Tuesday, February 22, 2022

2-22-22 TUEsday Twosday

Twosday: 2-22-22

Hello A to Z Bloggers.  The A to Z Blog had been maintaining a bit of radio silence since last year's doings, so I asked the team if I could write a guest post.  To my surprise and delight, they said yes. Before I get into full A to Z mode, let me tell you about myself.

My name is Dave I'm a 57 year old midwesterner, who's been happily married to my best friend Amy for almost 24 years. a father of 3, an educator, an avid blogger someone who absolutely loves the A to Z Challenge

My first year in the challenge was 10 years ago.  It was the first and only year that I did not have a theme.  On Sunday April 1st I wrote this post about not fooling around.  Since then I have participated in several of my blogs.  At least one year, I did 3 at the same time.  

That's probably a good enough introduction about me for now.  

I love a good palindrome.  A palindrome is anything that is the same backwards as forwards.

I am writing this on January 31st 2022 or 1/31/2022 or 1-31-22.  Tomorrow is 2-1-22 and Wednesday is 2-2-22, a palindrome.  Could you imagine an alarm clock next to a calendar at 2:22 showing 2-22-22? If that's not enough awesomeness for you, it's also groundhog day!

But wait there's more ...

There is another spectacular palindrome filled day coming later in February.  February 22nd 2022 otherwise known as 2-22-22 it's a twosday that falls on a Tuesday.

🤯 (If this isn't a place for a mind blown emoji I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!!!!!!!) 🤯

So what does this have to do exactly with the A to Z challenge?  Well, let's put it this way:If you guys are going to get back into the challenge  you probably need to do some forward thinking at the same time.  What will you write about?  Who will you invite to participate along with you? How will you make this the best A to Z year ever?

I may do more than one theme this year, but one of them is definitely going to be limericks.  8 years ago between my 49th and 50th birthday I wrote and posted a limerick a day on my facebook page.  For the challenge, I will be recycling about 10 of those limericks, writing about 10 new limericks prior to the challenge, and creating approximately 10 more during the challenge, generally on the day of the entry.

Here is a palindrome based limerick I wrote for this post::

I have a dear friend named Jerome
Who sure loves a good palindrome
on 2-22-22
in a racecar he "flew"
both backwards and forwards towards home.

I am really hyped up about this year's challenge. I hope that many of you are getting ready for it as well.  I'd like to thank the team for letting me do this guest post. 

Shameless Plug:  Please check out my blog Leap of Dave, it was called Home School Dad for many years but since our home schooling days have been over for a few years now, I decided to at long last change the name and consolidate my other blogs into the flagship.  This means that you can see all of my a to z blog entries over the last 11 years in one place.


Susan Sanderson said...

You are doing a good job of encouraging people to prepare for the challenge, Dave. I began preparing my posts shortly after you encouraged me to take part again this year. I respond to popular opinion even if the public is only one person!
I really liked your backwards and forwards references in this post.
Sue from

Janet said...

Great job Dave. I think I have my theme picked but I'm not 100% sure about it. I'm setting my alarm for 2:22 today so I don't miss it!

Janet’s Smiles

Pradeep Nair said...

That's a great post, Dave. Good job of encouraging bloggers. I will be there this year too. I already have some ideas for a theme. Looking forward to April.

Arlee Bird said...

Thank you for your contributions to A to Z.

I'm fascinated by palindromes and numbers. Always nice to have an encouraging post to read like this one. Have a great A to Z April!

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out