Tuesday, May 18, 2021

#atozchallenge After Survey 2021 RESULTS

Thank you to the 46% of bloggers who filled out the survey.

Almost everyone enjoyed the challenge this year.

"Visiting the blog in March, April, and May" is the most popular way to follow us. Our Facebook page is the second most popular. 

Most said they'll be back next April, or probably will. No one answered that they definitely won't.

Nearly everyone who took the survey said they completed the challenge.

90% got on the Master list this year. Only 2 bloggers said they didn't share links anywhere, including to their own followers.
Half posted links to their blog onTHEIR OWN Facebook page or profile, and half posted links to their blog on Twitter using the #AtoZchallenge hashtag.
Over 90% did not use a linky ran by another site to join this challenge.

Only 30% of you don't want Instagram added as an optional follow social media option on the Master List sign-up, so that will likely be included next year. (Instagram itself will not be allowed as a blog.)

However, over half were strongly opposed to the email option. 

Categories (that we don't already offer) requested include:
Author/ Writing mixed-bag (also requests for storytelling, flash fiction, and poetry to have their own sub-categories), Brand Management and Marketing, Finance and Frugality, Heritage and Culture, the Quilters requested their own sub-category under crafts, Inspirational, Music as a sub-category in Entertainment, Names, Current Affairs as a sub-category of Politics and News, and Random Blogging.

Most people responded that we have plenty of categories and they're happy.

Were you given enough time to sign up for the challenge? Almost 90% said yes!

30% use the HTML codes and find that helpful. (7% don't know what that means.)

Thanks to the 70% who read the daily posts written by the team!

Only 7 people said they weren't visited by a co-host. 39 said they didn't visit one of us.

Most people reported commenting on 1 to 50 blogs. 

"How many comments did your blog get in April?" The most popular answers fell between 11 to 150.

Nearly everyone prefers replies posted in the comment section, email being liked only if it's a private matter. Also popular was just visiting the blog of the commenter and saying hello on one of their posts. (Also known as comment-reciprocation.)

Most joined the road-trip. Over half checked out the shirts, and at least 10 said they bought one this year.


Pradeep Nair said...

Glad to see the results. It's good to know what bloggers think.
I am yet to start my road trip; will begin maybe next week.

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Thanks for the feedback, and congratulations for the great job you did on the challenge, all the AtoZ Team!

nashvillecats2 said...

I found the challange very challenging this year as because of the world health situation have not been blogging so often but I wanted to prove to myself I could by doing the A to Z.
I couldn't visit too many blogs as I have arthitic hands and some days extremely painful.
I would like to thank all the organisers for a splendid month .


Janet said...

Thanks for sharing the results. Still have to start the road trip but it is definitely on my radar. Thanks to all the hosts. You are appreciated!

Janet’s Smiles

Cathy Kennedy said...

Thanks for reporting the survey stats. As always, I'm in awe how well the A to Z team pull things together. I don't think I'd do well as a co-hostess. :) My biggest problem this year was I wasn't prepared like I normally. I've been making a strong attempt to catch up with everyone since the end of April. I suspect this will take me most of the summer to do but that's okay. I want to enjoy every post I read instead of feeling like I have to zoom through what my bloggy friends put so much of themselves into.

Today, I'm kicking off my first Road Trip post. It's rolled into my normal blogging content and that's about as good as it's going to get for now. I think the important thing is I'm reporting my going-ons. :)

Well...I'm off for now. Thanks for everything y'all do in the A to Z Community!

Susan B.Rouchard said...

Thank you Jayden for all these new settings and regulations. Hoping to be able to join you in 2022.

TWW said...

question: is there a survivors badge this year?

J Lenni Dorner said...

Yup. On the badges page.

Shelly said...

I did the A to Z Challenge once and it was too much for me. I was so stressed out by it and life in general. This year I plan on visiting blogs as a show of support.