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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Internet Nation – d’Verse Open Link Night

By M. J. Joachim

Linking up with d’Verse Open Link Night.

Blog away, blog away
That’s what we do
Sharing a thought
Inspiration too

Never you mind
Of your passion or station
That’s how we roll
In this Internet Nation

Captured by blog hops
Oh, so much fun
Posts overflowing
We’re never quite done

Like laundry and dishes
They keep coming back
Addicting and challenging
As we build up our stack

Thank you for visiting and commenting on the A – Z Blog today! We look forward to seeing you again real soon!

The A – Z Blog Team

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Photo Credit: Jeff Ogden, Internet Users by Language Pie Chart (April 2012), CCA – Share Alike 3.0


  1. ha. it can def be much as the writing, the social aspect for me is very important...connecting with others and getting small glimpses of other parts of the world and cultures....

  2. You make it sound so fun - which it is!

  3. Great stuff as always, MJ. You are one incredibly talented lady!
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z Challenge 2014

  4. Fun indeed hopping to each feed

  5. Ha - yes, it's addicting! Nice, fun cadence here.

  6. So glad you all enjoyed my poem. Thank you for your kind and generous comments. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in way to many blog hops :)

  7. Ha! Nice! You've captured us well! I Love the rhythm & rhyme in this piece! :-)

  8. Nice little poem there! Well thought out!

    The April challenge will be upon us soon once more, I'm planning already :)

  9. So fun!!! thank you!

    jean :)

  10. Addicting and yes so much fun ~

  11. it's cool to meet other people through poetry and the net.. i even had the pleasure to meet some in real life as well

  12. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, everyone! It's nice to meet you too, and I look forward to sharing our poetry, blog posts, writing and whatever else we do together :)

  13. omg yes, blogging gets really addictive... it is challenging at times... but the amazing social aspect u see when you do more than just sit and praise your own blog is awesome!

  14. You have said it like it is. Once a person starts blogging, it is difficult to stop! Where else could a person meet so many interesting people?

  15. I must admit, the social aspect of blogging is very appealing. Meeting so many new people from all over the world is fascinating and wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my poem!

  16. Well..i'm kinda new at this free verse poetry thing..about 6 months now..and counting...

    What i am quickly learning there is a Un-verse..of poetry challenges out there...

    And this now ..marks..and remarks one more i am aware of...

    It is so great to connect with truly diverse minds...

    So much much meaning in life..when creation activity takes the fore front in life...

    But ya's almost like finally the verbal traditions of old in the village..

    Are becoming a global scale of blogs..instead of fire place and front porch chats..with neighbors and such as that..!

    So Tina.. still traveling to your front porch and fireplace at life IS Good! see ya when i get there2!

    For another little chat! and again..happy New YEAR to ya2!014!2!


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