Friday, November 9, 2012

Letter Play - W's for Wordsmiths

The following blog photos are brought to you by Nicole at The Madlab Post...

It’s time for Letter Play - Where DIY activities, cinema and life offline collide!

I'm curious to know how close you fellow A to Z folks pay attention to products, designs and signs that we may come across throughout the day. Can you guess where the following Ws are from in these photos?

If you are a blogger, you have my permission to use these alphabet images so long as the usage is made during the month of April and is a part of a blog post that pertains to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. As always, if you do display them on your blog, feel free to credit me and link to my blog or link back to this very A to Z Blog, where you found the photo!

Have a Fun Friday, everybody!

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JoJo said...

Wow no clue!! Of course I'm not the world's most observant person anyway.

Elizabeth said...

I'm apparently quite unobservant. I only recognized one of the three.

Tina said...

I think the last one is Wilson...but all I can get is cereal box of some kind for the first one and no clue whatsoever for the red one. Though I do love this new game!
Tina @ Life is Good

Nicole said...

JoJo, Elizabeth and Tina,

It was Worth a try...thanks to you each of you for commenting and at least taking a shot at figuring out where the letters in the photos are from.

The first "W" is from a box of Frosted Mini Wheats cereal, so Tina was close on her cereal guess. The second "W" is located on a JET Magazine cover featuring the film & TV actress Kerry Washington. So...the W is from her last name. That particular issue features a cover story on her new ABC TV drama hit titled "Scandal."

The third "W" is on the front of a box of Swiss Miss cocoa hot chocolate mix.