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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Organization - What? At This Time of Year?

My office is NOT this organized!

Organization. It is a word at once ominous and yet freeing. For me I find I am very organized right up to a certain point, and that point always changes depending on the things I have to do. Right now I must prepare for Christmas (yes, not the only one I know), blog, study marketing and begin a rough outline of a marketing strategy, try to get some writing and reading done, pay bills (notice where they are in the lineup!), and still remain sane.
From Point A to Point B
I have a group of “online” friends who I correspond with regularly. I find that I turn to them at least once a day to help keep my head organized. Not because they tell me what to do, because they don’t. But having a "point A" to go to whenever I need to get back on track seems to help, like an outline does while I’m working on a story, or a road map does when I'm traveling. Checking in with them helps me return to my path when I’m way out in a field somewhere.
And you? Do you have a method that helps you stay on track? If you share it, we might be able to incorporate something new into our “staying sane” check list. That said, I wish you all happy holidays, and, I’m looking forward to “seeing” you in 2015!

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Lisa Buie-Collard is the author of "Evangeline's Miracle". Her new release "The Seventh Man" is coming to in January 2015
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  1. And according to the Dragon, our group is really weird! But that's a good thing, right?

    1. Yes of course! That's why were so much fun, and why I keep, well, sort of sane! You guys get me!!!

  2. I must stay organized or I really fear I'll go insane. I like to create a list of things to do every night for the next day and I check them off as I go, but this time of the year with Christmas fast approaching does shake things up a bit.

    1. Oh boy does it. Right now I'm thinking about Christmas cards....! Ha!

  3. Hi Lisa .. decades ago I was told I was the most disorganised organised girlfriend (or person) he'd ever met .. I don't think I've changed!! Just slightly more relaxed about the state now .. I just do what I can .. good luck with all your lists et al .. cheers Hilary

    1. I fall off all the time Hilary! Glad you can't see my house right now, and notice, it wasn't on the list! Ha ha!

  4. Recently, I've discovered that I'm not as organised as I used to be. I need to get back to that mindset.
    A mega wall calendar or whiteboard (that I've been promising myself) would be a good start.

  5. Organization is what keeps me sane, especially at this time of year. I use lists and get the greatest satisfaction in crossing out a completed item.


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