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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crazy Signs Along the AtoZ Roadtrip

You can't drive very long without passing a sign, right? Well, here are some that I'd love to see if for no other reason than it helps to make the trip fun.

Since I just had the pleasure of driving in Ireland, this sign spoke to me. 

What to do is the question.

Now this is my kind of sign.

Which of these is your favorite? 


  1. That first one is great! I'd like to encounter the last one more often though.

  2. You were also in Bristol from the first sign which is why your confused

  3. Those are so funny. I'm surprised the PA department of transportation doesn't use them.

  4. Hi Lee - the first one ... some of the signs are so muddling! On top of that they've been signposting the route to your town, and then suddenly at the sign it is not there ... no wonder we go round in circles sometimes.

    Fun signs .. cheers Hilary

  5. Great signs Lee, having lived in Ireland I know only too well what sort of signs are about.

  6. LOL That first exit definitely looks like something you'd find in PA, Susan.

  7. The last one is best...where was that when I was working?


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