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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stormy the Weather Gnome talks about A to Z Themes!

Hi. My name is Stormy the Weather Gnome and I'm being used.

For the last two years the host of The Waiting is the Hardest Part has been using me as her theme for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

She never asked me.

She never consulted me.

She never even mentioned it.

I just thought I was at a photo shoot.

Anyways, jokes on her, because I'm much more popular than she will ever be.

Since I starred in the challenge...

I've been a guest poster on other blogs.
I've been quoted on the bathroom wall.
I've been requested to start my own Facebook page.
I've been told to stay away from the gate at the White House.

I am popular!

So, I'm guessing you want to know what my point is.

My point, besides the one on top of my hat, is that sometimes having a clearly defined theme can be the best option for your A to Z April Challenge.

Readers will know what to expect of you and come back ... willingly!

Are you thinking about a theme for this April?


  1. Stormy, you are one popular dude.
    After winging it my first year, I can attest that having a theme is the best way to go.

  2. Stormy!!!!! I actually did scramble for a theme last year and have only 2 letters unclaimed...The illusion of organization has me a little frightened! I love your Engelbreit crown!

  3. I've already met a blogging scarecrow, Fletch the Perchcrow, and now here is a blogging Weather Gnome. Pleased to make your virtual acquaintance, Stormy.
    Yes, I have a theme in mind. No posts written yet, though. Sue

  4. Wonderful advice, Stormy…well worth keeping in mind. Thanks!

  5. Stormy, I am going to take out a "G" class-action lawsuit out for all abused gnomes... I am looking out for your rights and your friends. No contracts, no warnings, you have a case... I am here to represent you, my people will contact your people.

    We don't want the "G" to be silent anymore, as for a theme this year?

    I have "no" idea as of yet, but I might be expecting a win-fall from your pending case...


  6. Stormy!! I can't wait to see where your adventures take you this year!

  7. Stormy - your publicist has done wonders for you. Be kind. :)

  8. Ah Stormy what a great a gnome...This year I'm thinking of doing children's picture book reviews. I figure if I let it be either the book title starts with the letter or the author's last name that would make it easy enough and will be fun since I'll involve my son as always whenever I review picture books (he is 6 and learning disabled).

  9. I've been thinking of a theme, but not sure what I'm going to do yet.

  10. I do have a theme. At first I wanted to do a summer series on all the plants around my home, but I finally decided to do it with A to Z. I am already sorting out my alphabet themed posts.

  11. Alex - I really am quite popular.

    Andrea - Thank you! I love my crown too!

    Sue - Pleased to be met! Good luck with your theme.

    M.J. - No, thank you!

    Jeremy - I look forward to hearing from your people! Finally! Vindication!

    ayjay - Thank you. Me too!

    Tyrean - I am all that, aren't I!

    Melissa - I love kids books! In fact I should be in one or two of them! I'm going to work on that. Please say hi to your six year old son!

    Carol - Think harder!! Maybe something from the garden?

    Dobson - Hope you will have some great photos with that!

    Thanks for the visit everyone!

  12. Working on it. This time I want to have responses from my visitors.

  13. I've always had a theme-- though I only managed to pre-schedule my posts last year-- and you're one heck of a dude, Mr. Gnome, and should definitely get not only an FB page but also a twitter account.

  14. J.L. - That's icing on the cake!

    D. Biswas - Now you're talking! Twitter beware!!!


  15. I did a theme last year for the first time and it definitely boosted my comments. I'll be doing one again this year.

  16. Having a theme definitely makes my A to Z experience better. I can't wait to see where you go this year, Stormy!

  17. I didn't have one last year, but will definitely have a theme this year. Thanks, Stormy!

  18. Thank you, Ladies. Any of you need help with your themes, you just let me know!


  19. Hi, Stormy! Can't wait to see what fun you have during this year's A to Z Challenge.

  20. Haha, love it :) Readers definitely come back I don't know if you remember me but I just re created my tech blog!

  21. Hi Stormy, I'll watch out for more of your adventures this 2014.

    I've always wanted to join A-Z Challenge but I always get pre-occupied with something and once I remember it, the challenge has started already.

    For this year, I'm being proactive and have organized themes (and perhaps schedule posts) for the letters of the alphabet.

    Blogging has always been my 'pill for sanity' and I'm excited to do the A-Z challenge this year :)

  22. Man what a good idea. I need to come up with one!

  23. I don't think I could ever decide on what to write about if I didn't have a theme. First year, it was persons & places from my past. Last year I wrote each entry as if I was talking to one or both of my children. This year will be getting to know me.

  24. Thanks for all the comments. You know Stormy loves them.

    Good luck with your theme ideas!


  25. Hi guys! This will be my first year for the A to Z Challenge in April. And yes, I already have a theme picked out.

  26. I have a theme, but you will have to wait for The Great and Powerful Theme Reveal! Perhaps my theme will help you out, want to keep you safe and healthy in your travels, Stormy!


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