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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Season of Blogging

Do you know what it's like to sometimes feel like there’s not enough time in the day to post new content? Those of us who have had blogs for longer than a year have likely become broken down at one time or another, for one reason or another, in the struggle to keep our blogs going. Once it starts, the wave of procrastination, doubt and lack of interest in blogging can make us believe that our world doesn’t have room for our blogs at the moment.

It’s like a blogging breakdown happens, especially when writer’s block has reared its ugly head….again. Yet, it’s rarely noticeable as dirty dishes are piled mountain high in the kitchen sink because all the time spent working for the man required overtime this week. Plus, laundry needs to be done, dinner must be served and little Jimmy has baseball tryouts this weekend. Then there’s that sudden feeling technology overload once the cell phone starts ringing, alarms go buzzing and social media notifications pop up on the little screen. Oh wait…“The Real Housewives of Orange County” is coming on tonight and, well, the mere thought of blogging just elicits one big sigh, or maybe even a sense of sheer panic. 

Updating ones blog used to be a fun activity but now it just seems sooo last season. If this sounds like you and if you ever find yourself neglecting your blog or letting it fall by the wayside because, hey, life happens after all, remember this…
There is no right season or special sauce that determines when the time is right to get back into the swing of blogging.

As bloggers, we have to constantly work at putting out fresh content, out of respect for our readers, the platforms that we’ve built and for ourselves. We must find a way to make blogging fun again. This can be done by approaching our blog in a way that is hassle free, given our schedule and interests.

Maybe time and life duties won’t allow you to write that epic blog post today but what’s stopping you from posting a photo and a simple caption? Or perhaps, a roundup style blog post containing links to other bloggers that may be of interest to your readers? Or, maybe list style posts describing all of the things/people/places keeping you from blogging like a rockstar?

Blogging is never out of season, so we must do what we can to make sure that our corner of the web is always trending.

What are YOUR blogging struggles that YOU would like to overcome?

Nicole Ayers is an A-to-Z Challenge Co-Host who operates The Madlab Post and chats on Twitter. Her short narrative drama film “ABYSS: THE GREATEST PROPOSAL EVER,” is available on DVD (Limited Sneak PreviewEdition) as she works further relief efforts for disaster survivors including U.S. Military Veterans. 


  1. Right now, seems a lot of people have hit that point.
    I'm still having fun with it and never lack for content. Scaling back to posting one day a week helped.

  2. I still enjoy blogging, but I've been feeling a bit burned out on social media and also creatively. I took a small blogging break in July - only posting once a week and IWSG - and haven't decided yet if I'll stretch that into August. I am beginning to feel my 'mojo' coming back though, so we'll see. :)

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  3. I'm so new to blogging I don't have hit this point yet, but I'll certainly remember this in the future. At the moment, I'm blogging three times a week, because my blog is very very new, but I don't know how long I can keep this rhythm. Let's see. I suppose time will tell.
    In the meantine, I'm enjoying it a lot. I put off having a blog for such a long time because I thought I had noting interesting to say, but now that I've started I'm enjoying it more than I expected.

  4. Blogging struggles? Aha, Nicole, if I ever have trouble keeping up, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar takes over my site. It's all good. The only time I really have a tough time with blogging is when the ridiculous A to Z Challenge basically hijacks the blogging world. It seems to never end.

    All the best, Gary, the official "anti-A to Z Challenge" spokesman, as dubbed by Arlee Bird!

  5. I completely get this. Some days I feel like it's taking up way too much of my time. Then I read some really good blog content somewhere and it inspires me to keep going and try to make my own blog better.

  6. Struggles is for content, though there is always imagery... for my site that is the normal. When I have nothing, I post from my library of images... though the life thing does get in the way.

  7. I have posts about my faith and beliefs that I have trouble writing on a weekly basis. But otherwise, most of my posts are planned months in advance.

  8. You're right! There is no season nor the right time to talk of. It just comes and off one flies. Otherwise look up the many prompts found around and work out something. Something will connect perhaps. Been through it! Thanks Nicole!


  9. I enjoy blogging but was unable to spend more time writing content for a couple months.This has now changed and I have a little more time to write, but won't be posting daily. Maybe 3-4 times weekly, perhaps more if my muse has a say.

  10. Last year was spent struggling mightily through burnout and/or lack of originality (this after 5 1/2 years & 1200+ posts). Finally in late November '13 I decided to take a short break, regroup, rethink and restart from the beginning with a brand new blog. Also I find blogging 3 days a week the perfect blogging schedule.

    Father Nature's Corner

  11. My blogging is increasingly linked to my art and sketches. I don't give myself a hard time if I don't blog for weeks or months. I don't see myself as a blogger with a following, though I do have lots of blogging friends who I like reading and hope they enjoy reading mine when I do post something. I love AtoZ but can't keep that momentum up for the whole year. Still very new to the blogging world (this is my third year) and still loving it.

  12. I post most days and even when I have writers blog I will write about having writers block or a spider on the window or the fact that the cat is looking at me demanding food. It is not easy to write when a cat is looking at you in a threatening way. So to date the only reason I do not post every single day is stuff like work or a angry looking cat sat on the keyboard or cutting the grass or it is tooooooo hot or chatting with old friends all day or avoiding the cracks in the pavement (not sure how that started or if it still exists beyond me).

  13. I don't post long dissertations so content is never really problem. Too much Tami (fashion posts) was bothering me so I took a month off (thought it would be longer). I say when it stops being fun, it is time to do something else.

  14. Our competition is micro blogging, fast and in trend

  15. Good message. I am taking up blogs neglected for an year to two once again revitalizing them.

  16. My current blogging problem is I haven't set a plan for the 2015 A to Z yet!!


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