year, probably because I worked on that particular post first, way before the challenge and then some more during the challenge. I took that letter on like a pet project! LOL. I can understand how W could be a pain in the butt tho...I found it somewhat challenging, for like 5 minutes, and I had a theme -- go figure ;)

Rob Z Tobor,

Your laid back approach seems to be the way to go with regards to tackling the difficult letters. I also like how you incorporated a variety of topics into one post....that can surely make things a little easier and make blogging less time consuming, especially when there are other everyday/life tasks left to do.,

Great! I'm glad you're on board for the Friday Fun and hope you enjoy it as it comes. That double whammy of difficult letters you encountered is enough to concern any blogger trying to come up with not one, but two ideas for the challenge posts. Pat yourself on the back for being able to get pass that mid-way point and continue without any further glitches in the alphabet!

Jarm Del Boccio,

I'm starting to think that the letters toward the end of the alphabet (X, Y and Z) are in on some kind of conspiracy together, having fun with rallying to make April the most challenging month of blogging ever. Would you agree? I'm looking forward to some fun-filled Fridays here at the A to Z blog as well :)

Lynn Proctor,

It's interesting how April and the A to Z Challenge goes by in a flash, so fast that we forget about the individual letters and just become glad that we were able to take on the entire alphabet...AND read and comment on other peoples' blogs. Now that I'm writing this, I had to stop to try and remember my post topic for the letter "O," myself! LOL. wow. I'm glad you like my A to Z blog plan for Fridays.

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StuffGuy7 said...

A to Z challenge sounds pretty interesting. Might give it a try sometime. Seems like a few of the oddball letters could be difficult like Q and U and such - thanks for the post
Take a stop by my blog and check it out if you get a chance.

Anne Mackle said...

Apart from usual X and Z I found U very hard.I was doing 60's and 70's memories. Some letters I had too much to write about.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lee and Nicole .. fun post - this is where creativity comes in doesn't it .. Q - became Queen's Castle = Windsor .. and XYZ became potted histories, the whys, and summary ..

Simple easy - just not getting hung up on it !! Cheers Hilary

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Congratulations on meeting the challenge, Stephen. It really is a big deal, one I'm not sure I could compete. Thanks for visiting my blog.