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Sunday, April 2, 2017

#AtoZChallenge - 4-3-2017 - Letter B

Welcome to the 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.


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Letter B:


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Heather Erickson said...

For some reason, it's not linking right.

Anonymous said...

Amy Harke-Moore
A Rural Girl Writes
The Simple Life: Inspiration and Practical Living
Way to Go, Birds!
Way to Go, Birds!

Kai said...

I am doing the theme of Gender on my blog Kai's Life in Words and today I did a post on the biological arguments around gender. Please do check it out :)

Dr. K. Lee Banks said...

An eclectic mix of posts for this year's challenge! :-)

EclaDragon said...

My second post. Bystander

EclaDragon said...


bookminion said...

I'm a little late tonight, but here's my "B" post! - Bookstagram

Liz A. said...

On Saturday I had a picture of a freaky Easter bunny in pieces. Today I was supposed to have it all assembled. I failed. But, it looks like a bunny...

Bunny in Progress

Next week he'll be done. Maybe. (How it's going to fit into H, I have no idea.)

Samra said...

Show not tell writing for "Bored" -

Jessie said...

B is for Bud
April showers have these crocus buds full of raindrops

Anonymous said...

Name: Carmen
Blog: Living in Crimson
Letter B is for Belongings
Theme: One Way Ticket to America

Thank you for reading! :)

soccerspook said...

I was going to do a "pick out the dictionary challenge" but I had to do a post on baseball seeing as it's opening day :)


Anonymous said...

B for my baby boy cat!

Patricia said...

B is for Beauty and ...The Way I See It

Laura Roberts @ Buttontapper Press said...

Buzz buzz buzz... B is for Beekeeper, over at World's Coolest Jobs!

cflathers said...

B stands for Bullying. Tired of watching the kids crying because we have learned to bully instead of stand up for others. said...

My theme for this challenge is flowers, and today I posted my drawing of a bleeding heart.

Kate said...

Kate at Daily discovery
Poetry inspired by "Build That Wall (Zia's Theme)"

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Busy Busy Busy... a celebration of the automobile (if you're the devil)!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saraallie said...

Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Claire Annette said...

B is for Bookmobile in a month of Library Love. Stop by to see some different ways books make their way to readers.

Vancity Girlfriends said...

B is for Beautiful British Columbia.

*Vancity Girlfriends*

*Vancity Girlfriends*

Akilah said...

Name: Akilah
Blog: The Englishist
A to Z Theme: Gratitude
Letter B: Birkenstocks (“I can teach in my Birkenstocks and not be in pain at the end of the day.”)

Tupeak Hope said...

B is for Believe... (in yourself)

Blog Post: Tupeak Hope - Believe
Theme: Blogging about chronic health issues, patient self-advocacy and empowerment.
Tupeak Hope
Facebook: Tupeak Hope
Twitter: @TupeakHope

Red Emma said...

B Is for Baseball, which started today (well, yesterday for a few teams).

Sonia @ Rants of the Newly Old

Buttercup said...

B is for Brooklyn. Please come and visit my tour of New York City.

Abbie said...

The Abbie
Abbie’s Adventure Diaries
Abbie’s Adventure Diaries
Theme: Lessons Learned At 30
B for ‘Be The Blade’

Tupeak Hope said...

Please forgive me if this is a duplicate post. I posted, but cannot find it after searching all the posts, so am trying this again... Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!

B is for Believe... (in yourself)

Blog: Tupeak Hope
Theme: Blogging about chronic health issues, patient self-advocacy and empowerment.
Tupeak Hope
Facebook: Tupeak Hope
Twitter: @TupeakHope

Lisa said...

B is for books - and Alabama authors

Red Emma said...

okay, I wasn't doing a clickable link correctly. Let's try again.
B Is for Baseball. Today is Opening Day (for most teams; maybe 20% of the teams played yesterday), and I watched the New York Mets.

Leetah Begallie said...

Theme: Graphic Design

B is for Brand Consistency:

Unknown said...

My A to Z Entries at The Cryton Chronicles

I, Jak A to Z 2017: Board Games (Vlogging)
Generation Jak A to Z 2017: Breaking Benjamin (Music)
Dreams in the Shade of Ink A to Z 2017: Bad Batch (Flash Fiction/Poetry)
Meta MTG A to Z 2017: Battle for Zendikar (Magic: The Gathering)

The Cryton Chronicles on Facebook

Rik said...

General Topic: 26 Political Principles

B is for...BLACK SWAN

To see post click on the following link:
B is for... BLACK SWAN

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hi, I'm Sue Bursztynski, my blog is The Great Raven and my theme is Spies and Spying. Here is the link to my C post, as I've been catching up. C is for CIA and Castro

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hi, I'm Sue Bursztynski, my blog is The Great Raven and my theme is Spies and Spying. Here is my link for the letter B!

B is for Aphra Behn

Lady In Read said...

LadyInRead - Blogger@MyRandRSpace - My B post -

Nancy Hill said...

B is for BoomHer

SENCO Cat Herder said...

B is for Building Bridges
My A to Z challenges always link to my classroom experiences as a teacher (and sometimes as a child when at school)! This time I'm trying out a poetic twist :)
Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

SENCO Cat Herder said...

B is for Building Bridges
My A to Z Challenges always relate to my experiences as a classroom teacher (or my time as a pupil)! This time I'm trying a poetic twist :)
Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

stefani said...

Moving right along with the challenge.

B is for Blogging

Stefani | Dreams of Nyssa

Mandy said...

name: Mandy
blog title: With Love
link: Plane Ticket Booking Resource: Boots N All
theme or category: travel
Description of your post: A guide for using Boots N All to book flights.

Tushar Mangl said...

Here is my post for the same

I wrote about B as Blogger

Donna B. McNicol said...

I posted my link yesterday but it didn't show up. Trying again!

B: Badlands & Belize
DB McNicol, author & traveler
Theme: Oh, the places we will go!

Susan Leigh Noble said...

OK - a day late but if you want to see my B post -
I am doing antagonist but also merging it with my normal writing topics. For Monday, that means parenting topics so I went for Bad Boys. :)

Ghastly Von Gore said...

Monsters & Ghosts from A to Z stops in Tennessee to visit the folk legend of the Bell Witch

ʞɐ said...

Name : Ajay
Blog : The Shaded Shadows
Theme : Kinda sorta Fiction
Post for B :

A Momma's View said...

Happy to be part of this challenge again:

Anonymous said...

B is for beaches and goodByes

I say hello to the beach and bye to friends.

of Beaches and goodByes

Marcy said...

Marcy blogs about Barry Manilow at or at

Susan said...

I'm blogging a poem each day at "Haiku Corner" for the #AtoZChallenge ...

B is for Bananas

Enjoy! :)

Unknown said...

name: prabhat ks
blog title: ink of love in fire; design is my desire
theme or category: love
a quick description of post: (bask in brightness) i was searching for a title to write the poem on and came through the word brightness and thinking more deep into it i came up with the word bask and connected them together to compose this poem.

Shelley N Greene said...

Scrapbooking Theme - B is for BUTTONS, BRADS, and BORDERS

Trin Carl said...

Wow Lenni, one of my characters in my novel is slightly telepathic. I'll have to check out your blog.
My theme is anything Writer(ly)
D is for discovering free events

Unknown said...

#AtoZChallenge - B is for #Bad - #darkpoetry #poem #idreams


Post Link"

Trin Carl said...

I noticed you might need to write to access your blog

Unknown said...

B: The Tower of Babel

Unknown said...

B for Bay City Rollers-My First Concert. My name is Linda, I'm at FiftyPhilosophy

Ila Varma said...

Ila Varma said...

Ila Varma said...

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Name: Pikakshi and Nisha
Blog: Readers of the Night
A to Z Theme: Bookish Delights.
Letter B: The letter B means BadAss to us and our post discusses the badasses of today!.

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

B is for Balanced Sentence and Beer
Theme: Components of Literature

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