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Friday, May 3, 2013

Challenge Reflections Post Linky List Opens

Be sure to save badge image and download it into your sidebar.

The Linky List went live Thursday night and is now ready for sign-ups.   The List will remain open for the next week and will be accessible in the above tab labeled "2013 A TO Z REFLECTIONS SIGN UP/LIST".

Important Note!!     Please Read

before signing on to the list!!

          This list is intended only for those who are posting an A to Z Reflections post.   Please post only the link to your Reflections post and not the URL address of your blog.  If your intent is to add a link to your advertising site or just to get your blog noticed, be aware that those links will be removed from the list when discovered.   If you have any problems with your entry or accidentally enter the incorrect link, please contact us.  Refer to the "Contact Us" tab for contact information:

Remember to add the link to your exact post when entering it on the list!

Be sure to visit others on the list to see how their experience compares with yours.  Leave a comment so they know you stopped by.    Interact and network!   And you can still follow blogs that you aren't following already.  If you do follow a blog, let the blogger know that you've done so and you may get a new follower as well.

Have Fun!

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  1. As I did my reflections before the linky code went up am unable to get it at the bootom of my post.


  2. Damn still cant type but one day I will master this qwerty keyboard and then the world will be mine....

  3. Thank you for doing this, it's appreciated. I like that you stressed the url to the post. I'd like to suggest a similar tactic for next years challenge, in that people link to their actual blog, not to a profile with google+ circles etc.

  4. I need a code for the badge!

  5. hi there - Kathe W. here. I am #140 on the feedback Linky and somehow my blog title is kind of messed up. I typed in "It's a Snap" and I don't know why it added a buncha letters . Can you repair that?
    Thanks again for the A-Z Challenge- I know it must have required a lot of work on your part! Cheers!

  6. Mine is scheduled to publish on Sunday so I'll add my link that morning. :)

  7. Gotta admit, I'm having fun with this part:)

  8. I posted my reflections late because sometimes I just don't follow instructions well! But, my reflections are now up, and I'll repost them with each new post I do until this is over.

  9. Thank you for taking the time to put this challenge together for us. Very cool.

  10. I miss you already!!! xox jean

  11. Thanks all for another great A to Z year.
    Arlee we appreciate your vision and your consistency with the challenge and as a writer - wishing you and all your side kicks the best

  12. This was a FANTASTIC Challenge! I actually finished this year! Not as many followers as I hoped but there is always next year!

    Thank You Again for this WONDERFUL Challenge!

  13. OK my link has been added for the post that published today.

  14. I need a code for the badge??


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