Friday, February 9, 2018

The A to Z Blog Is Stirring!

It looks like we've gotten our blog domain issues fixed and previously existing links should be working fine.

Things are happening!

April is coming!

Get ready for the 9th annual April Challenge!

Watch for more information in an upcoming post as well as updates to the blog for 2018.



  1. Superglad it's fixed!! Thank you for the update.

  2. After checking with Arlee Bird, I posted about the challenge on the More than Writers blog!

  3. I'm ready! Getting my blog posts ready this month!

  4. What was really weird was that the last 3 posts just reappeared in my reading list!

  5. Excellent news! I'm eager to join in on the fun and am working on my posts now, my friend.:D

  6. Oh good! I had feared this wasn't going to happen this year :-)

  7. I was bit worried but pleased to hear everything is back on track.

  8. I wrote my A to Z posts for my main blog last month, but haven't started on my posts for my secondary blog yet. I'm glad to hear things are going ahead after all.


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